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  1. craney

    drilling many holes

    Hello all. trying to figure out the best way to set up drilling multiple holes in flat plates. 1/4" holes on 3/8" centers on a plate 24" x 18". would window points work if so how do I do that? I tried it but it is no selecting. thanks Mike
  2. i tried to copy, export and drag while both open. No luck, must be doing something wrong. I just redrew the toolpath. thanks to all
  3. Hello, how do i copy a toolpath group from one program to another? Thank you, Mike.
  4. craney

    Tool direction

    Hello All, I am running mastercam 2017 and I am going to mill a circular pocket but the tool is current going clockwise around the inside of the circle. I wan it to go counter clockwise around how do I get it to do that? Thank you, Mike.
  5. craney

    drilling holes at 90 degrees

    I am working in a rotary head in a haas vertical mill thanks
  6. craney

    x move basic

    Hello, I am working on drilling a shaft in rotation. the end is at x,y 0 and the shaft is drawn towards positive x. the first hole is 1" in and the second hole is 4" in. the first move shows x-1 but the second one is x4. shouldn't the second be -4 or is that decided by the first negative sign? the table should be moving -1 and -4 to give me holes at 1 and 4 on the shaft. see code below. thank you! O00511 ( O00511.NC ) ( MAR. 17 2015 - 11:54 AM ) ( TOOL - 2 1/4 CENTERDRILL / TOOL DIA. - .25 ) ( TOOL - 3 1/2 DRILL / TOOL DIA. - .5 ) ( TOOL - 4 25/32 DRILL / TOOL DIA. - .78125 ) N100 G20 N110 G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90 N120 T2 M06 ( TOOL - 2 1/4 CENTERDRILL / TOOL DIA. - .25 ) N130 A180. N140 G0 G90 G54 X-1. Y0. S1200 M3 N150 M08 N160 G43 H2 Z3.5 N170 G98 G83 Z1.3 R1.6 Q.1 F2. N180 G80 N190 A90. N200 X4. N210 G98 G83 Z1.3 R1.6 Q.1 F2. N220 G80 N230 M09 N240 M5 N250 G90 G53 Z0. N260 M01
  7. craney

    drilling holes at 90 degrees

    It is in a HAAS Vertical mill.
  8. Hello everybody. I am working on drilling holes in shafts at 90 degrees. Anybody have any tutorials or know of any free ones that will help me with this topic. thanks .
  9. craney

    A0 rotation

    Thanks for the help Jeff and great profile pic, GO BLUE
  10. If I don't want to use rotation in my program and in my post program it shows "A0" does that mean there is no rotation and can I leave that in there or should that be taken out of the program? thanks

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