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  2. Most of them are $$$ now days....Like the one in my signature ... Or....This one.
  3. Any shops interested in quoting the part shown in the screenshot below? A little background on this: I'm now retired, the shop I was working for when I got this project has now sold to another company which only makes their own parts. I'm still in contact with this person/company, and helping with the design. He lives in California, so shipping would also have to go into your quote. It would also need outsourced for anodizing, and polishing, so surface finish on the machining is important! It would be 6061 aluminum, there are other parts that would also need quoted/machined. Quantities to start 8-10. Might also be machining a mirror part. If interested, please respond by PM, and I could send you the Solidworks files. The screenshot.....
  4. I keep receiving an error message:
  5. NEUROSIS: I've been looking for the OffTopic Forum. Can you log on to this site with your same account as here? Or, do you need to join at the OffTopic Site? I tried to join, but kept getting an error. Could the area I circled be causing this?
  6. I ran a 72" VTL that was belt driven.. If you didn't feather the clutch when starting the table, it would throw the belt EVER TIME! I would have to get maintenance guy over to get it back on the pulleys... Those where the GOOD OLD DAYS, RIGHT??
  7. I started my college machining classes 43 years ago.....(I'm an OLD FART!) Back then, CNC's where for the most part (NEW) to the machining trade. We had a paper punch knee mill. You had to program by hand, type in the code on a teletype machine, feed the mill the program, and run it. We also had to learn to read the tape.. I don't know why on that though. I digress.. Back to the filing, etc. The first part of the class was to cut a piece of material, FILE all sides, square & parallel, and to length. After that, you scraped it flat top & bottom using the file end as a scraper. After that, it was layout of holes that you drilled, tapped, reamed, etc. Again, having to keep to the print, and the tolerance specified on the print. We also learned how to sharpen a drill bit by hand, (Both, large (1"), and small). Welding Bandsaw blades together. All of our lathe tools where HSS ground by hand. (That was also graded). This was a two year course, and was considered to be the best machining course west of the Mississippi river. Besides the machining course, you had to take Welding, (Oxyacetylene, Brazing, and Arc.), Blueprint Reading for machinists, Drafting, and Math. (Trigonometry, Algebra, and Geometry. All the math taught by the machinist instructor). The machining part covered, Lathes, (Basic turning, Threading, Cutting angles using the compound, Taper attachment, and Off setting the tail stock, etc. Also had to memorize all the parts of the lathe, i.e. Chuck, Saddle, Compound, Tail Stock, etc...) Mills, Grinders, (Surface grinder, Cylindrical grinder, and I.D./O.D. grinder), Shaper machine, Saws, ETC.. Besides ALL OF THE ABOVE, There was Greensand Casting, Metallurgy, and Heat Treating. IMHO, I think ever machinist out there should start with manual machining before getting into CNC's... As an example of this: When I was taking my Mastercam courses, after many, many years as a manual machinist, There was a women in the course, (Sent there by her employer), that ask the question, "Why can't you use a drill bit to mill a slot?" I'll finish with that. Good Day!
  8. SO, it wasn't just me!!!! I was trying to drag and drop a screenshot here, and it wouldn't take!! (INSERT ANGRY EMOJI)
  9. EXACTLY!!! Same here. I received a 1 week badge, 1 month badge, and 1 year badge. I joined in 2002! And then after posting this, I received a 1st started thread badge! i was trying to add a screenshot earlier, but goofed that up.... And now the COLLABORATOR BADGE!!
  10. I took a trip down memory lane today while cleaning out one of the attic storage areas....
  11. It's a part drawing from the internet, so my son can practice Solidworks modeling. He just started a college program for electromechanical engineer. So I've been trying to find challenging mechanical drawings for him to model. If any of you have any that you can share, or know of a good website to visit, please share...
  12. Figured it out. Those are the section lines and directions....STUPID ME............
  13. What do the circled areas mean (stand for)? I've never seen this on a drawing before.
  14. The shop I work for is selling the company. It's located near Vancouver, WA. Anyone interested in owning their own shop??? Please PM me hear on the forum if so. Also, I own the seat of MC that the shop uses. I'm planning on retiring and want some suggestions on what to do with this seat of MC. Also, PM me hear if you have an interest.

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