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  1. Here's a sample t.mcam
  2. No, that's not it. It used to work. I guess it's broken now.
  3. When I drive a simple contour with several chains and try to set the cut order of the depth cuts to "By depth" the retract between cuts is very high (like 500") no matter what settings for a clearance plane I set. What am I missing? Running MC2019
  4. Jaz

    5 axis helix bore won't retract

    Still no joy. For now I will move on to work arounds
  5. Jaz

    5 axis helix bore won't retract

    I spoke too soon. Doesn't work in MC2020. I am installing 2021 to see if that makes a difference.
  6. Jaz

    5 axis helix bore won't retract

    Crazy, you are a genius! Thank you
  7. Jaz

    5 axis helix bore won't retract

    Here is a file t.mcam
  8. Jaz

    5 axis helix bore won't retract

    That check box does other things, but doesn't affect the retract. I am using lines to drive the toolpath. I tried using the arcs but that had other issues. I will see about posting a file
  9. Jaz

    5 axis helix bore won't retract

    It backplots just like that. Clearance is locked on incremental because this is a 5 axis toolpath. Using safety zone gets it to retract, but since the toolpath is on the inside of a cylinder the retract zone is not ideal.
  10. When I drive 5 axis helix bores I get no retract between holes, just rapids from the bottom of the helix to the clearance for the next hole. What am I missing? (MC2020)
  11. Remove history might work, it will be hard to know which of the 825 solids need it. I am in the habit of keeping the temp folder clean, reopening MasterCam has no affect. This only occurs 1/2 the time and does not seem to affect the usability of the saved file.
  12. In the last week or so I have begun getting this error sometimes when I save a file: Really irritating and slows me down because I have to click OK a dozen or thirty times. Doesn't always occur, about 1/2 the time. Regenerate solids does nothing. What is the solution?
  13. The one I am doing right now went from giving up after an hour to done in 10 minutes by changing wall stock and floor stock both to 0 instead of 0 and .030 Tolerance is .001 total, .0004 cut tolerance The model has 3 self intersecting faces, which I avoid using. They are tiny, I just skip them. I had not thought about cutting it in sections. I bet that would work for me.
  14. I do select only pertinent faces. That is still 2622 drive surfaces and 349 check

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