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  1. Pete Rimkus from CNC Software Inc.

    2019 Crash After Solid Open

    We've been looking for quite a while at this issue where MC can crash after opening SW files into MC if SW2018 or SW2019 is installed. There's an unexpected conflict with a .DLL that gets installed with SW. That is why it has been nasty to chase down. It does appear to only be related to the import of .SLDPRTs and .SLDASMs. We have only recently come up with a workaround, and are still working on total prevention. We have also notified SW of this issue. There is a Mastercam KnowledgeBase issue logged on this which is helpful only in that it tells you to save and shutdown after opening SW files if you have SW2018 or SW2019 installed. Can you please try the following workaround - which has been successful in our testing : Shutdown MC Use the File Explorer to browse to the location of your SolidWorks install (usually C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SOLIDWORKS - though if you've got multiple SW installs you'll see SOLIDWORKS(2), SOLIDWORKS(3), etc) Locate SldPropertyHandler.DLL and rename it to have an extension other than .DLL (do this in each the SW Install subfolders if you've got multiple versions) Now start MC - Hopefully the crashes which occur shortly after opening SW files inside MC will stop. It is my understanding that SldPropertyHandler.DLL is used to customize the dialog that appears when right-clicking on a SLDPRT or SLDASM and choosing 'Properties'. So you will lose that customization. Please 'reply' here if you get a chance to try it. Thanks.
  2. Pete Rimkus from CNC Software Inc.

    MC 2019 Update 3

    Delivery of MC2019 Update 3 via the Automatic Update Service has been disabled temporarily because it was allowing users without a valid Maintenance date to download and install it. But, it can't be run because of the maintenance date restriction. Several users got tripped up by this and ended up having to then roll back to the original 2019 and then use update patches to get back where they were. To prevent more users from having to go through this pain, we've suspended automatic delivery until we correct what we have to on our end. The download IS available on the website. Make sure your maintenance expires on November 30, 2018 or later.
  3. Pete Rimkus from CNC Software Inc.

    VBS Script on startup

    As far as I can tell, we expect (and have expected in the past) that VB script name to have a .VBS extension, not .VB Can you try that? I modified my desktop shortcut to refer to a .VBS file on my desktop that doesn't even exist ... and I got So it is trying to run it.
  4. Pete Rimkus from CNC Software Inc.

    Forcing 2019 to startup in mill 2D, not 3D

    One little subtlety ... if you use /M1 or /M2 and launch MC, you might see that it grabs a M3 at startup - if it comes up in "Design", but it will then grab the correct one (M1 or M2) when you switch to a Mill Machine.
  5. Pete Rimkus from CNC Software Inc.

    Can not open a STEP file in MasterCam 2018

    rickt, Thanks for trying that, but it only makes the mystery deepen. Perhaps there really is no geometry in the file. How big (in KB) is the file? If you can send it, just email it to me directly at pete.rimkus@mastercam,com.
  6. Pete Rimkus from CNC Software Inc.

    Can not open a STEP file in MasterCam 2018

    Try to open it in the free STPViewer program ( If it opens there, I'd be more than happy to debug it in Mastercam if you could share it with us. I'd be willing to sign an NDA.
  7. Pete Rimkus from CNC Software Inc.

    OnShape 2019

    The Onshape Connect addin for Mastercam 2019 will be is available in the Onshape Store soon...
  8. Pete Rimkus from CNC Software Inc.

    Mastercam and solidworks 2019

    John, It should ... but I'll check with the install development team.
  9. Pete Rimkus from CNC Software Inc.

    Mastercam and solidworks 2019

    Old_Bear, That's pretty much the way it works... The next Mastercam 2019 update will include support for SolidWorks 2019 (and Rhino 6.0).
  10. Pete Rimkus from CNC Software Inc.

    Checking whats on a SIM

    Also note that for a Hasp (as opposed to a NetHasp) many of the addins are controlled by access code files (and hence not on the Hasp itself) Productivity+, or Probing, is indeed on the Hasp, as are MultiAxis toolpaths. Most other addons, like the Catia Importers, the ProE/Creo importers, Blade Expert, and Port Expert, are protected by access codes which get stored in .ACC files in your Mastercam 'Shared' folder
  11. Pete Rimkus from CNC Software Inc.

    net surface X4

  12. Pete Rimkus from CNC Software Inc.

    net surface X4

    In Net Surface you don't need to pick the point. (Selection-wise its a lot more 21st-century than Coons) I made a part here with just a line an arc and a spline that form a closed 'triangle'. All I had to do was selected the 3 of them.
  13. Pete Rimkus from CNC Software Inc.

    What is it with this?

    MarkVIII, "...Every time I bring in a solid I end up with THOUSANDS of BS entities..." "...I converted just the base to a step file from within NX and imported it into MC. That only brought in 1 entity. When I brought the base part file into MC that created over 12000 entities..." "...Any PRT file will do...." We only bring in what's in the file. Have you seen what the PRTs look like in a seat of NX or in some other viewer? Feel free to send us a file or two (email it/them to qc@mastercam,com and cc: me at I can take a look and probably tell you why you're getting what you're getting. "...Also, it seems that you can no longer bring in PRT files along with their original colors. Not cool..." I'd also like to see an example with this. Are you Merging the file into an existing session? If so there are several settings that might cause that (Attributes, Creating Groups for two). If you're simply opening it, the colors should be maintained.
  14. Pete Rimkus from CNC Software Inc.

    What is it with this?

    We can take a look at it here if you like... (assuming it's not just a matter of your asking for the edge curves) ... to see if its a defect of some sort.
  15. Pete Rimkus from CNC Software Inc.

    Import ".stp" Issue

    I'm willing to look at it if you can somehow get it (or a reasonable facsimile of it) to us.

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