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  1. i have no problem converting solidworks/ sld.prt in Mastercam on my seat. We downloaded and installed 3 updates for MC18 on My coworkers seat on different computer.....,, opens up nothing after converting....... Not even an error message. Nothing shows up on the screen. weird... Halloween is over.
  2. mike561h

    Where did defaults go - To set OPS

    https://www.inhousesolutions.com/2016/08/changing-toolpath-parameter-defaults-mastercam-2017/ I guess this is the answer . please advise ty
  3. Just wondering where defaults went in config to set operations ie.... contour, drill etc...them . We use the same settings alot. I used to setup in X10 the defaults with tools peck etc...cant find it in config Thanks mike
  4. I checked the code and the 1/4 inch tool that finishes the first part then starts the next part has no break in op. I want a tool change there. And i want it now!!!
  5. any help much appreciate the link i had was old
  6. just doing a simple pocket on a step -.02 deep to hold .001 flatness etc... could be software problem. look at the tool path. using 3/32 em weird.. setting are all good using morph takes longer...
  7. mike561h

    setting dynamic plane

    i tried and i like it...
  8. mike561h

    setting dynamic plane

    when i flip a part over 180 bottom plane. sometimes i need Z to be on top. I make a dynamic plane. I place the plane on xyz Zero. And just use the ruler that pops up and it usually will go to the thickness of the plate. I have done manually. Anyone have a easy way. ty
  9. i hate upgrading to new versions it sucks. linking parameters the damn incremental is locked on. also in facing and pocketing there is a .05 left on. I want 0 every time i use. they think they make it easier but they just cause more bs . you can make a mistake its bull.
  10. where can i find link to download ty
  11. WE upgraded to solid works 2018. Error message when trying to convert. This from Trevor, make sure you have all the updates for 2018. having updated sim codes will not fix this. the last file you sent me, i opened with no issues. that is the only thing that could be different on our systems. i am in chicago training this week. you can either give our corporate office a call or post on one of the mastercam forums. i am leading towards have all 3 updates installed, will fix your problem. where can i get all updates. He sent a LINK last week. Said it updated to 2017 to 2018. One hasp code said it updated . Thanks
  12. mike561h

    metric tap calulations

    yea i put in .1181 into tool diameter and set rpm to 500 and the correct feed was applied.....
  13. mike561h

    metric tap calulations

    thanks, if i were to walk into a shop and do a test i would fail. why i forgot this simple calc is on me. 2 more years of this and im done retired.... maybe my brain does not want to think anymore. i look at parts i have done over the past 35 years and a lot of times i wonder how i did that.... if the guy gets you good parts in spec and is a dumb xxxx so what. its the end product that counts... dont count the lady with the glass eye and wooden leg out. She might surprise you...
  14. mike561h

    metric tap calulations

    Question is with haas in english mode and program in english will this work?? I'm having a vapor lock on my brain--- 3x ,03937=.11811 x s100 =Feed 15.00 i was putting rpm 500 x .11811= 59 feed did i miss something on RPM damn!!! Haas VF2 programming in English Thank You

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