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  1. Greg Williams

    OKUMA dnc link

    Does the machine have the DNC-B or DNC-DT option? If no then you cannot drip feed a program
  2. Greg Williams

    2020 issues

    Create a linked folder, save the below as a batch file and edit the paths mklink /d "C:\Users\Public\Documents\shared Mcam2019" "H:\MyDocs\MCAMtests\shared mcam2019" mklink /d "C:\Users\Greg\Documents\my mcam2019" "H:\MyDocs\MCAMtests\my mcam2019"
  3. Greg Williams


    Which protocol, RS232, DNC-B or DNC-DT?
  4. Greg Williams

    WCS all WONKY

    I think it is correct, you have a custom plane yes?
  5. Greg Williams

    Mazak 200MY 640T c-axis

    Yep that solution has been sitting there for 14 years until I needed it today, saved me a by bunch of time, gotta luv a forum
  6. Greg Williams

    Mazak 200MY 640T c-axis

    ^^^^ Thank you thank you ^^^^
  7. Greg Williams

    Camplete help

    I have found CAMplete support to be excellent. Can you share a Mastercam file that does this?
  8. Greg Williams

    Colors in Simulation

    There is a KB article on this
  9. Greg Williams


    Update windows to 1903
  10. Greg Williams

    Beginner and student

    Sheiki, Send me an email I will do what I can
  11. Greg Williams

    Nvidia Driver

    I have a slightly newer card P2000 on a Dell 5530. Windows 10 1903 and driver 430.64
  12. I would get Okuma to reinstall the software as a start
  13. Greg Williams

    lathe c-axis milling choppy finish

    What is roughly the size of the part? Bigger than the chuck or smaller?
  14. Greg Williams

    Lathe Post edit two decimal

    Send it to me I will take a look or Create a new format statement and use this one fs2 25 0.2t 0.2t #Decimal, absolute, 2 place with trailing fmt "F" 25 feed #Feedrate Dave was 18
  15. Greg Williams

    Error - Auto Orientation Failed - How to Fix?

    I think the only solution is to rechain the contour

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