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  1. If it is a repeat job you could probably get a tool mfg to do special coatings. When I worked in OK we used Evershap Tool in Tulsa. We had them do a lot of custom coatings for testing. From what I have seen, PVD works well on high silicon aluminum.
  2. Harvey tool makes single tooth threadmills with amorphous diamond coatings for composites and other abrasive materials.
  3. YoDoug®

    DMG/MORI 3rd party service

    The rumor in the machine tool dist world is Mori is a billion dollars in debt and in serious trouble. I don't know if that is true or not but I have heard it from several different sources. I do know that in our area I have heard recent stories of people getting a machine delivered but having to wait 2-3 months to get in installed.
  4. You can bar feed irregular shapes with a special spindle liner, providing it is a shape that can be chucked on.
  5. We were not happy to see that price but that machine needs to run all the time to make our production requirements so we had to eat the cost for a spare set.
  6. We run all aluminum, mostly easy tolerance. Chip management was the biggest hurdle to lights out mfg. We tried at least 10 different insert styles for finishing. In the end it is a very specific combo of insert and coolant pressure/delivery type that works for us. We can take a .005" deep finish cut at 3000 rpm on a 2-6" diameter piece and .002 ipr with the chips breaking into a fines.
  7. We have an Okuma LT3000ex. Twin turret/twin spindle. 3" through bore. We have an ABB robot feeding it. It runs on average 65% of the time 24/7. Absolutely awesome thermal comp. We can run for 24 hrs unattended and hold +/-.0005 bores without issue. The only issue we have had so far is we had a part that made 7-10" long tight spiral chips jam up the lower turret cover. I took them apart and pounded them back to working condition but they still leak a little so we ordered a new set ($7000). Other than that the machine has been awesome. Below is an in-cycle summary from our data collection software from 4/1 to today.
  8. YoDoug®

    High level training

    I don't know as I did not schedule or issue the PO.
  9. YoDoug®

    High level training

    If you are looking to send someone to Okuma training I would recommend here, specifically the Multus U training. https://www.yorktech.edu/CNC-Operation/ https://www.yorktech.edu/uploadedFiles/Pages/Programs_and_Classes/Workforce_and_Corporate_Training/_content/XMTT-509Syllabus_May2017.pdf
  10. YoDoug®

    High level training

    We have been training them on the machines ourselves. We sent the lathe programmer to TS and have been training him here as well. The Mill programmer is supposed to go to TS next month.
  11. We just recently switched over from a solid 3/4 endmill to the cutter below for a bunch of our 6061 plate roughing. We were able to reduce cycle time with 3-4kW less spindle power usage. The fixture has mightee bites that only grab .08" of the part so we need a free-er cutting tool to be able to bump up MMR. So far it is working great. http://www.iscar.com/eCatalog/item.aspx?cat=3106629&fnum=3372&mapp=ML&app=59&GFSTYP=I&isoD=1
  12. YoDoug®

    High level training

    Back to the original topic, we recently added two new employees. We needed a couple of people with both setup and programming experience. We were not able to find what we were looking for. We did however find two guys with good setup and machining experience (10+ years each). Both live local to us but were driving up to the cities for work. We hired them both with the promise of getting them to training to start programming. So far we have only sent the lathe guy. He is doing very well for never having used CAM software. He programs out LT3000 twin turret/twin spindle and our Multus machines with very little help from me. He still has the occasional issue that gets him stuck but he can ask me for help when he needs it. The mill guy will go next to training. I do not know all of the details of what it took the boss to get them both to come on board, but I can say we are pleased with their performance to date and look forward to helping them grow in the opportunity that is in front of them.
  13. YoDoug®

    High level training

    That is the difficulty. They can be hard to find and you need to be able to entice them away from their current gig. Usually that means $$$. I loved my job at the distributor, but in the end I wanted 2 things to make a jump, the chance to build robot cells and more $$$. My current job hits both.
  14. YoDoug®

    High level training

    Door to door from my house to your plant is about 20 minutes and it's a nice easy drive. I wish I had some free time to help you guys out but I have two robot cells to finish building this summer. In the fall I may have more time if you still need the help.
  15. YoDoug®

    High level training

    The other issue a lot of times is that unless the dealer gets one on their floor for a while or the AE's get to do a big turnkey, they often have very little time on the machines. You sell machine, install, train for a few days to week, then move on to the next project.

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