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  1. jmfrank

    Dashed lines in backpot

    Just got off line with tech support. Turns out it was a corrupt config file . All is good. Thanks for the reply's and ideas.
  2. jmfrank

    Dashed lines in backpot

    Line style has always been on solid. I changed the line width just as an experiment. This computer is pretty new Less than one year. 2021 ran fine with no issues. Another user here has 2022 on this computer with no issue. He is also stumped with the dashed lines on backpot. If it was a graphics issue would it not show up on wireframe geometry
  3. jmfrank

    Dashed lines in backpot

    Spoke to some. Changing line width did not fix the problem. Back to square one.
  4. jmfrank

    Dashed lines in backpot

    Thanks alien I had looks at those setting before and they looked good . But after reading your post i tried to change line width from fine to the one courser and that has fixed the broken lines on backpot. Strange Thanks for the reply
  5. jmfrank

    Dashed lines in backpot

    New install of 2022. Line segments are dashed and arc are solid. Is there a setting to make line segments solid. Gets really weird looking on 3d toolpaths Thanks matt dashed_lines.bmp
  6. jmfrank

    Screenshots of old Mastercam releases

    Yep I have some 51/4 floppies around somewhere. Old dos for sure . I remember up grading from 20 to 40 MEG , Yes MEG hard drive. WE were big time back then. LOL
  7. jmfrank

    Just found something cool

    Very nice. thanks for sharing.
  8. jmfrank

    Feed rate question

    The guy behind the desk is always the fastest in the shop.
  9. jmfrank

    Viewsheets--- Why should I use them?

    Loves me some view sheets on molds with electrodes. Top view and wcs for main block. Each electrode has it own view (usually bottom) with its own wcs location relative to the main view (top) Saves so mush time and helps keep electrodes organized. Matt
  10. jmfrank

    P20 Project Update

    Nice. Thanks for the update pics.
  11. jmfrank

    Is Mastercam a true 64 bit program?

    multiple sessions yes. just found this by accident.
  12. jmfrank

    P20 Project Update

    Rickster Any pics of the finished part?
  13. jmfrank

    P20 Project Update

    That applies to a lot in life. sorry couldn't resist.
  14. jmfrank

    arc center list

    Bear That is crazy simple. And I do like simple. Thanks Matt
  15. jmfrank

    arc center list

    Colin Worked like a charm. very good instructions. Thanks Matt

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