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  1. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    Drilling without drilling?

    Must be high dollar parts that absolutely gotta be right the first time.
  2. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    3D Connexion Buttons Not Working

    That would be handy. What are the shortcuts for that?
  3. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    3D Connexion Buttons Not Working

    I have two shortcuts on my desktop: Stop: "C:\Program Files\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\3DxWinCore64\3DxService.exe" -quiet -shutdown Start: "C:\Program Files\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\3DxWinCore64\3DxService.exe" If the driver is ever acting up, working on SW but not MC for example, I hit "stop", wait 30 seconds, and hit "start".
  4. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    3D Connexion Buttons Not Working

    Have you tried turning the 3DConnexion driver off and on again or restarting the computer?
  5. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    bent stock

    Drawing on center will get you close, but if you need exact you need to know the k-factor. Most materials will not stretch and compress equally on both sides of the centerline; many will stretch easier than they compress, so the bend line is off center.
  6. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    Where is circle center in 2020?

    North Carolina, weekend of April 4th.
  7. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    Peck tapping on Haas VF-4

    6 holes, I'd threadmill. Much safer than tapping.
  8. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    End Mill Question

    If you can't find HSS, try polished, uncoated carbide designed for aluminum. That's about as sharp as you can get in carbide.
  9. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    End Mill Question

    In foam, sure. Need that razor sharp edge. Kinda niche though.
  10. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    End Mill Question

    Does Harvey even do steel? I thought they were 100% carbide.
  11. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    NVME Drive

    How about for Stock Model? In X9 it seems to be single threaded; how many threads will it use in 2020? More if it's processing more ops into the model?
  12. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    Computer specs for running mastercam

    For the cost of a decent laptop you can have two desktops that work better, one for at work and one for at home. Choose your processor based on this benchmark: Get a decent Quadro if you can afford it, but in my experience unless you're working on huge models Mastercam works fine on GeForce gaming cards. A $300 GeForce card will be way better than a $300 Quadro if you're budget constrained.
  13. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    Is the dynamic milling data base dead?

    I use HSMAdvisor and the Helical Machining Advisor. Both give good numbers.
  14. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    Loud Haas ST20Y

    From what I hear, as far as lathes go, Haas makes a pretty good VMC.
  15. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    NVME Drive

    How many threads will 2020 use at once for a single dynamic operation or stock model?

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