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  1. I am having some issues with the generic fanuc 4ax lathe post. When I post these tool paths the post combines all the approach and Z feeds into one line. I can not figure out how to break it up. G0 T0909 G17 M23 M8 G0 G54 X2.5 Z.25 C0. G97 S2500 M52 G112 G98 G1 X-1.5783 Z-1.058 C-.9599 F100. <========== HERE X-1.6005 C-.9322 F66. X-1.6314 Z-1.0588 C-.8938 The tool paths are not drawn like this in mastercam. It is supposed to approach to the X2.5, move across the part, and then feed down. I can manually change it line I need it, like this, but its a PITA. I can not figure out where it is in the post that it takes are of this. G0 T0909 G17 M23 M8 G0 G54 X2.5 Z.25 C0. G97 S2500 M52 G112 G98 G1 X-1.5783 C-.9599 F100. <========== Move the Z line from here Z-1.058 <========== To here X-1.6005 C-.9322 F66. X-1.6314 Z-1.0588 C-.8938 Thanks David
  2. DavidSV

    G112 to the positive side of X

    I put am approach point and it now activates on the plus side of X. Its for a Fanuc Doosan
  3. Every time I post a program with G112 turned on, the X always goes to the negitive side of the part. I can not figure out how to get it on the positive side of the part. Is it a setup problem in mastercam or a post issue? I think it might be a setup error on my part as several on my posts perform the same way. Thanks David
  4. DavidSV

    "Invalid tool profile" MCX8 to MCX9 issues

    The problem is, they are not custom tools. They are standard endmills and ball mills.
  5. I have a program that was verifying this morning on X8. When I installed X9, now every tool gives a message "invalid Tool Profile" they are all standard tool profiles that MCX8 created when I created the tools.Is there a fix other than rebuilding all the tools in X9? Thanks David
  6. DavidSV

    Lathe Quad tools

    Mine works fine. Are you changing the tool in the Tool Manager? I use gang holders all the time on my lathes.
  7. DavidSV

    Siemens 840D Troubles

    I generate a tool change on a DMG DMU50 like this: G00 Z0.25 M09 M05 CYCLE832(0,0,1) CYCLE800 G00 SUPA Z-0.1 D0 M01 ;0.3937 BULL-NOSED ENDMILL ; POCKET G00 G17 G40 G90 T225 M6 G509 D1 CYCLE832(0.002,2,1) G00 G90 B0. C=DC(0.) G00 G90 G17 X-0.0418 Y0.1655 S10000 M03 M08 Maybe try not turning the offset on on the tool call. Try moving the D1 to after the tool change. It shouldn't make a difference, but you never know how the MTB set it up.
  8. DavidSV

    Guhring .25 25xd S&F

    How many parts do you get per drill? If you drilled 100 holes with 1 drill, maybe you got lucky. If you get a set amount of holes per drill, it could be a drill problem. Even good companies have bad days. I had a job where we reliably got 500 parts per endmill, and all of a sudden the mills started breaking at 20 - 40 pcs. We questioned our supplier and they replaced the remaining tools. Later they told us that the grind was in fact messed up on the mills we returned.
  9. DavidSV

    X8 Backplot graphics

    When I backplot, I get lines all over the screen. Its like it never refreshes and removes the invalid lines. I don't know if its a graphics card issue or X8. It doesn't happen in X7 though. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  10. DavidSV

    Question about X8

    In the solids menus, I can not click on the value in the distance box and edit it. I can only overwrite it. For instance, if its -.300, and I want to change it to -.325, I used to be able to click the end of the number and type -.025 to adjust it. Now it just overwrites the answer and I have not found another way to edit the number. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  11. DavidSV

    Kitamura HX 800

    Make sure to look at the actual spindle torque charts rather than the horsepower rating. The horsepower rating is the peak watts the motor pulls, and has nothing really to do with performance. The more efficient machines can be rated at less horsepower and have a lot better performance.
  12. Actually, the KM connection is now an ISO standard (ISO 26622-1) and other companies make tools for it. I know Iscar has some tools that fit it. Such as here: http://www.iscar.com/eCatalog/Products.aspx?mapp=IT&app=155
  13. DavidSV

    Engraving using axis substitution

    Or just translate it by half the circumference.
  14. DavidSV

    Kitamura HX 800

    Kitamura makes some great machines. I ran several HX300iF's and we had 2 of the first 10 newer HX400G's. The only issues we ever had were the tool changers hanging up, and the electronics cabinets overheating when running them balls out. Sometimes when running heavy roughing we would leave the doors of the electrical cabinets open to solve those overheating problems. I would tell you to also get a Mori quoted, but then I'd be biased.
  15. DavidSV

    Recycling Carbide

    At my previous job we got between 8$-11$ a pound. When you think about it, its a whole lot of money that can be stolen easily when it's not monitored. We'd have 5G buckets that would weight a couple hundred pounds each.

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