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  1. Greg Williams

    Mu5000v setup

    If it helps, here is what i get out of a very well used post. We only work in Metric here so the retract values are hard coded at 999 M19-1176-MD1020.MIN
  2. Greg Williams


    I think this will work, but I have never done it in anger.
  3. Greg Williams

    G71 Fanuc 21iT D;R value problems

    Hi Alex, You need the change the formatting for D and R in the post, your dealer can help with that, its a quick fix
  4. Greg Williams

    Auto mode device TC okuma v4020

    Are the 2 switches turned on?
  5. What does the error say when you press the info key?
  6. I think this may work if you use Roll, Pitch Yaw G68.2 P1.
  7. Greg Williams

    Plane tilting

    Could be a post issue, do you have a zip2go file that we can look at? Where did the post come from?
  8. Greg Williams

    report computation error

    Could be any number of things, do you have a file you can share?
  9. Greg Williams

    List of toolpaths not supported by mill turn

    Sounds like something is wrong with your defaults, I have tested Mill-Turn on plenty of different configurations and so far have not found any paths that don't post. All of the toolpaths that Mill-Turn has seem to post including deburr. Did you migrate an old mill-turn environment by any chance? If yes then perhaps that is the issue with the defaults. Here is a deburr toolpath from Mill-Turn on an Integrex, its got a language warning as well. Deburr.mp4
  10. Greg Williams

    verification of a toolpath in 2021

    ^^ Yep what he said ^^ Use the best product you can afford, maybe that is just the free Machine SIM that comes with Mastercam. You can also upgrade the post so that Mastercam’s machine SIM is linked back to the post CAMplete is a great product for a reasonable cost. Vericut is the next level with next level features. At the end of the day these products are all cheaper than a spindle replacement on a quality machine
  11. Greg Williams

    IOF Add-In Error

    You have to set the shared folder location to a mapped drive P:\folder, we cannot have \\server\folder with Mill-Turn
  12. Hi Guys, Has anybody done some testing on the new Win10 version 2004/20H2 setting for Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling?
  13. Greg Williams

    Missing default.mcam-materials?

    I think that file should be here C:\Users\Public\Documents\Shared Mastercam 2020\MATERIALS
  14. Sounds like you are missing a file, create a zip2go and upload it if you want, someone here will know the answer
  15. Greg Williams

    Gouge/Collision warning with no real Gouge/Collision

    Update 2 did add some fixes but not sure to what extent

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