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  1. YoDoug®

    HSM pack

    Years ago, a version or two before Mastercam came out with Dynamic we had it where I was working at the time. The HSM toolpaths were awesome. We also saw that the regular 3D toolpaths calculated faster and gave us better finish than Mastercams 3d Toolpaths. A few Mastercam versions later the difference was minimal.
  2. YoDoug®

    Okuma Schedule, Program Source alarm 2612?

    That alarm is saying it can't find the file. It would be a different alarm if it were a memory issue.
  3. YoDoug®

    Zero Point System

    We use Schunk VERO-S in our mills for robot loading of pallets. The vertical mill has 24"*14" pallets with 6 vERO-S modules. The 5x VMC has 18"*14" or 14"*14" pallets with 4 VERO-S modules. They have been in production 24/7 for the last 6 months. No issues so far.
  4. One big thing to consider is the quality of tool paths and options available in CAM software versus IGF. Tool paths to take advantage of multi-function groove tools, Prime turning, etc. You also have a lot more control over finishing tool paths and blending in a CAM software.
  5. Do you have the standard Okuma HiCut or did you spring for SuperNurbs high speed? If you only have HiCut you can still get the machine to move crazy fast but it requires a little more finesse. With HiCut I open the tolerances for for roughing to get the fastest movements in-between cuts when using dynamic. I also set the loop size a little bigger to make the machine move smoother. If I set the CAM tolerance to .01" and the machine tolerance to .01", I will leave .04 stock to be safe. Otherwise you can end up cutting corners. The commands to change high speed tolerance dynamically are G131 on/G130 off. There are also parameters to specify in the G131 line, E=tolerance, F=max speed, J= mode (1 or 0 for prioritizing speed or accuracy). As far as speed and feed. I normally start at 12000-14000 RPM in our MB5000 depending on the tool. A lot the final RPM is determined by listening to the sound and adjusting. Small RPM changes can drastically effect the harmonics. For feed I use the Helical milling adviser. https://map.harveyperformance.com/#/tool/null/null Below is a link to a demo video I did a while back. The same HiCut/Dynamic settings as mentioned above. 1045cr steel in that demo.
  6. Sorry, I do not have any macro of that type.
  7. YoDoug®

    CAMplete TurnMill

    Our local Okuma dealer here has an Okuma LT3000 3T3MY in stock that they keep asking if we would be interested because we have a 2TMY. My guess is at this point you could get it for a good deal. Wouldn't change your issue with programming though. We use TopSolid to program ours. I know they can also handle the three turret version as well.
  8. YoDoug®

    Genos M460V-5AX help needed.

    I am curious why you think Call OO88 will give better results than DFO.
  9. That is kind of what I expected to hear. I think you would end up needing to adjust the way you machine to take full advantage of the Force module.
  10. YoDoug®

    Genos M460V-5AX help needed.

    How did you activate it? Code sample?
  11. It has been a decade since I have used Vericut. When I did we were using NX with no Volumill. When we ran the programs through the vericut OptiPath module we saw big reductions in roughing times. My question is for people using Force or OptiPath now with Volumill/Dynamic style toolpaths, what kind of time savings are you seeing in real life? So often these toolpaths are running at the limit of the machines accel/decel and feedrates. Did you change your programming to better utilize the Force/OptiPath?
  12. YoDoug®

    Matsuura or Mitsui for Aerospace CNC

    I am an Okuma fan. Their 5-axis tuning is top notch. Most builders will say they can do 5x checks with the probe but to make a difference the system needs to be able to apply real time comps while machining. If I was looking for a high end 5X machine any builder that wanted a chance at the sale would have to demonstrate this functionality to me to be considered.
  13. After thinking about this a little more, it sounds like the AE is not familiar with the use of the Mid-auto manual function. Where this comes into play is touching off for a zero offset. When you call a tool in MDI, the tool offset is active, but if you put the machine into manual/handle, it cancels the offset. Then if you try to touch of a part and CAL the Z, the tool offset is not accounted for. Instead, after calling the the tool you want to use to touch off with in MDI, turn on Mid-Auto Manual, leaving the control in MDI. You can handle the tool into position and CAL Z with the tool offset being accounted for.
  14. If set up properly you don't need to use a master tool. We have our LT3000 set up so we can use the numbers from our CAM software for offsets. We load the program and hit go. Essentially the machines zero is the face of the spindle. Knowing that you can calc the chucks Z position, then add you part stick out. We can measure it with a caliper if necessary, type in the number and start machining. The sub spindle machine Z is the same, from the face of the spindle. The W zero is spindle face touching spindle face. The W value you will use is the distance between spindle faces when you are at the point you want to be W=0 in your program. As for the Sub-spindle tools on the LB3000, those have to be touched off manually. Once you know the Z machine position of the chuck face it is pretty easy to touch tool off that.

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