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  1. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Mastercam 2020 Cannot find Parasolid data in SOLIDWORKS file.

    This can also happen if the configuration you're trying to load has not been rebuilt. Rebuild all configurations in SW, save the file, then try loading it in Mastercam.
  2. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    2D Contour Compensation Selection

    I wonder if it would be practical to work at 1000X scale, and have your post shift the decimal place?
  3. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    2D Contour Compensation Selection

    I use stock models for this purpose, and it helps me keep track of what state the part is in as I program. This works well for my palm-of-hand sized parts, it may not be practical for very large and complex parts.
  4. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Is Mazatrol 3+2 without CAM possible?

    As said above, I could maybe see it for super simple 2.5D parts, but you'd better hope each machine operator is a whiz at Mazatrol. Just remember that each minute the operator is programming and debugging at the machine is a minute of lost production. Program it offline, run it through verification, and it's ready to go when the machine is done with the previous part.
  5. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Threadmilling problem

    Did you use the sharp pointed Harvey threadmill, or the "tipped off" one for "hard materials"? The sharp pointed ones break down much faster.
  6. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    GPO-3 Fiberglass

    I think a composite job is a perfect use for an old Prototrak with a shop vac.
  7. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Organizing toolpaths

    This might not be practical for those working on very large and complex parts, but I like to put a stock model every few operations, so I can quickly check what the part looks like at each step. Then if going back for changes I can quickly look through the stock models to see when a particular feature was machined.
  8. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Old version help--errror code

    When you reinstalled did you keep the same OS or go with something newer?
  9. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Will more ram speed up toolpath nesting?

    The pagefile is used to store memory contents when the system is out of usable RAM. Reserving RAM to use as a RAMdisk for the pagefile would be counterproductive.
  10. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Will more ram speed up toolpath nesting?

    Pretty sure Ron knows. Ah, this might be it: In X9:
  11. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Will more ram speed up toolpath nesting?

    That can change core usage priority, which can help a little, but not what I was thinking of. Perhaps one of the others here can remember how to change the amount of memory Mastercam will use. I think it's safe to say though that if the system is paging to disk while Mastercam is crunching, adding RAM will help.
  12. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Will more ram speed up toolpath nesting?

    Task Manager and Resource Monitor. Oops, sorry, though you were asking how to tell. For the change, I don't recall, it was a long time ago. Something in Mastercam's settings IIRC.
  13. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Will more ram speed up toolpath nesting?

    It might, but it might not. You should monitor how much RAM your operations are using, and if the system is paging to disk. IIRC there is a way to set Mastercam to use a larger portion of your memory before paging to disk. In my previous job of 5+ years ago, I was running a lot of memory intensive stock models, and I found that if they started paging to disk (at 32GB) that was the transition between a 15 minute regen and a multi-hour regen.
  14. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Hide the stock model (X9)

    Don't need the <Alt>, just <T>.
  15. Matthew Hajicek - Conventus

    Compensation Poll - Take the poll

    It helps people see how other people are doing things. It's nice to get out of the bubble once in a while.

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