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  1. THIS is what I hear from this statement. I'm an azzhole. They called me out for being an azzhole.
  2. Try this one Zoob.
  3. If you want him to understand use................ But not the big box. Too many colors will confuse him. Edit: OK I'll stop mucking up this thread now.
  4. Colin myemail is an idiot. Don't bother. Help those that are appreciative.
  5. BrianP.

    2019 Crash After Solid Open

    Locked out of even being able to change a file name. Will see if I can get the boss to log me in as an administrator tomorrow and try the fix.
  6. BrianP.

    featured based drilling

    There are a couple of different ways to sort or select holes by size. The c-hook sort circles will actually grab them by size give them all a separate color and move each size to it's own level. So the answer is yes.
  7. BrianP.

    Feedrate reduction for last depth pass?

    Nope. Such a simple thing yet after 35 years you still either have to manually change it after post or create a 2nd op.
  8. BrianP.

    Feed from chain to chain in contour

    I think you will get what you want if you change feed plane to absolute zero. The only Z move is to start next depth cut.
  9. BrianP.

    2019 Crash After Solid Open

    The file format is .SLDPRT and I am running Windows 10. I narrowed it down that when I create a tool path it crashes. I can manipulate the hell out of the geometry but as soon as I create a tool path or 2 it crashes. I have been in touch with a guy I know at CNC Systems and sent him a file. He was able to replicate it. He has logged it with a number. Thanks for the responses. Will update if they get back to me with a solution. The weird part is after the crash when Mastercam restarts itself it is stable. If I shut down Master and start a new session it will crash but not on the restart.
  10. Running 2019 and since I started running it Mastercam will crash soon after opening a solid part file. I have gotten into the habit of immediately saving as a Mastercam file but within a couple of minutes it will crash and open the box to send a crash report then restart. After opening the same file saved as a .mcam no issues. Same files opened in 2018 with no issues. Any one else having this issue. I have sent off the report with a description of the problem and an email address attached multiple times. Thanks
  11. I also keep mine minimized all the time. My RMB is bare minimal. I find the more you have on there you end up scrolling almost as much as using the ribbon bar. Seeing as how I have used my computer for years gaming moving the mouse is quick and easy for me. A small wrist movement and I'm where I want to be. I thought this discovery pretty neat because if you have your ribbon bar minimized and do something like create a line it closes the tab after you select create a line. With a double click the wireframe tab stays open allowing you to scroll through multiple commands and then with a simple double click it is back to hidden. I also have hot keys set up for different commands. I have never gotten why they made such a big deal about the customization of 2017, 2018 and 2019. I have been customizing ribbon bars and RMB since the release of X.
  12. Discovered today you can toggle the locking and unlocking of the ribbon bar by a simple double click instead of a right click and checking or unchecking the minimize ribbon. Double click the tab area and it will lock and unlock the ribbon bar on the fly. For instance creating wireframe geometry double click it stays locked open allowing to do lines then circles then points etc... etc.. without having to re-click the tab. Then double click when done and the ribbon bar is re minimized to be hidden.
  13. BrianP.

    Move to Origin

    Bounding box. Select corner. Then delete box if desired. 20 seconds. Usually i create a bounding box on a separate level when I start just for this reason. Easy to just pick a corner.
  14. BrianP.

    Whats your quoting process?

    Man I do not miss that. The place I am at now we do microwave components. Almost everything gets brazed. Then maybe machined again, Then plated or chromated. Possibly painted. Then tested. Nothing ships by Friday. Everything is weeks to months out. I recently had a job offer with almost a 15 percent pay raise. It was back to a job shop. I thought about it and decided it was not worth it. They want me back in that rat race going to have to offer more than that.
  15. BrianP.

    Count number of selected entities?

    After selecting entities hit Alt+E then go to screen statistics. Then simply hit Alt+E to bring everything back visible.

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