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  1. Joseph

    home learners edition

    Try this HLE Hardware acceleration.pdf
  2. This info came from the Mastercam Forum, I added pictures to make it easier for my students HLE Hardware acceration.pdf
  3. Joseph

    Best Material For Outdoor Sign?

    Corian countertop material works real well
  4. Joseph

    What you see is not what you get

    Your I's and J's are absolute values
  5. Joseph

    3D Milling Problem

    The bottom of your part is at Z zero the top is at Z positive 1 inch. Take a look at the Gcode to see if the Z values are starting at about one inch above zero.
  6. Joseph

    Mastercam Chamfer missed Edges

    Check that you are setting on the parallels. It looks like the top of your part tapers down to the left.
  7. Joseph

    arc tangent to two other arcs

    Fillet with no trim is quick and easy
  8. Joseph


    Change the rough pattern from zigzag to either parallel spiral or clean corners. I don't know why. Be sure to check "First rough then finish" if you want to cut the center then the perimeter.
  9. Joseph

    Help With Engraving Signatures

    Brian, A scanned image is a raster graphic, think of a black and white newspaper photo. It’s just a bunch of dots. MasterCam needs vectors, lines, arcs, splines. Newer versions of MasterCam come with a raster to vector chook, older versions it was an add on. It works, but it’s not perfect and often needs extra work to make it look decent. Hold ALT and press C to bring up the chooks and look for rast2vec. To get a nice looking raster to vector conversion is often difficult and you may want to job that part out, but here are some tips if you want to try it. Do one name at a time. Scan at a high resolution, start with 600 DPI. The signatures should be ink, the cleaner and bigger the better. Save the scan as a graphic file, bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, pcd, pcx, tif, tiff Use a graphics editing program to clean up and fix any bad areas before converting to vector. Sometimes it helps to scale up the raster file, convert to vector, scale down the vector file to hide imperfections. Sometimes you have to redraw some or all of the vector file to get the results you are looking for. You can get good results, but it take some care. Do a google search for raster to vector and you will find a ton of information. Best of luck
  10. Joseph

    Mastercam X Editor

    Can you use File, Open as NC ...
  11. Joseph

    Machining Alumilite castings

    Do a search for HDU High Density Urethane or sign foam. It's still expensive, but may be an option.
  12. Joseph

    Questions about cutting a solid.

    Now that was great. Very clear with the examples, and I'm sure a lot of work. Thanks
  13. Joseph

    Haas probing and macro question

    I apologize if you already know this, but if you go to the Haascnc web site under the customer service tab there is a section for manual updates. The newest mill manual is Rev Y dated December 2009. A search found several references on probes and how to save and use the local variables in a macro. I think this would be real handy once you get it figured out, but I doubt that an ideal Haas in an ideal environment could consistantly hold that tolerance.
  14. Joseph

    nhl logos for school

    Do a google search for logotypes.designer Even an EPS file will need some work to get what you want, but this will be a good start. Good luck and have fun
  15. Joseph

    Lathe software recomendations

    Set up sheets Job tracking Changes after the job has run Similar parts Reference for the future There's no reason you can't program both ways, but the complex stuff and things that need to be tracked should be done in MasterCam. What would your customer want?

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