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  1. Having trouble finding a 3mm cutter with a .3 corner radius. we use osg but they dont have one that i see. Need to mill s-7 @ 54-56 any suggestions would be great. thinking millstar or jabro but their websites suck thanks for your advice thanks
  2. Thanks Prosin Molds Actually this isnt our first Makino, we have a hyper 5 which is a different tool changer really goofy actually. But i am sure we will like this one a lot more. We also have 2 SNC64 for graphite. Do you have Makinos there?
  3. Hey guys, have a couple questions for you. We are getting a new V33 tomorrow and i was wondering about some setup stuff and what you guys suggested. First I will need to get a new post for this machine. In the post i was wondering if i should set it so that after each tool change it goes and re picks up the tool. There will be a Blum laser for pick up. My concern is that when running unattended, if a cutter should break and its set to pick up when it does a tool change it will be very bad because no tool there and it would try to mill with the tool holder . If it didnt do a pick up then it would cut air for that tool which afterwards would make it bad for the following tool. Any suggestions???? Is there a way to set it so that if there is a variance of say more than .01 or so that it would alarm out??? thanks
  4. Just use is smaller diameter cutter then the desired radius of the corner if you want it to roll around the corner
  5. ahh, what about the radii on bottom and the cylindrical boss's on the ends??
  6. One more idea if the ends are overhang then maybe have to cylindrical boss's attached to help it be more rigid, only work if the ends are cleared though.
  7. Oh and maybe try a finish flowline for a surface toolpath
  8. looks like its on a shank.? Is there any way you could have it mounted on an erowa or 3r so it would be more rigid and maybe leave a larger radius at the bottom where it would connect to a full width style block/shank? I would just try that then your feeds and speeds hopefully wouldnt need adjusted. they look a little quick for how it appears to be mounted on a shank My .02
  9. That map has a little more detail than needed, any other examples of it??????
  10. Looking for the outline of the USA so we can engrave it. Anyone have this or know where i can get it?? thanks

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