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  1. Henry

    Solid thicken and Electrodes.

    Matt is correct:do not scale. And against lying tool diameter is if you use 5axis.If only 3D and no rotating electrode, then you can use lyi tool diameter and corner radius. And use bullnose endmills when possible.
  2. Henry

    Rotate C to 0

    No I'm not using somekind of original Heidenhain post.Just trying to modify "Generic Fanuc 5X Mill.pst" for 3+2 axis. Josh, is your 3+2 post working correctly if using bottom WCS and some other toolplane?
  3. Henry

    Rotate C to 0

    "frc_cinit" is 1. But there is no toolchange with new operation. What else will switch on B0°C0°?
  4. Henry

    Rotate C to 0

    Hello, what setting in "Generic Fanuc 5X Mill.pst" must be changed to get C-axis rotate back to C0°? First operation has B-90° C180° and next should be B0°C0°.But instead it uses fastest way by rotating toolplane C180°. Code right now: 8 L B-90. C180. F5000 9 CYCL DEF 19.0 WORKING PLANE 10 CYCL DEF 19.1 B-90. C180. 11 L X-5. Y+10. FMAX 12 L Z+100. FMAX 13 L Z+10. FMAX 14 L Y-10. Z+10. F4333.4 15 L Z+100. FMAX 16 L Z+490 FMAX M91 17 L B0. C180. F5000 18 CYCL DEF 19.0 WORKING PLANE 19 CYCL DEF 19.1 B0. C180. 20 L X+28.386 Y+25. Z+100. FMAX Code should like: 18 CYCL DEF 19.0 WORKING PLANE 19 CYCL DEF 19.1 B0. C0. 20 L X-28.386 Y-25. Z+100. FMAX
  5. Henry

    What Size Monitor are you using?

    Single Syncmaster 244T at 1920x1600
  6. Henry

    X+ renumber/rename

    Hei, let me first thank Günther for outstanding job giving us X+. But I miss X+ possibility to renumber by groups and thats why I'm not using renumber/rename in X3. Or is it possible?
  7. Henry

    Electrode Mfg. Poll

    By cheating tool diameter you can get long if you only use 3 axis milling .With 5 axis you can't but have to use negative stock.We try to avoid ballmills as much as possible.They have zero cutting speed and two cutting edges at center only,you know.And that center wears out very quickly.Every trode has box at the bottom for center verification and for length measuring.Also with two chamfers so EDM guy doesn't machine trode rotated wrong position.
  8. Henry

    O/T tony g?? sworks and trode

    chip, Please don't use scale for trodes because you get different spark gaps. Search this forum for proper way.
  9. Henry


    Roger, Thats not correct approach to compensate spark gap.You have to lie cutter diameter minus 2GAPS and cutter corner radius minus 1GAP
  10. Henry

    HAAS and Cincinatty Vmc. , help ,PLZ !

    Arrow 500(A2100) from year 96 is best uptime machine I've seen.Ok,it was mostly trodes but still.Now doing steel it needs some calibrating.
  11. Henry

    Drilling out pocket

    Have anybody tried subject?How can you create overlapping drilling points for complete pocket? Does this feature exist in Mastercam?Or in some other CAM? Regards, Henry
  12. Henry

    Heidenhain Question

    Using Q for feedrate is something I want to do too.But how do you separate plunging feedrate and cutting feedrate in postprocessor? I'm already using toolnumber and spindlespeed values through Q. Regards, Henry
  13. Henry


    We evaluated CoCreate for plastic injection mold design and it didn't qualify.It had problems with coincident tolerance with imported models and isn't easy to learn. Regards, Henry
  14. Henry

    Postprocessor help

    Roger, Many many great thanks.This is what can called as service. Now if I Only could tweak it little more to not output M112 T-0.999 with contour toolpath or maybe we will disallow it from it. Regards, Henry
  15. Henry

    Postprocessor help

    Roger, Seems that prmcode 10204 is not reflecting correct cut tolerance.Just try to postprocess at least two operations with different cut tolerances and you'll notice that prmcode 10204 in NCI only holds tolerance from first operation. Please let us know if you have it same way.

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