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  1. Greg Williams

    HSM pack

    yes done a little over the years, HSM is great at undercuts
  2. Greg Williams

    Mastercam and bitlocker

    I use Bitlocker on both laptop drives, I have not had any issues with Mastercam
  3. Greg Williams

    Okuma Schedule, Program Source alarm 2612?

    You can also load subs PSELECT LT300.MIN,OP1,MS759.SUB,Q1 and folders PSELECT MD1:\TEST\NOEL.MIN and drives PSELECT HD0:\O6001.MIN
  4. Greg Williams

    Okuma Schedule, Program Source alarm 2612?

    Try something like this, N010 VSET V1=1 N020 PSELECT TETT-1.MIN N030 PSELECT PART.MIN N040 VSET V1=V1+1 N050 IF [V3 LE 10] N020 END
  5. Standard MAZAK stuff mate, does it have the usual G68.2 and G43,3?
  6. Greg Williams

    Override Control Def. in post

    Okay I have to ask why would you want to do this?
  7. Greg Williams

    4-axis HBM utilizing FIXED 90° RAH/ B ROTATIONS?

    You can add RAH support to any 4 axis Mastercam post, there are a few videos around on how to do this
  8. Greg Williams

    Camplete Setup

    Some run Horizontals with Front plane as B0, I use top plane as B0
  9. Greg Williams

    Camplete Setup

    You need to have B0 as the top plane, if you use the C-hook importing files in very simple
  10. Greg Williams

    Fixture design. Not MC related

  11. Most 5 axis posts will be locked to a SIM by the developer. The only semi open one, is the generic 5 axis post that is installed in Mastercam, as said earlier this can be edited to output what you need, many have done this.
  12. Like Ron said, it is possible to get the generic 5 axis post to output the correct code, if you are a post guy go for it, if not, do yourself and your machine a favour, buy it from one on the many post suppliers. I doubt anybody will give you this post for free as these thing take an immense amount of time to produce and test. Just my 2 cents worth. Attached is a piece of sample code to work from. PEANUT-PART-2.EIA
  13. Greg Williams

    create a radially cut part thru part

    I think we really need to rotate a round solid around the part to get the actual shape, maybe something like this AXIS 1166-1028-000W MOTOR FLANGE.mcam?dl=0
  14. Greg Williams

    Upgrading to Mastercam 2020?

    30 seconds here. I have a Dell 5530 laptop

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