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  1. Kevin Goddard

    roto broaching titanium

    M2 works fine. Rotary broaching does not generate much heat.
  2. Kevin Goddard

    roto broaching titanium

    We rotary broach hex in Ti often, no problem. Like most things in life, the end result is a product of preparation. Make sure everything is dialed in, on center, proper hole size with a lead in chamfer larger than the major od. Slater's feed and speed recommendations have worked well for us. Not that it matters much but lathe or mill?
  3. Kevin Goddard

    Question for Advanced Multi-Axis users

    quote: We leave all of our parts in Aircraft coordinates Pardon my ignorance but what are Aircraft Coordinates?
  4. Kevin Goddard

    Tool Offset Post Help

    Thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for.
  5. Kevin Goddard

    Tool Offset Post Help

    Nevermind, I figured it out. It will not fix tools already selected before changing the defs. You must renumber the tool then it fills in the offset automatically. Thanks .
  6. Kevin Goddard

    Tool Offset Post Help

    Hello all. I am working on a X3 post for a Haas verticle 4 axis based on the MPmaster. I am not a post guy at all but I am getting close with your help from the seach function. I can not get it to post length and dia. offset the same as the tool #. Went to control def >tools > add to tool, length 0 dia 0. still outputting #'s from tool parameters. I also tried it from the machine def > edit control def > tools and so on but no change on the posted code. What am I overlooking? Thanks in advance....Kevin
  7. Kevin Goddard

    Lathe Rough Bore Z- to Z+

    Yes, chain direction has been addressed. Local reseller could not get it going. I hand wrote it and moved on. I presently do not have the time but I would like to figure out what is wrong. Thanks again.
  8. Kevin Goddard

    Lathe Rough Bore Z- to Z+

    Rough cycle. Tried comp, entry amount, lead in angles, plunge parameters.
  9. Kevin Goddard

    Lathe Rough Bore Z- to Z+

    I am having a problem getting X3 lathe to rough bore from the chuck out to the face, Z minus to Z positive. Before I waste anymore time on this, can it be done in MC? If so, any idea what I am overlooking. Yea I know, it could be anything and everything but I have been programming lathes on MC for a few years and have tried everything I can think of. That being said I think it is a brainfart and I am missing somthing simple. Thanks in advance.
  10. Kevin Goddard

    Thread Higbee

    I have not heard of a solution in Mastercam but I am not a poweruser post guru type. I higbee a lot of threads but I hand write em. I am sorry for the lack of help.
  11. Kevin Goddard

    Max spindle speed

    John, in op default the max spindle for individual ops are greyed out unless I am missing something, which is very likely.
  12. Kevin Goddard

    How to Change Default Values

  13. Kevin Goddard

    How to Change Default Values

    How do you change the default values in X2 for fields like entry-exit length, lead in lead out length, stock recognition, etc. Thanks in advance....Kevin
  14. Kevin Goddard

    Drill Points

    Thanks guys, Holeaxis looks like the hot setup for this application. I would have never known about it if it were not for this community. One man show here. Does Solid Drill toolpath work without the solids option? If so, I have not figured it out yet. Thanks again forum and thanks to Ernie at Verisurf for the chook.
  15. Kevin Goddard

    Drill Points

    Thanks for the input. Seems like an lot of work just to get locations to drill though.

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