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  1. 88Matt

    DATUM QUESTION for Faro Arm Inspection/Verisurf

    You might try locking Y on hole B and x on hole C.
  2. 88Matt

    Compensation Poll - Take the poll

    Wear on mill. Off and CONTROL for wire.
  3. 88Matt

    Verisurf stress error

    My FARO arm quit on me and now has a "end stop/stress warning" during cal. FARO tech support wants me to clear it Verisurf through the Hardware Device setup, but we can't find it. Any Verisurf guru help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. 88Matt

    Multi axis drilling from ID

    If you just use lines, it depends on which half of the line you pick on the direction of the vector.
  5. 88Matt

    Never Thread Milled Before

    double post...
  6. 88Matt

    Never Thread Milled Before

    Make sure and use this formula for your chipload and save yourself A LOT of headaches. ipt (holedia - cutterdia) / holedia When you have to put a 2 1/2-4 thread 2 inches deep in a solid block of unknown steel that is 68HRC, thread milling is a better than burning it.
  7. 88Matt

    No key map or RMB after power outage.

    Do you have another 'puter available? Are you on a network or standalone. Swap out the keyboard and mouse. Try using your config on another system. Need to isolate if it is a hardware or software issue.
  8. Anyone here use it for molds? How much do you have to alter your gen settings to cut it and hold tenths?
  9. 88Matt

    wire edm

    When is Wire going to be updated? It is WAY overdo...
  10. It all depends on what part of the country you're in.
  11. 88Matt

    Opine on facemilling 7075

    Thanks, for the info on the AXD. I'll look into the Sandviks as well. I really like the idea of dialing in each insert. The plates are to warped to use tape, plus it would be a PITA with the number of plates I have to do. I'm limited to a 2"Ø, or I would try a fly cutter. I am going to try taking two inserts out of my current cutter today and see what happens.
  12. 88Matt

    Opine on facemilling 7075

    The material is speced by the customer for reasons I can't discuss here. I requested it to come in ground but obviously I didn't get it. So like always, "just make it work...yesterday." The first batch was .75 thick and I used Mitee Bite step clamps for holding with a 2 inch seco octomill and f15m inserts to cut, it's what is currently available in the shop. Some of the plates required flipping a few times, other didn't. Vibration has really been the enemy I've been fighting and keeping it in a reasonable cycle time. Only shaving what is needed to flatten one side in a free state before flipping and bolting down. Kind of been looking at the Mitsubishi's AXD series. Anyone use them or like it? I'll look at the AB Tool shear hog. Thanks for the input.
  13. I have some 7075-T6 half inch sheets two foot square I am holding close to free state and need to flatten within .001in. Looking for the best facemill and inserts for cutting it. Please opine. Thanks
  14. 88Matt

    5 axis pencil

    There are 2 radii, .25mm & .5mm. I've never used that feature. I'll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks for all the tips and suggestions.
  15. 88Matt

    5 axis pencil

    Ya, I know, it was just for a visual. All of my programming is done offline. \ I'll try and get a step or sw file moved over.

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