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  1. Roger

    Split view

    I found this for MC 2020. I'm at home and don't have my hasp with me
  2. Roger

    Multiaxis crash

    Maybe "they" will just make it disappear, like the oyf post I had here. (It's really sad that some people go around life with a complex!) I'm another one of the few that has made an investment in MC several years ago. In fact, at the time, I could not afford it, and borrowed money from my mom, that she received when my dad passed away. (Social Security, I believe).
  3. Roger

    Using a Boring Head on a CNC

    Under the Drill cycle chose one of the boring cycles???
  4. FANTASTIC! All these years I've never used engraving.............I was trying to make it look good using a flat endmill, and contour/pocket toolpaths, and with all those sharp edges wasn't having much luck. Thanks for taking the time!!!!!!
  5. If anyone has Mastercam Art, and is willing to help me make the attached Mastercam file into an emblem that really POP's, stand's out, look's cool, etc. It needs to stay close to the size it is as a solid. It can be a little thicker if needed. I would appreciate it. Thank's! MAG 7 LOGO.mcam
  6. Roger

    Cleaning anodized parts

    Good to know.
  7. Roger

    Cleaning anodized parts

    I found something that works. Simple Green mixed in a bucket of water. And I forgot to say in my original post, that I'd like to live a long life JParis............
  8. We have some anodized heat sinks that need 2 holes drilled and taped in them. The coolant leaves a residue which I've tried to get off by dipping in water with dish soap, and rising in a bucket of clean water. This still leaves residue. Any suggestions on a degreaser or other method to use?
  9. Roger

    Boring from center out

    Like this? I reversed the chain, and selected Rough Direction/Angle as shown in jpeg image below. See attached Mastercam 2019 file. TTT.mcam
  10. I just tried slice in both 2019 and 2020. In 2019 arcs, and lines. In 2020 splines........I don't see any settings you can change though.......
  11. Roger


    What Windows operating system are you using? I had similar issues with both Mastercam, and Solidworks happen to my old computer running Windows 7 Pro.
  12. Roger

    Loud Haas ST20Y

    We have a Haas ST20 lathe. And yes at times the high pitch whine is terrible!!!!! For that reason I purchased some Bose headphones with noise canceling built in and listen to my favorite tunes!!
  13. Roger

    Help with setting up new computer

    Now on to getting the rest of the new computer set the way I like.. It's got Bluetooth, and I have Bose headphones that are not wanting to pair.......Printer problems, (not finding my printer.) And just trying to get use to WINDOWS 10!!
  14. Roger

    Help with setting up new computer

    YES!!!! That did it!! Changing the path, and restarting the computer!!! You just became one of my hero's!!
  15. Roger

    Help with setting up new computer

    It is set to the server I think............

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