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  1. Jim Walters

    mori seiki nv5000 using peel mill

    Bob (From Boldt) emailed me i called him today he was saying .007 move would wear out bearing(greased bearing) in a week of running it that way he said. if i had a .060 move it would not push grease out of the bearing at .007 move running all day for a week it would ruin bearing in a week he only ever seen this happan 2 times in 10 years and that was the cause of bearing going bad both times i belive what he was saying was right on i will use peel mill as long as im letting bearing move more than .060 in X or Y Thanks Jim
  2. Jim Walters

    mori seiki nv5000 using peel mill

    Wow i was looking at doing this on ares we have 2 NV5000 mori seiki best cnc i ever ran so far better than the fadals super max johnfords i ran before can't beleave that it would do that but i better check this out before i run it that way Jim
  3. Jim Walters

    Geo of a King Cobra

    I sent it to a jno -code-breaker-kmartin if anyone of them wants to they can put on the FTP site im not at a place to get file to send or try to put on the ftp site Thanks Jim
  4. Jim Walters

    Geo of a King Cobra

    I got same thing in a dxf file but got shelby where GT 350 is had to get it from home and bought it in today i carved it in wood painted it balck looks real good
  5. Jim Walters

    Advice for a Newbie

    I own a shopbot i do a lot of my programing with mastercam. On the shopbot site they have a post so you dont have to run thru the g code conversions in the shopbot program the post had a few bugs in it i reworked the post so it will run from mastercam than run in the shopbot program without the manual editing of the program works real good i got another program for doing 3D(Aspire V2) but i do want to get mastercam art where i work the owner said he would get me the upgrade for mastercam art just waiting for the x4 to be put out than i will have him get it. Im making a bedroom outfit with a hole lot of 3d bears deer turkeys eagles on the bed and the dressers design the bed and dressers with mastercam and cut the 2d files with it also working on a bar to go with my hot tube cant wait for x4 to get out if you would want what i change in the post i can give you all info to get you all fixed up to run it on mastercam Thanks Jim
  6. Jim Walters

    X or Y moves in post

    Thanks Ill try to fine it Jim
  7. Jim Walters

    X or Y moves in post

    Ok when i post a program i would like it to post X & Y move all the time say you have a X.500 Y-.500 next move is X.500 Y-1.00 it puts in Y-1.000 I have a guy that makes if statments up and there been a few times it has bitten us in the a$$ and not having X & Y moves in on all lines im using X2 mr2 sp1 level 2(using a GENERIC post that i have set up to run Mori Seiki NV5000) Thanks Jim
  8. Jim Walters

    How many of you guyz are still using 9.1?

    My boss runs wire 7 & and has mill 8.1 i came last year he upgraded to X2 AND X3 but wont run X told me to convert files to dxf so he can open in wire 7 i told him X was way better he just said thats why i pay you the big bucks he's happy with wire 7 i do his files everyones happy
  9. Jim Walters

    Heart vector file.

    you got mail
  10. Jim Walters

    Heart vector file.

    I have one that is a 2d dxf file if you want i can email it to you

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