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  1. I fixed it. I had to regen the page.
  2. How come I get a “problem reacting to this comment” error if I try to like or haha. Should I be using a different outline format?
  3. Nope. Wants somebody to make it good for him. Then call them names. Must have come from the Gibbs forum...
  4. The flaw is thinking that any cam system has specific posts right out of the box for a machine 20 years behind the times. You did buy a post specific for your machine, right?
  5. Why would to not want a post catered to EXACTLY how you want a tool change to happen. This is a simple post mod, and You never have to worry about it again. It’s not a hack. It’s having a cam system do exactly what you want it to do.
  6. What are you looking for? how bout: M0 (GO GET MANUEL) (MANUEL - LOAD TOOL #4) You could easily do this with a MANUEL ENTRY.
  7. All you see with returning the userdomain environment variable is the NETBIOS domain name. Check the %userdnsdomain% to see the DNS domain. This will show you the fqdn suffix. The mode 2 "NameSamCompatible" result in the MP query is for backwards compatibility to NT4.0, Win 95/98 environments. The fact that mode 9 "NameDnsDomain" doesn't return tells me there is an issue with the top level domain suffix, or you are really in a workgroup, not domain. You can go into control panel -> System and see the Domain and suffix as it is connected.
  8. That is what I would expect to see from Jeremy. That is why he is only getting the output for mode 2, IMO. Then, the only way would be to parse the user name out of the local SAM name, or create a domain controller to handle naming conventions. Edit: or to join an existing domain.
  9. run this in a command prompt: whoami /fqdn What does it return?
  10. Zoober

    Makino A-61nx Horizontal Post from MPMaster

    Yes, we have Misc reals set up for SGI. M255 is default if we don't enter a value. That way we can control for every op. This is for our Pro 3. Pro 5 uses different values. Still in the M250's, but different.
  11. Zoober

    Makino A-61nx Horizontal Post from MPMaster

    We turn the spindle on the same for a rigid tap as any tool, then handle the M135 in PTAP. Here is my PTAP postblock for my makino: ptap$ #Canned Tap Cycle pdrlcommonb #RH/LH based on spindle direction if rigid_tap, pbld, n$, "M135", *speed e$ #Rigid Tapping if use_pitch = 0, [ pcan1, pbld, n$, *sgdrlref, *sgdrill, pdrlxy, pfzout, pcout, pindexdrl, prdrlout, *feed, strcantext, e$ ] else, [ if met_tool$, pitch = n_tap_thds$ # Tap pitch (mm per thread) else, pitch = 1/n_tap_thds$ # Tap pitch (inches per thread) pcan1, pbld, n$, *sgdrlref, *sgdrill, pdrlxy, pfzout, pcout, pindexdrl, prdrlout, *speed, *feed, !feed, strcantext, e$ ] pcom_movea Gives this output: N530T53 (10-32 CUTTING TAP) M6 M11 G0G54.1P1G90B0X-1.0824Y-5.4004S1600M3 M10 M255 M8 M26 G43Z8.H1 T126 (TAP 10-32 HOLES) G0G90 M135S1600 G84Z7.135R7.685F50. X1.1876 X3.4576 Y-6.6004 X1.1876 X-1.0824 G80Z8. ............
  12. Zoober

    Makino A-61nx Horizontal Post from MPMaster

    Our A61's don't use M29. They use M135. They are Pro 3. But same with our F5 with Pro 5. That is how our post works too. Have never had issues. This is from the book.
  13. Zoober

    Machine Simulator

    This was all well before he left. in 2013. But I'm pretty sure he didn't direct the individual to save the sim session and upload to You tube. But who is Partmaker's CEO (or AD's now), makes no difference. The policy is set. We do not allow any proprietary info out the door for support purposes.
  14. Zoober

    Machine Simulator

    By the way, we actually have integrated thing into our Swiss machines that Star actually now offers as options (with permission and still our IP). There is simply no post or machine sim in existence that handles that. But we can. Again, because our software supports user configurations via nethook, post, or whatever means. That is not possible in psb or other locked stuff.
  15. Zoober

    Machine Simulator

    Don't know the final extent of it. My last communications were with Hannan Fishman, PartMaker's CEO before it was handed off to higher pay grades than mine.

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