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  1. mike561h

    Cannot post OP1-

    copied group , regenerated and it worked. deleted original group. its haunted....
  2. mike561h

    Cannot post OP1-

  3. mike561h

    Cannot post OP1-

  4. mike561h

    Cannot post OP1-

    When i try and post OP1 tool group the window comes up and i click okay and nothing happens. No code.... I go to OP2 tool group and it posts no problem.. please advise ty
  5. the tool group or machine group. ie.. fixture drill then main program etc... ty
  6. Trevor fixed it in house... All is good. Great Job!!! Its above my Taco Tech level...
  7. we upgraded to solidworks 2018 last year
  8. The video card is AMD Radeon HD 8570 Graphics card. I have the same in my station and I have no problems with converting Solids works 2018 sldprt file into MC18 thanks,
  9. sent you a email with phone
  10. ill check it out thanks.
  11. emailed trevor and he thinks its the video card. but its the same card in my computer and i have no problems. any help will be appreciated.
  12. mike561h

    alloy 42 drilling

    the holes are .200 deep.. I did the Kovar part and it was not to bad.. but the alloy42 was killer on drills ill check these out.... thanks
  13. mike561h

    alloy 42 drilling

    Its some nasty stuff. 304 on steroids.. Anyone have any experience drilling .052 diameter etc.... We are using HSS drills.. I did notice coolant just font work. better luck with oil. they recommend 30 to 70 SFM..... pecking .015 thanks.
  14. i have no problem converting solidworks/ sld.prt in Mastercam on my seat. We downloaded and installed 3 updates for MC18 on My coworkers seat on different computer.....,, opens up nothing after converting....... Not even an error message. Nothing shows up on the screen. weird... Halloween is over.
  15. mike561h

    Where did defaults go - To set OPS

    https://www.inhousesolutions.com/2016/08/changing-toolpath-parameter-defaults-mastercam-2017/ I guess this is the answer . please advise ty

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