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  1. I am wondering if any has info on heat shrink tooling sizes. Yesterday I was in a pinch and needed to get a tiny thread mill down into a deep pocket. I found a 3/8 diameter rod, drilled and reamed a .1235 hole, used a propane torch to heat it and slipped the 1/8 shank cutter into it. It worked out quite well, and I will try probably do it on a few other tools, but really I am looking to know the sweet spots with sizes. If the hole is too small, no amount of heat will ever open it up enough for the endmill to fit, if it is too big it may not hold the endmill causing it to pull out or spin? Any one do this type of thing? Recommendations on tolerances, material for the holder etc...
  2. chipman

    Mystery plane from Gview???

    Me and others here have wondered that for years. I am really curious to hear some responses!
  3. chipman

    Mystery plane from Gview???

    Yes, I sensed he was referring to this. The group manager has caused me nothing but problems back many versions ago. As toolpath manager would lose focus resulting in what you see below. Corporate told me to purge the group manager, that usually worked, and that problem went away some versions ago. Honestly, wish I could disable it!
  4. chipman

    Mystery plane from Gview???

    Hmm. I certainly believe that it will work. Thanks, As far as groups go, who uses them? I understand that Mastercam uses them in the background with things like "results" But to me, they seem worthless, as you cannot select them in any toolpaths? AFAIK. Is it something that carried over from old versions of Mastercam where there were limitations on how many levels you could use? I ask all of this because I remember having lots of issues with group manager having many groups which in turn made toolpath manager act bizarre. The two of them do not get along well. It seems that they share some similarities (file locations or ??) as you cannot have Machine groups, toolpath groups or groups called the same name. At least that is what I recall.
  5. Throughout my day I can get new mystery planes created that usually mimic "gview" I thought that maybe it was a hotkey, but there are none assigned to it, it gets annoying as I can easily have 10 appear in a few hours. Any ideas?? Mastercam 2017
  6. chipman

    CNC Programmers/Operators

    Is this a company mandated procedure, or your way of going about it?
  7. chipman

    CNC Programmers/Operators

    With the software much easier to learn and the cost more affordable as opposed to 20+ years ago, it seems that there are now many more Programmer/Operators. How do some of you handle archiving programs in a manner to be able to repeat that process, as it seems that programmer/operators are more after getting the part done than trying to keep files clean, organized and filed properly.
  8. chipman


    Enter and esc still works when creating lines and arcs but not in other areas like transform within Mastercam 2018, no consistency and It totally annoys the hell out of me!!! This worked for ages in previous versions and for me keyboard functionality is essential. But this all looks to be fixed in 2019, but I WILL NOT upgrade. historically one thing is fixed but another will be broken. Too painful to transition so often
  9. chipman

    TAMBOY 3d CAM sfotware?

    Sadly what happened is that modern machinery came in but they continued to not use work offsets.
  10. chipman

    TAMBOY 3d CAM sfotware?

    Legacy files are not important to most, but at my company (OEM) with a deep history of over 50 years, it is. We are always being called and asked to make replacement parts for customers from around the world. We have had a few issues, but most of the time it is flawless. So it is good to hear that Mastercam takes this into consideration. On a side note my old boss used to brag about program M-1, still in use to this day, gets pulled out maybe once a year, created back in 06/06/1981.The setup sheet was written on some loose leaf paper, yeah it is a only a little bit of drilling, but it gets the job done and has run and been proven many times before. Old school cool in my eyes and a hats off to those early pioneers of NC programming!
  11. chipman

    TAMBOY 3d CAM sfotware?

    Yes, It is all foreign to me. The latest is that sales dept is in contact with the customer, they are proposing a new and improved design? That will make my life easier!
  12. chipman

    TAMBOY 3d CAM sfotware?

    I gave it a crack, not seeing it here on my end. Up to a challenge? I attached one of the six files below. j8571c6.goe
  13. chipman

    TAMBOY 3d CAM sfotware?

    Yeah that app is sweeeet! Pretty mind blowing to see it translate in "live"
  14. chipman

    TAMBOY 3d CAM sfotware?

    I dug into it, found a company that took over TAMBOY, I reached out to them and I am waiting to hear back.

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