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  1. #Rekd™

    Regenerate Solids?

    See this video:
  2. #Rekd™

    Building virtual turret for lathe

    Vericut, Camplete, ICAM. If it is just a 2 axis lathe simulation is not required IMHO.
  3. #Rekd™

    Tool to Stock Crash in Simulation

    Always make a backup when making changes. also look at the axis limits in the Machsim to make sure they match your actual machine. More experienced users may be able to offer better advice tomorrow or later today.
  4. #Rekd™

    Tool to Stock Crash in Simulation

    Did you set your machine definition to match the limits of the actual machine?
  5. #Rekd™

    How to build virtual turret for a lathe machine?

    You already asked that question.
  6. #Rekd™

    VPN access with a HASP key, not netHASP

    If Mastercam is not already running you won’t be able to launch it (that was my experience).
  7. #Rekd™

    Building virtual turret for lathe

    I don't think Machsim supports Lathe machines
  8. #Rekd™

    lost config

    This software is really old and likely pirated.
  9. #Rekd™

    Activereports stock image issue

    The MILSZ template has the "stock photo" size set as 6.375, 3.813 This video shows how to modify the active reports (although it is an older version of Mastercam the process is the same).
  10. #Rekd™

    Silhouette Boundary

    Make sure you are modifying a copy of the original part on a new level. That way you always have the original solid within your file.
  11. #Rekd™

    Activereports stock image issue

    Can you attach the setup sheet template you are using?
  12. #Rekd™

    Mastercam 2021 Impeller Challenge

    See this post as well. Ron was gracious enough to lend his experience and time!
  13. #Rekd™

    Advice for Toolpath, Please

    Yes use Pocket to finish and offset the outside chain to allow for the tool to fully cut.

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