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  1. Rob B

    Transform Logo???

    I tried raster to vector. I didn't have much look getting the full detail that I wanted. I don't know a lot about raster to vector.
  2. Rob B

    Transform Logo???

    Is there a way to transform my logo into a 3d solid that i can 3d print? See attached file.
  3. Can I set my defaults on "Transform Toolpath" like setting other defaults in other toolpaths!!!! Thanks Crazy for your input. I feel safe to move forward!!!!
  4. I just got it to regen when I changed "Source" from geometry to "NCI" the toolpath size is huge, But it will regen. I have never used NCI for source. Is this safe? Also, my stock for this operation is a solid on Level 10.
  5. Transform toolpath will not regenerate!!!!!!!!!! See the attached file Trying to transform rotated toolpath 6. The file seems to hang up during "HMM Preparing data... 100%" this is what is being displayed in the bottom left corner of my screen.
  6. Rob B

    Working from home questions

    Sorry for the delay in getting back on the topic. Been a busy week!!!! I do small qty replacement parts for several large companies around East Tennessee. Small gauge jobs. Some custom automation jobs. I have been doing this type work for 25 years. If anybody has any over run, I am always open to quote new work. I have several companies that I can give as references. Decided to set out and do my own thing in 2018. So far it has been good. I just wish I had been able to start this deal 10 years earlier. Just wasn't able to get started then.
  7. Rob B

    Working from home questions

    Temporary home!!! I hope the economy doesn't tank. If things continue as is, I hope to start on a new building or buy something. This will someday become my man cave!!!! This is what a Trump economy can do for you if you are willing to work. Started this in Nov of 2017. Took delivery on a lathe and mill in April of 2018. Quit my worthless job in Sept of 2018. Bought another mill in Dec of 2018. Paid the first 2 off 2 months ago. My plan was to get dept off my back encase the Chinese economy returned. That is what looks like will happen. But I am out off room. Sorry for hijacking the post. i will stop now. Only machine not pictured is 12-24 surface grinder and welder. God is good!!!!
  8. Rob B

    Working from home questions

    My biggest concern is to make quick fixes while on vacation, cad or Quickbooks. That is why I am considering remote desktop. Working from home isn't that big of a deal. I work from home because my shop is behind my house, for now. Less than 40ft from back door to the shop door, see image. I guess everyone's needs are different.
  9. Rob B

    Working from home questions

    Will he have a problem with VPN if the machines are not equally matched? That was my biggest question when trying to decide what direction to go, remote desktop or VPN. My laptop doesn't come close to the power of my office desktop. This was the reason I was leaning on doing remote desktop.
  10. Rob B

    Simulator Options Problem

    I should have searched for the topic. I usually think it is my lack of knowledge and patients that gets me in trouble. Me living in a world of GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you submitted it!!
  11. Rob B

    Simulator Options Problem

    It amazing when you shut the computer down completely and restart the next day. Everything just seems to work fine. Started computer this morning. Everything in verify is working.
  12. I have just set MC up on a new computer. When I go to change my Simulator options, I get "Warning" C-Hook not found. Apparently it is looking for MachSim.dll Can anyone tell me what my problem is? Thanks
  13. Rob B

    VPN or Remote Desktop

    Thanks for your input Aaron. I will continue to way my options. The main thing I am hear so far is seems if using VPN, both computer need to have similar hardware or I could have problems. Is this what you are saying? I just purchased a high end desktop. The laptop and desktop probably want interact properly. My laptop is" average" Lenovo Yoga 730. It freezes up (lags) sometimes. My guy in the shop, that is most knowledgeable on computer hardware, hates the laptop. He says it has lots of Lenovo software running in the background. he shuts it off and it starts back after the computer is turned off. Does anyone have any input on this?
  14. Rob B

    VPN or Remote Desktop

    Sound advice!!!!
  15. Rob B

    2021 update 2.1

    We have 2021 installed and were about to go to it when I read about the "Update2" issue of losing files when opening in 2021. So we will proceed to 2021 safely at this point.

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