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  1. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    Haas Lathe coolant questions

    Seems strange to have it exclusive like that. My 2015 VF-3SS will run flood and spindle coolant simultaneously.
  2. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    Legacy toolpaths take hours to complete

    Can you post a problematic file for people to review? One thing that may help is a little trick I figured out in the late 90's when running on a 266MHz Pentium. When trying out paths and parameters to see what will work, set the tolerance and stepover very loose; then it will generate rapidly and you can see if the motion is what you want. Then once it's dialed in, set the tolerance and stepover to what you actually want, and regen while taking a short break. For me at the time it was 15 - 25 minutes for a nice flowline on the neck of a guitar.
  3. If you post your code or the Mcam file people can check your work.
  4. First thing I'd do is check the machine for backlash, especially if it's old and/or abused.
  5. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    MJ thread

    Because the vector of motion isn't normal to the cutting face of the tool. Imagine the extreme case with a really steep pitch, say a four start thread, and think about the tool motion. Edit: I think a more clear way to visualize it is the swing of the cutting face. If motion is straight up or down the profile is way wide, being formed by the swing of the cutting face rather than t's profile. At a 45 degree lead it's still way wide. At a normal lead angle it's still just a bit wide, and a 2 degree deviation is probably about right to compensate.
  6. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    MJ thread

    The helical motion of internal threadmilling increases the effective flank angle; this may be an attempt to compensate.
  7. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    Mastercam in Solidworks

    I think change recognition only works if the model hasn't been repositioned; is that right?
  8. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    FastTrack Barcodes?

    That'll probably be the way to go for the setup sheets; I bet he could help be with the drawer labels too. Thanks!
  9. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    FastTrack Barcodes?

    Anyone else using Productivity Inc.'s FastTrack Tool Inventory Management? I'm trying to figure out how to print my own barcodes for it, and though they say it's "Code 3 of 9", I'm finding it's actually "Code 128", which includes a checksum character, thus making a simple font not work. So far the best I can do is use an online code generator that makes an image file, but what I really want to do is make sheets of labels in Word or Excel or something like that, and pasting in the image files would be a bit cumbersome. 20407-C3 or
  10. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    quantity of programmers required rule of thumb?

    About fifteen years ago I was the sole programmer for about 30 VMCs and a wire, but most of the work was repeat.
  11. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    quantity of programmers required rule of thumb?

    Sustainable cars, reusable rockets, and disposable workers.
  12. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    Coolant question

    Similar use case to yours here, sometimes sitting for a week or two, sometimes running 24/7 for months. Using Hangstefers S787D. I've recently started spraying my fixtures with Crown Tool and Die Saver before letting them sit.
  13. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    quantity of programmers required rule of thumb?

    Figure the ratio of time it takes to process engineer and program vs to run the lot of parts. In Ron's example above, if they run one part they need two programmers per machine. If they run ten it's one programmer to five machines. In reality you're never going to get the ratio exact, as it will be continuously fluctuating. So you have to figure whether it's worse to have machines sitting waiting for programs, or programmers with lighter than possible workloads. Here it's one programmer (me), one machine, and when long production runs give me free man-hours I do product design work. So it's probably better to have extra programmer time and have them cross-trained to pick up slack from other departments when they can.
  14. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    CAD capability in Mastercam, add mechanisms/constraints to it

    I think it would be great, but I have no delusions of it ever happening.
  15. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    How to engrave sequential serial numbers

    Problem with that is the need to manually edit to increment the serial number, change the date, etc. If you have it in a variable you can make it auto increment. You can also engrave the date and time automatically if you want.

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