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  1. Mark V.

    plane jumping in 2020

    When I create a WCS in any plane except the Top my C & T planes jumps to whatever plane I started from, But if I orient the model dynamically they dont jump. Thats what I am seeing.
  2. Mark V.

    Nvidia Driver

    I just updated to driver 431.02. No more error. Thanks guys.
  3. Mark V.

    Nvidia Driver

    That would be great Thank-you.
  4. Mark V.

    Nvidia Driver

    This is what we are using here same card and windows 10 and We get the Open CL 1.2 error when openining Mcam 2020. If you dont mind me asking, which driver are you using?
  5. Mark V.

    copy toolpaths from a different file

    I didnt know that either. I just did this and it worked great. Thanks
  6. Mark V.

    MC error on startup

    Its the tool manager trying to open on startup. If you try to open it that pops up, at least that's what I have noticed starting happening yesterday after the windows update
  7. Mark V.

    Only posting 1 operation

    Go in your config, then toolpaths, under general selection check the suppress associativity warning messages.
  8. Mark V.

    Creating Curves on Surface Edges

    Try Toggleing the open edges button. That helps in some instances.
  9. Mark V.

    multiple points add arcs

    http://www.mastercam...X6/Default.aspx Their is a points to arc chook add on you can download. Toward the bottom of page.
  10. Mark V.

    Read PDF file into Mcam

    If you have adobe illustrator open the pdf with that and save as a dxf file. .
  11. Mark V.

    X7 Nethasp

    Thanks but I mean when X7 comes out can the nethasp stay on a XP cpu or not? Right now its on a XP cpu that sits in the corner and doesnt really get used.
  12. Mark V.

    X7 Nethasp

    I was wondering if the nethasp will work on XP computor or does that need Windows 7 to work also?
  13. Mark V.

    X6 MU2

    Thanks i just think they should put something on their website about it for everyone to see thats all.
  14. Mark V.

    X6 MU2

    You would think they would publicize this a little more, so people are ready for it.
  15. Mark V.

    Mastercam won't exit

    Ok I am getting this when I post a program using the same nc file name. I get the following-errors detected during posting,error file open exception,encountered improper argument. After that my general selection ribbon bar doesnt work and I cant close mcam down without useing crtl alt del.

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