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  1. kccadcam

    Camplete help

    What I see is you need to have world Top WCS in the center of the pallet (center of rotation) All other planes should be at the same origin (center of rotation) If you want to have part zero where your model is now, you can shift the part/fixture in Camplete. in Camplete: Home, Transforms, Cam World to Machine World Also, program your depths in incremental instead of absolute, that way if you shift things slightly you wont have to re-select all your depths.
  2. kccadcam

    Camplete help

    Can you paste a few lines of code here? We are running CAmplete on a Grob G350 with no problems.
  3. i have my software guy working on it now. Think we have it figured out.
  4. I need to mass edit tools (replace all "*" with "DEG" in the tool names) This involves hundreds of tools. I need to export to Excel, find and replace all instances, and re-import. Can't do this in the new Tool Manager that I'm aware of....
  5. Running 2019,, I have to mass edit a tool library. In the Classic Tool Manager, I used to be able to export a library to a file, make changes, and then re-import back into library... This is gone now? Is there a different way to do this now? I sure don't want to edit 1800 tools manually....
  6. kccadcam


    Was the Table at "0" or did it hit sideways with the table tilted? If it was sideways, I bet the outer support bearing was knocked out of place. There is an adjustment procedure we learned from Hass (it's happened to us twice) Part of tweaking and leveling the machine to make it square. One of ours hit so hard sideways in X, it has never been the same.
  7. kccadcam

    Machine monitoring

    We are running FactoryWiz for data collection, Global Shop Solutions for ERP. When a job is clocked into, GSS pushes job/qty. info to the specific Machine/FactoryWiz Tablet. FW then tracks everything about that job. (Setup, runtimes, idle time, break time, running another machine, etc. - see attached pics) it also pushes scrap info back to Global Shop. We can then run OEE reports to improve processes. https://factorywiz.com/ https://www.globalshopsolutions.com/
  8. Thanks Guys, Making more sense now. Message me Colin and let me know how to get training rolling....
  9. Is this where the RenMF would control each machine type ? Our Brothers have Renishaw probes but there are differences in the macros from the Haas machines (which are all the same) The Makino cell will be a different animal. We will tackle this one after the verticals are dialed in. Our new Grob has a Siemens control and I have not had a chance to look at the probing yet. (still setting the machine up)
  10. Hi Colin, Thanks for the info, I have the configuration tool, just have not had time yet to play with it. Definitely want to measure/re-cut as well as inspection. Yes, we would like some in-shop help/training in our shop.
  11. We are running FactoryWiz on our machines to collect run data. Part of this is taking in-process probing data and outputting/formatting to an IPI (In-process Inspection) report. We have multiple machines with Renishaw probes (Haas, Brother, Makino, and Grob) Trying to decide which way to go for programming the probes,,, We have the Productivity+ add-on in Mastercam but have not implemented it yet. My concern is it writes ALL the macros into every program you post, this makes for huge files that seem unnecessary. I have seen other software out there: Camaix Probe Manager, Cimco Probing, and there are probably others. Looking for some feedback on what everybody runs and how they program probes in Mastercam (I need verification/simulation also)
  12. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, please move if not..... We lost all parameters on our Hitachi Seiki HT23J lathe with Seicos control. Board shorted out and lost everything. Yaskawa can rebuild the board but needs parameters to load onto it.... (of course we don't have a backup) Looking for parameters for Yasnac J300L Any and all help would be appreciated.......
  13. kccadcam

    Printing defaults to 12x18

    I've been through every setting I can find, (printer, Windows, and Mastercam) nothing seems to fix this.
  14. kccadcam

    Printing defaults to 12x18

    This is a strange one.... Starting in mcam 2018, the print function started defaulting to 12x18 paper every time. (very annoying) Just got mcam 2019 installed and still the same... Is this coming from mcam or the printer settings? Anybody else see this???
  15. kccadcam

    Last tool call

    Thanks Jeff, works perfectly... I knew it would be something simple... if ttblend$, "T2" else, next_tool$, pe

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