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  1. #Rekd™

    Multiaxis crash

    Some of use are not machining washers and dildos. Therefore, our files cannot be shared. Speaking of dildos....since you are talented and claim this happens often you should be able to create a file that you can share to demonstrate the problem,
  2. If you post a Mastercam file or at least a photo it will take the guesswork out. There are many ways to split a solid model.
  3. #Rekd™

    Multiaxis crash

    Joanie Bonkers or his clone!
  4. #Rekd™

    Multiaxis crash

    How about posting the problem file???
  5. #Rekd™

    unlicensed Mastercam question

    Reminds me of Joanie Bonkers!
  6. #Rekd™

    solid disappearing

    Stock Model showing and not the actual solid?
  7. Not a video but I had never programmed an impeller before so I started this thread. Ron grateful helped me.
  8. #Rekd™


    Get a quality end mill like a Helical Solutions and follow their speeds and feed suggestion. They actually have a great speeds and feeds tool on their website (you need to register but no cost). You are using .emcam files?
  9. #Rekd™

    Mill Advanced Exercise #3

    If it is not for a college class where did you get the exercise 3 from?
  10. #Rekd™


    Using Opti-Rough you can get it to follow the sphere but I would be the machining time will be far greater then the 2d Facing.
  11. #Rekd™


    For those that can't see the file.
  12. #Rekd™


    Facing is not going to follow the curved surface.
  13. #Rekd™

    How do I use Loft

    I would assume you need to use surfaces.
  14. #Rekd™

    Mill Advanced Exercise #3

    Hi, Your 2d drawing is not correct, see the attached photo. The correct drawing is in RED and yours is in BLUE. The handle is created by creating arcs. The upper arc (5.5" Radius) is created using Arc Polar. Set the Radius to 5.5" and select the center of the Radius shown at the intersection of 6.75" in X and 4.375" down in Y for the center of the arc. Then create a 0.25" fillet between this arc and the horizontal line. Set the angles to 140 (Start) and 180 (Finish). Then create the lower 9.675 radius arc using the Arc Tangent command, have the method set to Arc One Point and set the radius to 9.675. Select the 5.5" arc created above as the tangetnt arc and then select the lower intersection of 0.75" in X and 6.0" down in Y as the point. Then select the arc you want to keep. Then trim the 5.5" arc to the 9.675" arc. Then create the 2.5" arc using Arc Polar again. Once you get this trimmed properly do an offset to create the other side of the handle. You have a duplicate line in your file as well. All of these techniques are shown in the Mill Advanced Tutorial 3, I assume this is an assignment for a college course if you do not have access to the tutorial?

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