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  1. #Rekd™


    Congratulations on your retirement!
  2. Colin, If you are ever doing a YouTube session on using the advanced drill path I would be there watching. Would be nice to get more information out to the user base!!! Thanks John
  3. #Rekd™


    In Verify click on File. Then options.
  4. #Rekd™

    2022 Not impressed

    No such thing as a cloud….it is someone else’s computer…..
  5. #Rekd™

    2022 Not impressed

    MC2019 was pretty solid IMHO.
  6. #Rekd™

    Tool and Stock Collision

    Without a Mastercam file it is hard to say. Possibly a Lead In/Out issue or Plunge setting. Post a file.
  7. #Rekd™

    Why can't I project to this surface? 2022

    I just tried it and it works. I projected that green square onto the surface.
  8. #Rekd™

    Curve Solid

    Once you get a curved surface like Ron created you can trim it to the curves. Then create a solid from the surface, then use thicken to get the thickness you need.
  9. #Rekd™

    Curve Solid

    Try this stp file, I am an educational user so you can't open my file. I am not fully sure what you wanted so I just created the 3d section into a solid. CURVE SOLID.stp
  10. #Rekd™

    Haas 5axis rotary rewind help

    If the post is encrypted you will need to contact the company that created the post most likely.
  11. #Rekd™

    Sandvik acquires CNC Software

    Just got that email!!!
  12. Great video from CamInstructor !!!
  13. #Rekd™

    Promoting myself to customer

    You would fit right in....Thee Circle Slack channel...lots of Ribbon Bar and V9 talk!!!
  14. #Rekd™

    Promoting myself to customer

    Good luck on your next endeavor!!!
  15. #Rekd™


    See the attached photo. Select "Keep Scale" first then select you scale (input 1.0).

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