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  1. Yeah, that's the direction I'm leaning, I was just hoping we could do it through the Cell controller and not in the .NC code. Not looking like this is possible.
  2. Trying to control tool wear comp per tool per job on our Makino Cell. Example: 3/8 endmill is Tool#10037500 in our D500, on one part the wear comp is zero, on another part we need -.0005 wear comp. I was hoping you could do that thru the MAS Offset files with G10's but, this is only to assign pallet rotation and location: O7998 (0000-XXX-XXX_OPP-1 OFFSET FILE) G90 G10 L2 P1 X0.0 Y0.0 Z-23.622 C0.0 A0.0 G10 L13 P10037500 R0.0000 (MAS does not allow 8 digit on the Fanuc side) M99 Makino is telling me I cannot do this thru MAS and I have to use M449 (Tool Registration Mode: Type 2) in the .NC program to control this. If I have a 3/8 end mill that is Tool # 10037500 (we use 8 digit tool numbers) Do I have to use the (S) Pot Number or just the (T) Tool Number? And how do I input negative values? Is that what M54 does? Here is my example: % O5000 (0000-XXXX OP1 REV A) (Generation Date = Thursday October 10, 2019 Time = 08:05:16 AM) (Machining Setup = SHIELDS Makino D500 - Pro6 - HSK - 14K Setup) (NC Format = Makino - Professional 6 - [G68.2 / G43.4] - Rev 5.0) (T10037500 .3750_EM-FIN_LOC=1.250_OAL=1.575 Assembly ) (T14025000 .2500_BM-FIN_LOC=.750_OAL=1.300 Assembly ) (T14012500 .1250_BM-FIN_LOC=.500_OAL=.900_NO THRU COOLANT Assembly ) (T18012500 .1250_CM 90 DEG_OAL=.715_NO THRU COOLANT Assembly ) (T12037500 .3750_BNM-RUF_R=.015_LOC=1.000_OAL=1.500 Assembly ) M449 S10 T10037500 (REGISTER POT #10 AND TOOL # 10037500 ) S106 T0005 (.0005 TOOL RADIUS WEAR) .. .. .. N10 T10037500 (.3750_EM-FIN_LOC=1.250_OAL=1.575 Assembly ) M06 T12011800 M01 X11. Y-10. (CUT TOP HEAD CBORES) M11 M13 G00 G90 G54 A-85.38 C158.192 M10 M12 M251 S12000 M03 G68.2 X0.0 Y0.0 Z0.0 I158.192 J-85.38 K0 G53.1 M97 X.8602 Y-9.46844 M08 M26 P1 G43 Z4.30999 H1 <------(HEIGHT CALLED) G00 Z3.30999 Z2.40999 G01 Z2.23699 F25. G41 X.8116 Y-9.52029 D1 F30. <------(CUTTER COMP APPLIED) G03 X.86344 Y-9.56889 I.05022 J.00162 G03 X.86344 Y-9.56889 I-.00324 J.10045 .. .. .. .. .. .. M449 (CANCEL REGISTRATION AT END OF PROGRAM) M99 % Don't really care for this solution....... What is the best way to control Wear comp per job on a Makino Cell? Would it be easier thru Macros?
  3. kccadcam

    Nvidia quadro

    Just do a search for OpenCL in the forum... Lots of info. OpenCL shares the graphics processor for multithreading toolpaths.
  4. Our UMC-750 post is setup like this:
  5. Are you talking G187? https://www.haascnc.com/service/codes-settings.type=gcode.machine=lathe.value=G187.html
  6. Thank You.. That's exactly my thoughts, Just deal with the excess stock from an undersize tool and output wear comp only. https://www.zoller.info/us/products/presetting-measuring/shrink-solutions/redomatic
  7. You input the nominal size and then the Zoller scans the tool and gives the true dia. (this includes any runout)
  8. Getting our new Zoller Redomatic setup to output a G10 file for tools. Want some feedback on how you all do it... I know I want G10 L10 for tool length My question is diameters,, Say I have a .750 diameter endmill that's been reground to .740 diameter. I want G10 L13 PXX R-.005 Wear comp to be output, correct? I do not want .740 in G10 L12 (Tool Diameter) unless we programmed from centerline of the tool correct? I'm getting a lot of confusion on this in the shop...
  9. kccadcam

    Camplete help

    What I see is you need to have world Top WCS in the center of the pallet (center of rotation) All other planes should be at the same origin (center of rotation) If you want to have part zero where your model is now, you can shift the part/fixture in Camplete. in Camplete: Home, Transforms, Cam World to Machine World Also, program your depths in incremental instead of absolute, that way if you shift things slightly you wont have to re-select all your depths.
  10. kccadcam

    Camplete help

    Can you paste a few lines of code here? We are running CAmplete on a Grob G350 with no problems.
  11. i have my software guy working on it now. Think we have it figured out.
  12. I need to mass edit tools (replace all "*" with "DEG" in the tool names) This involves hundreds of tools. I need to export to Excel, find and replace all instances, and re-import. Can't do this in the new Tool Manager that I'm aware of....
  13. Running 2019,, I have to mass edit a tool library. In the Classic Tool Manager, I used to be able to export a library to a file, make changes, and then re-import back into library... This is gone now? Is there a different way to do this now? I sure don't want to edit 1800 tools manually....
  14. kccadcam


    Was the Table at "0" or did it hit sideways with the table tilted? If it was sideways, I bet the outer support bearing was knocked out of place. There is an adjustment procedure we learned from Hass (it's happened to us twice) Part of tweaking and leveling the machine to make it square. One of ours hit so hard sideways in X, it has never been the same.
  15. kccadcam

    Machine monitoring

    We are running FactoryWiz for data collection, Global Shop Solutions for ERP. When a job is clocked into, GSS pushes job/qty. info to the specific Machine/FactoryWiz Tablet. FW then tracks everything about that job. (Setup, runtimes, idle time, break time, running another machine, etc. - see attached pics) it also pushes scrap info back to Global Shop. We can then run OEE reports to improve processes. https://factorywiz.com/ https://www.globalshopsolutions.com/

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