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  1. BrianP.

    Tiny Slots

    We do a ton of smaller stuff here. Ramp usually works the best. A few jobs I do are with a 1/16 or 1/32 endmills at 10x diam. no problem.
  2. BrianP.

    Deburring Endmill

    Don't have multi axis. Maybe that's why I could not find it. Not looking there.
  3. BrianP.

    Deburring Endmill

    That I have not tried, the ballnose for deburring. I do use the chamfer tool path all the time. When the tool is set up correctly you can control the chamfer nicely. Most of the times we just want to break the edge so there is no burr. Maybe .002-.003 edge break. Edit: When you talk about "deburr toolpath" are you talking about chamfer?
  4. BrianP.

    Deburring Endmill

    I guess my real question is how do they function? I mean they just look like a roughing end mill that would give you a crappy finish.
  5. Has anyone ever used these? We do a lot of smaller parts with places that are difficult to get in with a standard chamfer tool. A lot of hand deburring. Trying to get a tumbler but not a high priority for my boss because hey he is not the one sitting here doing this PITA hand work. I was wondering how theses work and if anyone has experience with them?
  6. BrianP.

    Haas 617 alarm missing adress code

    +1 Usually because of the read ahead the alarm is on a line in front of where it alarms out.
  7. BrianP.

    Haas 617 alarm missing adress code

    Copy and pasted into editor put it on floppy and loaded into 25 year old VF0. Ran fine. Could be just a glitch once in a while I guess.
  8. BrianP.

    Better way to remove this material

    Welcome back.
  9. BrianP.


    Machine definition, control definition, operation defaults. Selecl all, edit common parameters, coolant off. Just winging it off the top of my head but I think I got it right.
  10. Sounds like a settings issue. I run a 3 Haas machines. A 1994 VF0, 2005 VF2 and A 2019 VF2. Use wear all the time and not an issue if your settings are correct. For circle mill be sure you have it set for perpendicular and 90 degree. Edit: If you want to contour an ID use the formula of ( dia. of hole - dia. of tool/2 * .4142 ) with a sweep of 135 and you will drop into the center of the hole and sweep on and off with no problems. Example 1/2 inch hole with 1/4 inch endmill. .500-.250 = .250/2 = .125*.4142 = .051775 Lead in and out line and arc .051775 with 135 degrees of sweep. Works great for slots also.
  11. BrianP.

    Top of stock

    G98 will retract to your initial Z number whatever it is on your G43 line. A G99 retracts only to what your R value is.
  12. BrianP.

    Top of stock

    Set your retract to incremental of something like .1 and clearance to .100 absolute. Be sure you uncheck use clearance only at start and and of cycle. This will rapid your drill to -.400 drill your hole and then retract to .100 over your zero before moving to next hole. ( 3/16 SPOTDRILL ) ( SPOT HOLES ) T1 M6 G0 G54 G90 X0. Y0. S5000 M3 G43 H1 Z.1 M8 G98 G81 Z-1. R-.4 F10. G80 M9 M5 G28 G91 Z0.
  13. They are also really good on copper and brass. As a microwave component company everything we do is aluminum, copper and brass. I use the Shearhog on all 3 with great results.
  14. BrianP.

    Scrap carbide

    Used Kennametal years ago at one place.
  15. BrianP.

    Question about posting

    Save and save often. Nothing is more frustrating that having an hour or two into programming a part and having Mastercam crash or something else happen and you lose all the work you have done.

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