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  1. Greg Williams

    FANUC macro - high speed look ahead

    Nice MACRO, thanks for sharing
  2. Greg Williams

    5 axis drilling

    Yes correct, the G53 Z0 comes from the post. I think that code looks good. The post cannot know your setup or what holes you are drilling next and if there will be interference, so post guys er on the side of caution and add the retract in between the holes. Some posts have a retract switch add into the Misc Reals. maybe your does?
  3. That one is not connected to the machine and control def. You can change the settings around to run a BC output, Are you running G169 and CALL OO88 from that post? If yes you may need to do some work in there as well if you are running a 3+2 safe approach for 5 axis N1 T6 ( EMUGE 12250A TOOL - 6 ) M6 G15 H1 G0 G90 A-63.1049 C19.1142 S4000 M3 CALL OO88 PX=0. PY=0. PZ=0. PC=19.1142 PA=-63.1049 PH=1 PP=51 G0 X3.5817 Y28.2171 G56 HA Z101.0398 G15 H1 M510 (CAS OFF) G169 HA G1 X-30.3024 Y98.3763 Z20.5411 A-63.1049 C19.1142 F15000. G131 J2 E=0.05 D=0.025 I0 F25000. (SUPER NURBS ROUGHING) M8
  4. Greg Williams

    Need Help With Mazak Integrex

    Can you share a sample file we can run through a few different posts?
  5. Greg Williams

    Heidenhain Cycle 32

    Hi Dave, CIMCO posts default to CYCLE 32 - 0.01 Angle tol - 0.1 Inhouse post I have here CYCLE 32 - 0.003 Angle tol - Not output on 530 post CAMplete defaults to for the same machine you have CYCLE 32 - 0.02 Angle tol - 0.5 A few customers use the below CYCLE 32 - 0.015 Angle tol - 0.1
  6. Greg Williams

    Computer specs for running mastercam

    It all comes down to how much you want to spend really, my advice is spend as much as you can I have a new Dell 7540 i9-9980HK 96 GB RAM Quadro RTX4000 m.2 drives
  7. Greg Williams

    HSM pack

    yes done a little over the years, HSM is great at undercuts
  8. Greg Williams

    Mastercam and bitlocker

    I use Bitlocker on both laptop drives, I have not had any issues with Mastercam
  9. Greg Williams

    Okuma Schedule, Program Source alarm 2612?

    You can also load subs PSELECT LT300.MIN,OP1,MS759.SUB,Q1 and folders PSELECT MD1:\TEST\NOEL.MIN and drives PSELECT HD0:\O6001.MIN
  10. Greg Williams

    Okuma Schedule, Program Source alarm 2612?

    Try something like this, N010 VSET V1=1 N020 PSELECT TETT-1.MIN N030 PSELECT PART.MIN N040 VSET V1=V1+1 N050 IF [V3 LE 10] N020 END
  11. Standard MAZAK stuff mate, does it have the usual G68.2 and G43,3?
  12. Greg Williams

    Override Control Def. in post

    Okay I have to ask why would you want to do this?
  13. Greg Williams

    4-axis HBM utilizing FIXED 90° RAH/ B ROTATIONS?

    You can add RAH support to any 4 axis Mastercam post, there are a few videos around on how to do this
  14. Greg Williams

    Camplete Setup

    Some run Horizontals with Front plane as B0, I use top plane as B0
  15. Greg Williams

    Camplete Setup

    You need to have B0 as the top plane, if you use the C-hook importing files in very simple

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