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  1. Mike, I was taught that you always want to start at TD=01 for main spindle and TD=07 for sub. I know when I was working with TopSolid on the 5x Multus post we saw weird things when you didn't start at TD=01. If you are not at the exact correct position of the first move in TCPC you can get weird and undesirable movements to that position. Since CAS needs to be disabled for TCPC you are not protected. I would stick always starting at TD=01 for 5x.
  2. YoDoug®


    I heard one story from a tooling rep where a shop using the ceramics couldn't figure out why their tool life was inconsistent. Turned out it was occasional drips from residual coolant in the coolant nozzles that ended up being the culprit. They ended up having to add a blow off cycle before running the ceramics.
  3. YoDoug®

    Coolant question

    We use Qualichem XC-250 here. Our machines rarely sit for more than a day so I can say about break down. We do like it. We use These filters/skimmers to keep our coolant clean. https://kellerfilters.com/products/tramp-oil-removal/
  4. That was my thought. If you are using the same tool at different rotation positions for finishing, but in a multiaxis mode you loose you separate offsets for different features of the part. One offset to rule them all doesn't work very well in tight tolerance turning.
  5. YoDoug®

    Compensation Poll - Take the poll

    I am a firm believer that when a job starts to really wear on you the best way to overcome is more compensation.
  6. YoDoug®

    ABB RobotStudio

    Yeah, about the tutorials! They make it look super easy, but they are missing about 10 crucial steps in between each to actually use the software. We had our ABB distributor come in for a couple of days and he gave me some pointers and tips in RobotStudio. Otherwise I would not have been able to use it based on their tutorials. I would suggest taking their class or other training. There is a pretty decent forum for RobotStudio/ABB.
  7. YoDoug®

    ABB RobotStudio

    I use RobotStudio, probably not anywhere near the extent of it's capabilities but I do use it. We only do machine tending with our robots so no path programming is needed. Our programs are very algorithm driven so I just write the rapid code myself. However I do use RobotStudio to simulate and do layout/reach studies. I am in the process of adding the Safemove zones in robot studio for further protection against crashes. Just being able to real time connect to the robot to check IO and even program is awesome. The code editor has predictive text and intellitype like VisualStudio or other modern programming IDE's.
  8. I understand the reasoning for the cutter. The forces are towards the solid body making it stronger. However, instead of positioning in X and cutting in Y, couldn't they just reorient the blade so you position in Y and cut in X? Especially in MT machines with lots of Y travel.
  9. YoDoug®

    Export points as Vectors?

    I do not use Mcam anymore so I can't help you get the post but to help clarify what you are looking for I have a few questions. A fixed point in space does not have vector information by itself. Are the points you are wanting extract on a surface that can use the normal as vector definition? Also, The code sample you show has X,Y,Z,0,0,0,0, I am assuming this quaternions for vector definition? I know there are posts that can output Euler angles normal to surface for points for 3D comp, I am sure it could be converted into quaternions.
  10. I did not look over your code, but short answer, yes it can be used with probing. I helped a customer with a casting that required cross features of a cast bore to be controlled to the center line of the cast bore. We probed the bore for XYZ at B0 then used the rotation macro to update the work offset for B90 cross work.
  11. YoDoug®

    Lathe Dynamic Turning

    Word of caution when planning on using dynamic turning. Check the back clearance angles of the inserts you plan to use. If your feedrate is high enough and the back angle is minimal you can get a condition where you are pushing material with the face of the insert in addition to the cutting face. this will "pop" and insert quickly. That is why threading tools for fast pitch threads actually tilt the insert.
  12. Set your post or programs to force the X and Y position of the first drilling location in the G81 (or other) canned cycle call line. That way if the machine ran out of travel in the G0 positioning move it will alarm on the G81 call versus drilling in the wrong location.
  13. Todd, you are correct in your comments. The XMPS will be a number very close to 0 and the ZMPS will be about half the table size in inches. Also if you do prefer to program to the center of the table there is a document that explains setting the Z0 to the center of the table. It simplifies work offsets as they should be close to 0 for X and Z after making the changes. Your Okuma dist should be able to get you a copy of the document if interested.
  14. YoDoug®

    RS-232 printing. Okuma OSP-300MA

    What type of printer are you planning to use, Do you have one that will take serial data and print it. I have never done that before. I have always output to a file and then printed the file if you want a paper copy.
  15. YoDoug®

    RS-232 printing. Okuma OSP-300MA

    What are you trying to print. Are you needing serial communication to another device or are you just wanting to collect data in a text or CSV file?

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