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  1. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    New Machine - Porta

    Could you fit four Brothers with automated loading in the same footprint and price?
  2. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Sandvik Surprise

    I'd love to have those to play around with, but being a small-batch prototyper I can't justify it.
  3. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Best Ways to Reduce Program Size?

    Your machine may or may not revert "G1" to "G01" on loading though.
  4. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    2D pocket milling doesn’t recognize nose radius of endmill for step over

    The "Pocket" algorithm dates from the 80's I believe. There are the "Parallel Spiral, Clean Corners" and "Constant Overlap Spiral" methods which may help. As said above, "2D Dynamic" is the modern way of doing it.
  5. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Toolpaths w "Small" Arcs

    ^^^^ What he said.
  6. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    New Machine - Porta

    I wonder how much of the purchase price is that fancy bodywork on the enclosure...
  7. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Boss Milling LOGO

    It's all about whether the move exceeds the bearing spacing or not. If not, it can push all the lube out of the way and have dry metal-on-metal rolling, causing false brinelling. I learned about this the hard way cutting .020" wide slots with a .010" endmill. 12 slots per part (indexed on a rotary so they're all in the exact same Y position), 1/2" long each, 12 parts, ruined my thrust bearings on the Y axis. Got them replaced, then next time I had to make the parts I'd cut a third of a slot, pick up, move 3" diagonal and back, then cut another third, etc. No damage since. So in my opinion, if you're dynamic milling around a part in different places, you should be fine. It's the long narrow slots along one axis that'll kill it.
  8. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Haas global variables

    Download all the programs (including 8000's and 9000's) into a folder, then use Super Finder XT or similar to search within all of them for the strings "#8" and "#9". I use it to find programs that contain a certain tool.
  9. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Carbide thru tool drill recommendations

    I've used OSG, Kennametal, Redline, Harvey, and a few others. For me the deciding factor is usually which drill I can get first, and it usually only has to make a few parts. They've all met my needs.
  10. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus


    I don't think someone slapping together their first budget CADCAM computer will be working at that level.
  11. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    .mcx9 file

    Attach your file and we'll take a look at it.
  12. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Throwing wrapped chips from endmill

    I've occasionally added a spindle reverse to thrown chips off a drill. I've also seen, but not done, having a wire brush mounted somewhere in the machine to run the tool backwards against while pulling up.
  13. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Mastercam 5 Axis

    I noticed they were taking really light "roughing" cuts with a really small tool too. Is that all the balls that machine has?
  14. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Mastercam 5 Axis

    Aside from the slots this part could be made faster and more accurately in 3 axis. The finished part shows a lot of surface imperfections due to interpolation error; it seems Haas isn't that great at live 5 yet.
  15. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus


    I've used GeForce cards many times in the past. As long as your models aren't very large and complicated they work fine. And when I say "very", I mean "very, very". Some people here (above) do work of that complexity, but it isn't that common. You'll be fine.

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