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  1. #Rekd™

    Chip Trap

    We have in the past used landscape fabric to help filter the chips.
  2. #Rekd™

    Mill Face Problem

    I tried it with my machine and post and I did not get any errors. Regens fine as well.
  3. #Rekd™

    Haas blew up again

    The gross weight of a Doosan is almost double that of a HASS. Look at the size of the spindle housing between a HASS and a Doosan.
  4. #Rekd™

    Haas blew up again

    Doosan is rock solid compared to a HASS, they are not in the same class. Doosan is made to Japanese industrial standards.
  5. #Rekd™

    lathe c-axis milling choppy finish

    Does the machine look like it is feeding smoothly? Could be the type of feed rate used in the post.
  6. #Rekd™

    Pic into MC

    If the raster to vector doesn't work download Inkscape (free program). Watch this video.
  7. #Rekd™

    Tool room CNC

    Post a Mastercam file of what you are trying to do.
  8. #Rekd™

    4th Axis programming

    Post a file and someone will help you.
  9. #Rekd™

    Need help creating a boss

    Post a Mastercam file.
  10. #Rekd™

    Having trouble with speeds and feeds

    Can you post a file? This will make it easy to help you solve any problems.
  11. #Rekd™

    Having trouble with speeds and feeds

    Contact your reseller whom provided you with the demo.
  12. #Rekd™

    Need help creating a boss

    Assuming you are working with solids....create a wire frame circle-solids extrude- add boss. For toolpathing select the circle used to create the solid.
  13. #Rekd™


    Model Prep- Push/Pull.
  14. #Rekd™

    Surfacing the Moon's surface

    I would like to see the model as well!

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