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  1. I think a lot of it depends on the quality of machine. If you are talking a high end Japanese machine with high quality mechanical components and top notch servos for smooth motion, then you should be fine. If you are talking a cheap machine, those are not built to last regardless of how you use them.
  2. We just bought a new laptop to go with our Romer arm. It is running Mastercam/Versurf 2018. The laptop has a 4K screen. All of the icons are ridiculously small, even if we set the resolution smaller. Any ideas?
  3. YoDoug®

    Haas question

    That is the one I was thinking of.
  4. YoDoug®

    Haas question

    It's been a long time since I ran a has but I seem to remember there being a parameter that locks the ability to restart in the middle of a program.
  5. The control should be taking a backup when shut down. There is a battery backup if needed. If the backup isn't successful, on the next startup you will get a warning "last time backup missed". I would suspect you have a software issue, but it could be other.
  6. YoDoug®

    Mill-Turn Machine Recommendation

    Our parts are 99% face milling of patterned features so the slant Y works OK for us. If we had a broader mix of parts I would go with the U series. We are working on a new product line that when finished will need a Multus U or Nak NTRX for production. Those are the two machine I would buy with a true Y.
  7. YoDoug®

    Mill-Turn Machine Recommendation

    We have a Multus B300II and in two weeks a B250II will be showing up. We run lights out, robot fed. We have a few parts that have +/-.0005 bores in Aluminum. We can set the first piece just slightly above nominal and let in run 100+ parts over night. In the morning when we check parts we usually see about .0003-.0005 max variation in bore size. We also have an Okuma LT3000 twin spindle/twin turret that holds similar tolerance all day.
  8. YoDoug®

    Haas blew up again

    I haven't touched a Haas for almost a decade, but at the last place I worked that had them we had 5 VMC with high pressure through coolant. We ran 20+ hours a day at high rpm, often with through coolant. We replaced a spindle about every 6 months. Two to three years was the life we came to expect from each spindle. Most of the time it was bearing failure. A few times it was the cheap rotary unions starting to leak coolant into the spindle housing.
  9. YoDoug®

    FastTrack Barcodes?

    I use this label printer ($90.00); https://www.amazon.com/DYMO-LabelWriter-Thermal-Printer-1752264/dp/B0027JBLV4/ref=sr_1_3?crid=POBSRLAYOW7S&keywords=dymo+labelwriter+450&qid=1555948998&s=gateway&sprefix=dymo%2Caps%2C170&sr=8-3 Their printing software lets you build your own templates. I have mine set to import the data from our master setup excel spreadsheet. I just pick the row I want and hit print. It automatically generates the barcodes. We then pass the sticker to the saw operator. When the material is cut the sticker goes with to the machine. Then the operator just uses the USB wireless barcode reader attached to the control to pull up the correct program. Sticker sample below;
  10. YoDoug®

    Machine monitoring

    I could imagine that sometime in the next year or so we will get tablets at the machines to track different down times and quality.
  11. YoDoug®

    Machine monitoring

    We currently don't have an ERP system. We have a SKUvault account that tracks inventory/sales, but not a full blown ERP. We have a giant Excel spreadsheet that pulls from SKUvault. That is what we use to drive production. Short term we are working on being able to pull a smaller CSV from the master spreadsheet to automatically generate orders in the Fastems FMS. Long term we have been shopping for an ERP system, but we are finding there are not a lot designed for small companies. They all seem to be designed for giant corporations and full of features we don't need.
  12. We started a subscription to Scytec for machine monitoring about 2 months ago. So far we are pleased. We have set usage targets based on our sales history and we can easily see if we are running enough parts to keep up. We can also look back at the history of part numbers, quantities, etc. I find it helpful to be able to look back at the last time we ran a part and see how many and when it was. Below is a screenshot of last month for our two lathes. We need to hit about 65%-75% in cycle to keep up. We don't track specific down times or quality as of now. Anybody else using this type of data collection and what else do you find valuable data wise?
  13. YoDoug®

    Arumatik block length

    That doesn't seem right, 5 axis moves with X**.**** for each axis is 40 characters.
  14. YoDoug®

    Right Angle Probing

    Is the slot size consistent and can you spare a little extra stock on the ends? If so you could cut the part .2 long on each end, mill the extra .2 down until you are into the slot, then probe the bottom and sides of the slot.
  15. YoDoug®

    CAT40 holder on lathe

    Why not go with Capto? You should be able to find what you want off the shelf and a C6 is a stronger connection than a CAT40.

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