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  1. Igor

    Wire lead in & out

    Open chain manager - right click on chain - Change at point – check control flag – Click on control flag – in control flag window check stop opt.
  2. Igor

    Wire lead in & out

    It’s for applying and canceling wire compensation, check lead distance page In parameters
  3. Igor

    Wire lead in & out

    This, how I deal with open chain (don’t select point for geometry): WIRE (1).mcam
  4. Try this: ( as for first post in topic ) on roughing page - check helical entry, XY clearance = 2.2 Plunge angle = 0.0 Works for me
  5. Igor

    importing Cadra Files

    CParish, I use cadra and mastercam. In cadra you can save file as dwg format, then open in mc

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