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    fadal variable # ?

    TN will return the numeric value of the current tool in the spindle. This number is determined by the last M6 T# executed from the program. eg. N32 #V1=TN This would result in V1 being equal to the current tool number.
  2. jaxmold

    Heidenhain Post

    The Heid post we purchased from InHouse is binary code and locked to our sim.
  3. jaxmold

    Stand Alone 3D Cad File Conversion?

    Why not purchase Mcam design lite? It has all the newest translators for a couple hundred dollars and no sim is needed.
  4. jaxmold

    An X4 Mill Level-1 Question

    Have the file you want to import the logo into open. Click on the file menu. Select merge. Browse to your logo file and select it. Your logo file will be merged into the open file.
  5. jaxmold

    Post problems

    Thanks for the offer Josh. I might take you up on it in the future. Inhouse has been very prompt and professional dealing with my post issues but, as you said, I'm not learning much. Going back and forth with them we have ironed out 90% of the problems. Only 10% to go. There is light at the end of the tunnel!
  6. jaxmold

    Post problems

    The part of the post that control the rotary positioning is a compiled binary file. Only Inhouse can edit it.
  7. jaxmold

    Post problems

    I recently purchased a 5 axis post for an 11 yr old Hermle C800U, with a Heidenhain TNC 430 control, from Inhouse solutions. I thought, since the machine was a decade old, that I would be provided an bullet proof proven post. Not the case! I work/live in Ontario and do programming for 3 associated companies in the USA, (brothers manage each shop). This week I am visiting the Ohio shop where the Hermle is installed. I just programmed a sample tractor tread lug for them and wanted to see them cut it. All went well until they tried to run a 5 axis swarf cut. The tool was not positioned to the correct spot, the rotary motions were incorrect, and there were several formatting problems with the code. I am now trouble shooting the problems with Inhouse over the phone and via internet. I am now spending a week to do a day's work. Extremely frustrating. There I feel better. Rant over.

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