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  1. Greg Williams


    Does the machine have the TCP option?
  2. Greg Williams

    4th axis verify with chuck model

    Yes, you can either draw the chuck or import it. Set the chuck as a fixture in simulator options
  3. Seems odd that you need to add 150 to the C axis, somewhere in there you will be able to set the zero position. What post are you using? Could always say p_out = p_out+150?
  4. I am not a Heidenhain guy but they must be a way to move the C axis machine zero point?
  5. Greg Williams

    Deep hole finishing drill cycle

    You will need a custom Macro
  6. Greg Williams

    Doosan MV 3016LS rotary unclamp

    This works on a similar machine here % O0001 (Temp) (DOOSAN-4AXV) (MACHINE GROUP-1) (MCX FILE - TEMP) (PROGRAM - Temp.NC) (DATE - MAR-15-2019) (TIME - 7:33 AM) (T219 - 10. FLAT ENDMILL - H219 - D219 - D10.000mm) G00 G17 G21 G40 G80 G90 G91 G28 Z0. (COMPENSATION TYPE - COMPUTER) N219 T219 M06 ( 10. FLAT ENDMILL) (MAX - Z50.) (MIN - Z0.) M11 (UNLOCK) G00 G17 G90 G54 A0. X5. Y41.612 S3500 M03 M10 (LOCK) G49 G94 G05.1 Q1 R5 G43 H219 Z50. Z10. G01 Z0. F3.6 Y0. G00 Z50. M11 (UNLOCK) A270. X5. Y41.612 M10 (LOCK) Z50. Z10. G01 Z0. Y0. G00 Z50. M11 (UNLOCK) A180. X5. Y41.612 M10 (LOCK) Z50. Z10. G01 Z0. Y0. G00 Z50. M11 (UNLOCK) A90. X5. Y41.612 M10 (LOCK) Z50. Z10. G01 Z0. Y0. G00 Z50. G05.1 Q0 M09 M05 G91 G28 Z0. M11 (UNLOCK) G28 Y0. A0. M10 (LOCK) G90 M30 %
  7. Greg Williams

    Doosan MV 3016LS rotary unclamp

    At a guess M11/M10
  8. Greg Williams

    Mastercam Lathe

    Yes draw the OD line at an angle
  9. Greg Williams

    G55- G56 Posing out on 4 axis... why?

    ^^ Agree totally ^^
  10. Greg Williams

    Mcam on my Surface Pro not starting

    Onboard graphics are not supported. You could try turning off the graphics acceleration that may fix it
  11. Greg Williams

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    Nice work, Thank you for sharing
  12. Gee that's quiet specific, do you have a post error?
  13. Hi All, Does anybody have the post processor manual for a MAZAK VTC-800/30SR 5 axis Mill that they can share? Thanks in Advance
  14. I know of one nearby, what do you want to know?

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