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  1. Scott Garrison@Weiler Engineering

    Mastercam Globe

    Hello, Does anyone know if you can get the cad file and/or MCX files for that Mastercam Globe part that was done on a mill/turn? I'd like try it on our new haas trunnion 5 axis setup. this what I'm after.... Thanks, Scott Garrison
  2. Scott Garrison@Weiler Engineering

    Tools, X6 library read into X4 ?

    FYI :"In one fell swoop"
  3. Scott Garrison@Weiler Engineering

    Drill Point Sort - Defaults?

    Thanks Jon! Scott
  4. Scott Garrison@Weiler Engineering

    Drill Point Sort - Defaults?

    Guess not.
  5. Is there a way to change the drill point sorting style so I don't have to change it every single time? I use the same one most of the time. Thanks! Scott
  6. Anyone actually form tap Royalloy s.s.? We used to use Ramax but we are switching. Supposedly these are very similar to 420F s.s. I've never form tapped either materials, we just happen to be switching to royalloy and I always wanted to get away from cut taps. We have to bottom tap many holes to depth manually as we cannot go too deep due to the part design. Thanks!
  7. Scott Garrison@Weiler Engineering

    HTML Set-Up sheets

    I had the same thoughts but it turns out that you do not need this installer. My reseller sent me the files and I just copied the files manually. Some go in the root mastercam directory and chook directory. Then just set the set-up sheet to .set. It's working fine now. I know I had to use this installer before but it's been so long I don't remember. Thanks, Scott
  8. Scott Garrison@Weiler Engineering

    HTML Set-Up sheets

    Hello all, I know I'm probably one of the last ones around still using IHS's HTML set-up sheets. We had ours heavily customized so that is why. I just got a new workstation with Win7(64) professional and am having trouble getting these set-up sheets going. I'm missing the documentation so if anyone has that I'd appreciate it. When installing it I get "cannot detect mastercam installation directory" error message. Thanks, Scott
  9. Scott Garrison@Weiler Engineering

    Active reports tool list

    We use the HTML set-up sheets from In House Solutions and love them. We had them heavily customized to output each operation as well as a tool list. Too bad IHS didn't push these more and stopped supporting them. I think the mods we did would be a big hit. Scott
  10. I've seen it here on 3axis surfacing cuts. Same thing, rename it, regen & save. Comes back when reopened.
  11. Scott Garrison@Weiler Engineering

    shake the tree

    I hate it also. In X3 I used to like the tip comp button right there as a visual reminder to set it correctly. With the tree, I have to remind myself to go there & set it. I also have never needed to change the toolpath type, i.e. drill, circle mill etc... Quick view would be more useful if the user could configure it for each toolpath type so it shows what is most needed. +1000 on the eye candy comment. Unless you are going to "Programming School" the lead-in/out and all the other stuff is annoying. Does anyone notice that it takes a LONG time to bring up the operation parameters page? I sit for 2 or 3 seconds to see mine come up. Scott
  12. Scott Garrison@Weiler Engineering

    Looking for lathe programmer for some help

    Lathe canned cycles don't work very the forum and you'll see....
  13. Scott Garrison@Weiler Engineering

    Lathe Mill/Turn RANT!!!!!!

    I use Lathe just for simple turning. (1 turret/spindle) But there are issues there as well. I'm currently programming a simple part and a boring op keeps wanting to retract through the part for no apparant reason. I've done this many times and this time it won't work (sound familiar?) Also, I have many parts that I will use a live center for and then flip the part and have no center. Once you turn on the tailstock it will never go away. So if you have to face the part after the tailstock op MC gives warning messages about hitting the tailstock even though it is turned off. Very annoying. The code works but the backplot looks stupid with the center all chewed up! Also, I'd like to avoid that whole stock flip crap and be able to work like I do in mill where I set-up work planes around the part and use different machine groups. I realize the whole stock recognition is why it works like it does but I always have to redo the stock flips when using the program as a reference for a new part. Also, I don't like having to have multiple geometry layers for 1 part. Layer 1 - op #1 Layer 2 - op #2 etc.. if something changes I have to change 2 or three layers. Not a big deal unless it is multiple changes and depending on how involved. Also, tool numbers seem to change themselves to 0??? Thanks, Scott
  14. All, Anyone have the problem of importing operations and when selecting them they are out of sequence but after importing they are in proper sequence? Thanks, Scott
  15. Pretty lame if you ask me....that operation should come in EXACTLY the same.

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