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  1. Guess_who

    Feed from chain to chain in contour

    You can use the toolpath editor but seems like a lot of work for not much gain. I usually only use it to fast feed during portions of my chain.
  2. Guess_who

    Dynamic Milling Help

    Well damn, don't I feel stupid. You guys are right. Ugggggg
  3. Guess_who

    Dynamic Milling Help

    Everything looks great up until this move
  4. Guess_who

    Outputting Fanuc macro variables

    Couldn't you use the DPRNT command? That's how we capture our probe date.
  5. Guess_who

    Dynamic Milling Help

    Ok, so I'm trying to do a cut with .035 constant engagement to get better tool life. Everything seems to be going fine until the end of this path and then the tool buries into the material for the last few passes. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I used dynamic a few times and never had this issues. Thanks for the help. TEST_dynamic.mcam
  6. Guess_who

    5 axis engraving

    Did you Turn off TCP.
  7. Maybe 10 years ago, possibly more, we got from our reseller an awesome MasterCam Post processing reference guides Vol 1 through 3. But they are pretty old now. So I was wondering if there are any current versions available. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  8. Guess_who

    5 axis engraving

    Just a thought, TCPC relies on a known center point to track properly. Did you set you Parameters 19700 thru 19703? I agree with Millman, just save yourself the headache and turn off TCPC. Unless you're not rotating about the centerline, there's really no advantage that I can see in this situation.
  9. Guess_who

    Understanding wait codes on 4 axis

    Sync codes? They are actually pretty easy to use. Ours uses M101, M102, etc. So when one program hits an M101, it will stop and wait for the other program to hit M101, then they both take off again.
  10. Guess_who

    Engraving Macro

    I don't believe this will not work on a Fanuc control. Only Haas.
  11. Guess_who

    What to do with pocketed characters in models to be engraved?

    We actually use a 9970 and a 9969 program that talk to each other. PM me your email and I'll send them to you.
  12. Guess_who

    What to do with pocketed characters in models to be engraved?

    Yes. We modified our post and used custom drill cycle. So whatever we put into the comment, it will convert that info and put it in the macro. Here I pick a point to start the engraving, and put ABC12345 in the comment. N1 T279 M6 ( T279 = .03125 DIA. END MILL ) ( ABC12345 ) S12000 M3 G00 G90 G53 Z26. M11 G0 G90 G54 B-3. B0. M10 X-9.175 Y6.413 G43 H1 D2 Z8. M9 X-9.175 Y6.413 Z.1 G01 Z.093 F6.16 ( ENGRAVE = ABC12345 ) G65 P9970 A0. B.125 I101. J102. K103. I1. J2. K3. I4. J5. Z8. M98 P8888 M01 M30
  13. Guess_who

    What to do with pocketed characters in models to be engraved?

    Fanuc. If you were talking to me. Our macro cheat sheet.
  14. Guess_who

    What to do with pocketed characters in models to be engraved?

    We use our own engraving macro. All I do is type the data to be engraved in the MasterCam operational comment, and our macro will print that.

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