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  1. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    I Need To Build A New PC

    From my experience and what I've read, a GeForce gaming card is perfectly fine, up to a certain size and complexity of part model. Above that point you need a Quadro. That said, good luck buying a halfway decent GeForce right now. The crypto miners and scalpers are buying them with bots the split second they become available, and that's even at 2X MSRP. I got a new system for programming at home a couple months ago, and found I was better off buying a complete system than building one. The video card alone would have been half the price of the whole system. Here's what I got; price has gone up $300 since I got it:
  2. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Health reaction to coolant

    Since getting a DI water system installed years ago I haven't had to use a skimmer once, and haven't replaced the coolant in two years. No scum or tramp oil, no bad smell, no skin reactions. Using Hangsterfers 5080 (formerly S-787).
  3. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Long Flute endmill

    Check with Maritool or RobbJack.
  4. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Mcam 2017 copying entities to another level

    I tried following along here but I can't figure out how to copy selected entities to the current level in 2021. Nevermind, you have to select "move" and then it gives you the option to "copy". Not intuitive.
  5. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Turn off glow highlighting?

    Found it. They moved the switch from "Screen" to "Selection" in Config.
  6. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Turn off glow highlighting?

    I'm attempting yet again to force myself to acclimate to the new interface. In 2021, how do you turn off that annoying "glow" highlighting that washes everything out and keeps you from seeing exactly what you're selecting? Thanks
  7. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Serialization macro

    It can increment, that's the easy part. I haven't been into it for a couple years, and there's a lot to wrap your head around. I recommend using NCPlot to backplot, practice using it, and make your edits to suit your purpose.
  8. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Island left with dynamic toolpath

    Or you can just use the graphical toolpath editor to add a move or two at the end.
  9. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Convert Mesh to Surfaces Chook

    I remember waiting half an hour for a flowline op on a guitar neck. And that was on a cruisin' 266MHz Pentium! Got in the habit of making ops with large stepovers and loose tolerance until I had it doing what I want, then tighten it up and take a break while it generates.
  10. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Spiralock Taps

    Threadmilling does take longer than a nice, dialed-in tapping routine, but it's much faster and easier to get going in difficult materials. Consider how much time you'd lose if you bust off a tap in the 39th hole. If you're running hundreds of the parts, it's probably worth getting a tool rep in to guide you in setting up a tap; if it's just one, just threadmill it and call it done. Worst case scenario you bust a threadmill, you just pull it out and replace it and keep going. Only way to lose the part is to overcut.
  11. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Spiralock Taps

    I threadmill all my 17-4. Just need the gauge to size it in.
  12. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    X7 install issues (win10)

    CodeMeter conflict halts X7 installation 3 Years Ago Michael Heiligmann Installation / Configuration Problem Installation of Mastercam X7 nearly finishes, then halts, and uninstalls itself with a message about an interruption in the installation. Cause A newer version of CodeMeter is installed on the system. Solution Uninstall CodeMeter, install Mastercam X7, and then install the newer CodeMeter version.
  13. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    5TH Axis Corner Rounding

    Yes, you can, but compare the cycle times.
  14. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Popcket Engraving

    If you do my second suggestion, with a contour with stepovers, you could make it a swoopy wave pattern for extra coolness.
  15. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Popcket Engraving

    You can save your toolpath as geometry from the toolpath editor. Then manually add a retract for those repositionings, then use the geometry to drive a contour operation. Or another option would be to start with a contour with lots of stepovers to cover the whole area, or a larger uninterrupted pocket, and then trim the toolpath to the boundary of the logo, selecting "keep tool up".

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