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  1. You could always use a macro to check for offset values outside of a certain range.
  2. If the Okuma MU-4000V is too rich for you blood, consider the Okuma Genos M460V-5AX. Same quality and precision, but with fewer options, and should be head and shoulders above a Haas UMC.
  3. I manage this kind of thing in ER collets all the time, but my holders and collets are in very good shape, and I carefully clean them every single use. Harvey's suggested parameters are for cutting in a straight line; you'll be making concave scoops in those slots, which increases the engagement angle.
  4. I've always defined them as a bull, with the theoretical radius in the tool definition, but also using the accurate geometry as a custom profile. That way it calculates the toolpath as a bull, but makes the stock model accurate. Yes, the stock model takes a little longer, but not terribly.
  5. Most people charge hourly, but your client may want a quote ahead of time. The rate will, of course, depend on your skill level.
  6. We got the math chip on the old 8088 in 1981. Expanded memory card for 640K, external 20MB HDD and tape drive combo, CGA color graphics... Xerox Memory Writer was hooked up as a printer. The molds I'm doing lately are around 200 ops and pushing toward 32GB RAM on the stock models, but I'm putting all the parts for a mold in one file. Went to 64GB for some headroom.
  7. So many ways to skin that cat. Face it with a large high feed mill, side-mill it, dynamic with a smaller cutter, etc. It'll depend on the material, your machine, and the tooling you have available.
  8. Just for future reference, I cut both right and left hand threads in Ti and 17-4 H900 with standard right hand threadmills. Just need a slow entry feed if you're entering at the bottom. Also, three passes with approximately equal material cross-section, plus a skim pass.
  9. Yeah, the devil is in the details. Do you need .0005" true position from one end to the other?
  10. I don't think it would fit in my CM-1... What other MTBs is the system compatible with?
  11. You can get an AR-10 with optics for less than that.
  12. That's going to be a pretty expensive bow.
  13. Use a full radius slotting cutter and do it on a 3 axis mill. There could technically be a tiny bit of deviation from the model by the sweep of the tooth, but not enough to notice for this application. 4 axis if you want to tip over and get that sidehole in the first operation.

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