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  1. calnet42

    Glass filled peek

    I have not machined this material personally but, I found these:
  2. calnet42

    cnc punch turrent software

    Pro-e had a nice punch press module, I used it maybe 10 years ago....... Of course, you would need the basic module first, then the sheetmetal module, then the sheetmetal mg module, then a post...etc...etc...
  3. calnet42


    MP35N® is an age-hardened, nonmagnetic, biocompatible cobalt-nickel-chromium alloy with molybdenum added for corrosion resistance. It is often triple-melted to insure purity, stability, and overall performance. This is achieved by adding an electroslag remelt (ESR) in between the typical vacuum induction melt (VIM) and vacuum arc remelt (VAR). Among it's uses in the medical industry are: Orthopedic wires and cable Catheters Pacing lead wire conductors Stylets and probe wires MP35N® is also referred to as: UNS R30035 ASTM F562 35Co-35Ni-20Cr-10Mo NACE MR-0175\ My P+W Alloy ref list has this material: PWA spec #114 AMS # 5758 It shows machinability at 16 percent.
  4. calnet42

    Fanuc parameters for rotary clamp

    Thanks guys, I didn't know this but, they are doing this on the 5th axis and auto lock/unlock only works on the 4th axis. Things the don't tell ya..... Brandon, yes, that is the answer I got from someone else too. Cjep, thanks I will check my post.
  5. We are searching for a parameter which will automatically clamp/unclamp the rotary table in a Niigata HN-63 with a Fanuc 18M control. We do not want to have M10-M11 before and after each move. The part has a very small true pos. callout and we are having problems holding it without clamping. The program ran last time on a similar machine which does have auto-clamp/unclamp working. Thank you.
  6. Haas website says spindle nose is a2-6 http://www.haascnc.c...2AXIS_STD_LATHE Hardinge has some dimensions for this: http://www.hardingeu...collet/2352.pdf I would guess there are bolts going thru the face of the chuck, remove those and the chuck should come off. Nevermind, Day late, Dollar short....
  7. calnet42

    6.12" Ø X 90" Deep Hole

    Another from OH
  8. calnet42

    Getting a "#9" lathe chip

    To use the chipbreaker on the insert, your feed needs to be higher than the land on the edge of the insert. We will use GP style chipbreakers because it is a sharp corner. (Works well on high-temp alloys) A CNMG-432-MM (Sandvik) has a .011-.012 land so, feed would have to be .012 or higher to take full advantage of the chipbreaker geometry. HTH...
  9. calnet42

    6.12" Ø X 90" Deep Hole

    Here is a link to a gun-drilling house in OH....
  10. calnet42

    Mastercam Supersitions

    quote: I use "magic dust" before posting a program. I usually just take a big swig of "magic elixir"
  11. calnet42

    Can't open a Mcam file double clicking it

    quote: Calvin, How do I check file association? Rickster explained it better than I could.
  12. calnet42

    Can't open a Mcam file double clicking it

    Did you check your file associations?
  13. calnet42

    Lathe Tool Inspection

    We have a post that counts rapid moves and will put in insert change points. It uses misc. integers for # of passes and compares to rapid moves. You can't use a rapid lead-out though, it messes up the count so, I use a fast-feed lead-out.
  14. calnet42

    ikegai lathe thread ?

    What control is on this machine?
  15. calnet42

    Turning Inconel 718

    Kennametal KC5010 for no interruptions Sandvik 1025 thru interruptions 100-120 sfm .007-.010 fpr rough 100-150 sfm .005-.008 fpr finish Keep doc less than rad of tool. For deeper doc use lead angle 15deg.-45deg. Ceramic, for roughing leave .06 stk for carbide 600-1000 sfm .008-.010 fpr 15deg. lead or large rad FLOOD coolant, make sure its clean an mixed properly.

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