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  1. when you choose corners. i used to pick select intersection if you got a big fillet on the corners. they hid it or its a bug.. my drop down does not have this selection
  2. mike561h

    Tool swirls in corners on contour cut

    I analyzed the chain thorough and had it fix problem areas under .01.. It did show 10 areas. So i joined the chains to fix bypass the problem areas and it worked fine. You are correct. The green horn engineer had some bad geometry.... ...
  3. mike561h

    Tool swirls in corners on contour cut

    tolerances are the same in config
  4. mike561h

    Tool swirls in corners on contour cut

    we just tested his seat and sent it to the machine with swirling in corners... We ran it to cut air no swirling. But yet it swirls on his graphic run and backplot The broken chains are a different issue.. The chains are closed for the swirling problem.. The broken chains occur when part is copied to another level or we bring a part into 2020 from 2017 or 2018 versions.
  5. I have not seen or had this problem. But my coworkers seat is acting weird. A simple .02 deep cut on a square internal contour cut with a 1/4 in endmill the endmill swirls in the corners. I have never put a dimension in the internal corner rounding radius area. When i put .125 it did not do it on the graphic run anymore. He followed with a 3/32 to clean up step to size and it also showed swirls in the corners. He ran the part and it did not swirl in the corners. So i look at the graphic run on the screen and it was swirling.. So ii put .048 in the internal corner rounding radius area and it did not swirl in corners. WEIRD>>> please advise.. Also we are still having problemd with broken chains when we load a new part we have run before. So we have to go fix the chains. It has to be a bug in MASTERCAM
  6. This has happened to me and coworkers. You will copy part to another level. For some reason the chain breaks/disappears .... part of the geometry goes away in the main level. Its an easy fix but a pain in the butt when it happens to more than one chain. It does not show up has a red X on that op when this happens. When you run verify you can see where the chains are gone. When your in translucent you can see the missing parts of the chain.
  7. parameters.....linking parameters .. you know absolute vs incremental.. every time the company loads the new VERSION because of the annual maintenance it jacks my stuff everytime. I had my tools speeds and feeds set etc.... it used to be in config... ty
  8. I got 2020 running and posting correct with our Company post in machine group properties and control on my pc. On our other PC the Company post is correct In Machine but in Control its a default MPFAN post. Im trying to get our post into Control. Maybe I got lucky on my pc but I cant get it to go in Control in the other pC. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. upgraded to 2020 . where can I change stock color in verify.. collision color is red. but my stock is red...too ty
  10. mike561h

    Is there a way around Solidworks and Mastercam

    they only put SLD.PRTS on the agile network.
  11. So the Engineering guys upgraded again to solidworks 2019. I use Mastercam 2018. I do not want to update to 2019 right now because its kinda screws thing up. setting etc... A new part was put in agile so i grab it and NADA, nothing shows up on the screen.. I had to have them send me a parasolid. Why make it so hard. I assume unless you match the current level of solidworks with Mastercam you cannot convert a sldprt. what a mess... any ways around this thanks.
  12. mike561h

    Create a Tool List- Its Monday Blues- help!!!

    figured it out .....
  13. I have done it before. i have my own tool list but coworker wants his on another computer... Its Monday and I cant think. I know you make your name your tool list in machine definition where the tool list are. And i know you save your tools to the new tool list. But im vapor locked on where to get to the folder to create a new tool list. ty
  14. mike561h

    Cannot post OP1-

    copied group , regenerated and it worked. deleted original group. its haunted....
  15. mike561h

    Cannot post OP1-

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