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  1. YoDoug®

    Genos M460V-5AX help needed.

    I am curious why you think Call OO88 will give better results than DFO.
  2. That is kind of what I expected to hear. I think you would end up needing to adjust the way you machine to take full advantage of the Force module.
  3. YoDoug®

    Genos M460V-5AX help needed.

    How did you activate it? Code sample?
  4. It has been a decade since I have used Vericut. When I did we were using NX with no Volumill. When we ran the programs through the vericut OptiPath module we saw big reductions in roughing times. My question is for people using Force or OptiPath now with Volumill/Dynamic style toolpaths, what kind of time savings are you seeing in real life? So often these toolpaths are running at the limit of the machines accel/decel and feedrates. Did you change your programming to better utilize the Force/OptiPath?
  5. YoDoug®

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    I am an Okuma fan. Their 5-axis tuning is top notch. Most builders will say they can do 5x checks with the probe but to make a difference the system needs to be able to apply real time comps while machining. If I was looking for a high end 5X machine any builder that wanted a chance at the sale would have to demonstrate this functionality to me to be considered.
  6. After thinking about this a little more, it sounds like the AE is not familiar with the use of the Mid-auto manual function. Where this comes into play is touching off for a zero offset. When you call a tool in MDI, the tool offset is active, but if you put the machine into manual/handle, it cancels the offset. Then if you try to touch of a part and CAL the Z, the tool offset is not accounted for. Instead, after calling the the tool you want to use to touch off with in MDI, turn on Mid-Auto Manual, leaving the control in MDI. You can handle the tool into position and CAL Z with the tool offset being accounted for.
  7. If set up properly you don't need to use a master tool. We have our LT3000 set up so we can use the numbers from our CAM software for offsets. We load the program and hit go. Essentially the machines zero is the face of the spindle. Knowing that you can calc the chucks Z position, then add you part stick out. We can measure it with a caliper if necessary, type in the number and start machining. The sub spindle machine Z is the same, from the face of the spindle. The W zero is spindle face touching spindle face. The W value you will use is the distance between spindle faces when you are at the point you want to be W=0 in your program. As for the Sub-spindle tools on the LB3000, those have to be touched off manually. Once you know the Z machine position of the chuck face it is pretty easy to touch tool off that.
  8. YoDoug®

    Okuma LB3000 EXII MYW (Y axis parameters)

    I could have sworn that would allow you to go past stroke limits. I have only used that switch for recovery or setting Y axis turning position. Thats all I have to suggest, other than calling your Okuma dist.
  9. YoDoug®

    Okuma LB3000 EXII MYW (Y axis parameters)

    There is a physical dip switch at the top of the MF-EC* board in the electrical cabinet. When turned on you will get an alarm stating "cancelling stroke end limits". This will allow you to hand wheel beyond limits. CAUTION: YOU CAN HAND WHEEL TO A POINT OF DAMAGING SOMETHING WITH THIS TURNED ON. Also make sure to move the machine back into the stroke limits before turning the switch off. On a P300L control machine this is also the switch used when resetting Y axis turning position.
  10. YoDoug®

    Face Grooving Okuma LB3000 EXII MYW

    I don't have access to IGF anymore so I can't look anything up, but I seem to remember this being related to how the offset is specified in the groove cycle.
  11. YoDoug®

    Face Grooving Okuma LB3000 EXII MYW

    There are parameters in IGF that determine whether or not the groove cycle is using one or two offsets to control width. is your groove off by one tool width?
  12. I have not tried one yet, but according to Iscar, their new cutoff tool can just about match the speeds of the Sandvik Y axis tool on a regular 2 axis lathe. https://www.iscar.com/newarticles.aspx/countryid/1/newarticleid/2992
  13. If it is a repeat job you could probably get a tool mfg to do special coatings. When I worked in OK we used Evershap Tool in Tulsa. We had them do a lot of custom coatings for testing. From what I have seen, PVD works well on high silicon aluminum.
  14. Harvey tool makes single tooth threadmills with amorphous diamond coatings for composites and other abrasive materials.

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