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  1. #Rekd™

    5 axis help

    Ron and his group at 5th Axis would be the people to get you on the right path. Good luck!
  2. #Rekd™

    5 axis help

    Is he suggesting you buy a better quality machine???
  3. #Rekd™

    blending/merging two surfaces

    If this is an industrial question you should post it in the industrial forum, this forum is for educational users. Post a Mastercam file and someone will most likely help you.
  4. #Rekd™

    CAT40 holder on lathe

    I use er collet chucks for our boring bars but our machine is a small simple X, Z, C.
  5. Our Doosan book says: M10 4th-Axis Clamp M11 4th Axis Unclamp The book lists a solution for 4th Axis clamp/ unclamp alarms, I will email it to you. For the AICC II you need an R value from 0-10 (0-3 Rough) (4-7 Medium) (8-10 Fine)
  6. #Rekd™

    Mastercam lathe

    Why are you asking the same question again?
  7. #Rekd™

    Mastercam Lathe Concern

    Our lathe post uses G53 for home positioning. It is a Siemens Control.
  8. #Rekd™


    Fellow member of Thee Circle!!!! Membership has it's privileges!!!!
  9. #Rekd™

    Lathe cross contour milling

    You should ask the moderators to move this to the Industrial forum.
  10. #Rekd™


    Not sure if this is what you want? It is a bunch of surfaces. one surf1.igs
  11. #Rekd™

    mind blown

    Do you get paid by the hour?????
  12. #Rekd™

    look ahead parmeter on a fanuc 31i control

    James has moved on and IowaJim passed away.
  13. #Rekd™

    mind blown

    I am still using X7....I have 2019 loaded but it feels weird...
  14. #Rekd™

    mind blown

    Those are refereed to as "Features"!!!

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