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  1. 88Matt

    Broaching in mill

    Try the little used plunge mill path.
  2. 88Matt

    Titanium cutting

    What type of Ti is it? S&F will depend on it I've found. 6Al4V vs 6Al6V for instance.
  3. 88Matt

    Updating EDM

    Turn and burn. 4-axis no-core. I would also like to see an easier interface for anything other that basic 2d. I have some parts that require a lot of model manipulation to get geometry to run 4-axis. I still have to do a lot of customizing the g-code after posting for my Charmilles.
  4. 88Matt

    Updating EDM

    I asked about that years ago. Charmilles played around with it and there was an add-on at one time that did just that. I was told it didn't take off because of efficiency though.
  5. 88Matt

    Updating EDM

    I know that wire has always taken a backseat to mill and lathe. After seeing what ***** can do, I was hoping that CNC Software might finally try to catch up. While ****** can do some pretty cool stuff, it is not very user friendly when transferring from MC.
  6. 88Matt

    help with a VERY deep pocket

    Correct. We actually keep endmills on hand already relieved and can run over to the Monoset if not.
  7. 88Matt

    Updating EDM

    Any rumors on WEDM finally getting updated? I know it's probably a long shot, but I thought I'd see if anyone has any info. Thanks
  8. 88Matt

    help with a VERY deep pocket

    I know this is a couple months old, but next time you might try using the old plunge milling method if you still can't us a WEDM. With a small stepover you can get a good surface finish with little to no taper; similar to chop grinding on a jig grinder.
  9. 88Matt

    Forcing arcs into line segments for better accuracy?

    I have had issues with inspection scanning profiles and giving bad data on small arcs. On one part they used a 1/2mm ruby to scan a profile with an .011 inch radius and a .0003 inch all around profile tol and said I was out at in two spots. Well, the center of the probe tip was whipping a .001 inch arc and which has the same effect as with an endmill. After chasing my tail for four weeks, they finally switch to a smaller (.2mm) tip, took measured points and voila, wouldn't you know the parts were good all along.
  10. 88Matt

    Forcing arcs into line segments for better accuracy?

    You should be able to hold .005 profile easily. The little tricks mentioned are for when your splitting tenths. Looks to me like the machine needs looked at. When was the last time it was checked (ballbar, laser,etc.)? What were the specs?
  11. 88Matt

    Machsim MCAM2020

    My kids were shocked to learn their generation didn't invent the circle game.
  12. I seems that MC has gotten a little worse with each generation on its ability to handle splines.
  13. 88Matt

    DATUM QUESTION for Faro Arm Inspection/Verisurf

    You might try locking Y on hole B and x on hole C.
  14. 88Matt

    Compensation Poll - Take the poll

    Wear on mill. Off and CONTROL for wire.
  15. 88Matt

    Verisurf stress error

    My FARO arm quit on me and now has a "end stop/stress warning" during cal. FARO tech support wants me to clear it Verisurf through the Hardware Device setup, but we can't find it. Any Verisurf guru help would be greatly appreciated.

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