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  1. #Rekd™

    Too fast for Fanuc

    Just plain bad a$$ help James!!! Thank you for coming back to help others!!!!
  2. #Rekd™

    integration of Kurt vice

    I do the same as James. I merge the vice file in. I create a WCS for the vice for Vericut.
  3. #Rekd™

    integration of Kurt vice

    I split mine into two levels, the movable jaw and all of its components on one level and the rest of the vice on another level. This way I can easily translate the movable jaw to the correct dimension of the stock I am using.
  4. Either use Linked edges option under the solid selection or use line/curve (2d geometry) to work around the problem. The fillet in the bottom of the x shaped slot is causing a problem, when it is suppressed it is seems fine.
  5. Our Siemens 840D Lathe is controlled by the post. Look in your post for G53 or home to see if these numbers match what is happening. sghome : "G53" xhome : 6.25 yhome : 0 zhome : 18.5
  6. Found this video on pocketing and thought it would be helpful in explaining the entry options for new users. https://blog.caminstructor.com/the-1-mistake-i-see-on-mastercam-certification-tests?utm_campaign=Mastercam Video Blog&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=80019811&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_VD2MgItgc_2n2n4K_r7ikK1JJcDtXCduWoDrvdJltytKciQ8pCV2yRxpPKproMCBgXQAiMqx5QNM0AKzNqfaL3x_org&_hsmi=80019811
  7. #Rekd™

    Mastercam 2020 update 1/Vericut 9

    Installed Vericut V9 today, graphics are better.
  8. It appears in on my system that the lines are lines and the arcs are splines.
  9. Nope. It is a great compliment with Mastercam though.
  10. Came into Mastercam 2019 as lines and arcs as well from what I could tell.
  11. Are you talking about the arcs in that step/stp file? If so you can create lines and then recreate your circles. I created the lines on you sample. Step/stp files usually contain solids or surfaces, yours doesn't. corner of plate_JF.stp
  12. If you do not have a solid or surfaces you do not have a model. You have a wireframe drawing. Can you share the file?
  13. #Rekd™

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    I would suggest that the tolerances that you need to hold should be explicitly written in your RFQ and make sure the quote agrees with them. Also the PO should state them as well. If the company accepts the PO and it's terms they are agreeing that the machine can hold these positional/ repeatable tolerances. Yasada all the way.
  14. #Rekd™

    Importing different file formats

    If the file is open in Mastercam do a save as and select .STL as the type of file. If you are trying to convert an stl file to a surface or solid you will need to use another software.

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