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  1. Gee that's quiet specific, do you have a post error?
  2. Hi All, Does anybody have the post processor manual for a MAZAK VTC-800/30SR 5 axis Mill that they can share? Thanks in Advance
  3. I know of one nearby, what do you want to know?
  4. Greg Williams

    laptop recommendation

    I use a Dell Precision 5530 small very light and powerful. I use a docking station in my office.
  5. Greg Williams

    Thoughts on gaming mice

    Logitech MX518 here
  6. Greg Williams

    burring inside port intersections

    Here is one from a few weeks ago
  7. Sounds like it is turned off, extend the screen then there should be a display all button there somewhere
  8. Your dealer can get you the one from the Mastercam internal site
  9. Greg Williams

    5axis post for Okuma trunnion

    I think you should get something like this 1159SMPM50564-13.MIN
  10. Greg Williams

    5axis post for Okuma trunnion

    The old generic 5 axis post supports this VC200=0.2 (TOOL BREAKAGE TOLERANCE) M404 G0 G17 G40 G80 G90 G94 G0 G16 H0 Z999. M11 M27 G0 A0. C0. (1/2 EM .125R 1.625LOC 2.000CLR 4FL |TOOL - 15|DIA. OFF. - 15|LEN. - 15|TOOL DIA. - .5) (ROUGH SLOT) N1 G116 T15 ( 1/2 EM .125R 1.625LOC 2.000CLR 4FL TOOL - 15 ) G15 H1 G0 G90 C70.4102 A-90. G0 G17 X0. Y-7.09994 S10000 M3 G56 HA Z7.82 M8 Z2.32 G1 Z2.28269 F70. Z2.24538 Z2.20808 Z2.17077 Z2.13346 Z2.09615 Z2.05885 Z2.02154 Z1.98423 Z1.94692 Z1.90962 Z1.87231 Z1.835 Y-7.11351 Z1.83325 C71.3798 F89.35 Y-7.12709 Z1.8315 C72.3494 Y-7.14066 Z1.82975 C73.319 Y-7.15416 Z1.82797 C74.2888 Y-7.15891 Z1.82647 C75.0018 Y-7.16369 Z1.825 C75.7154 C76.4048 C77.0927
  11. Greg Williams

    curve 5 axis

    Linking %of tool diameter Make the number smaller say 1
  12. Greg Williams


    the new 3D connexion drivers does not support verify, you will need an old one, see below comments from QC "" Currently the only option is to install an older version of the driver (v10.4.3 or older). Something changed in v10.4.9 and later releases that is causing it not to work in Verify. We do have a defect logged against this but it has yet to be addressed. D-28898 Regards
  13. Greg Williams

    hyperboloid parabolic

    Nice Work Gracjan, Your numbers look good Attached is what I get when I draw it in NX. hyperboloid parabolic.mcam
  14. Yes that sounds correct You cannot run both G68.2 (TWP) and G43.4 (TCP) together but you can have G68.2 and G43 together

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