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  1. Roger

    Surface Creation in MC2019

    You can do surfaces in Solidworks.............
  2. I agree with you on that one!!!! Solidworks user here!!
  3. Roger

    Cimco Edit???

    Go to (Computer-OS (C drive)-Program files Mcam 2018- common-editors CIMCOEDIT Right click on CIMCOedit, and click on send to, desktop (create shortcut).
  4. Roger

    B0 or B180

  5. Thanks!! That is nice to know! I still don't know how it drew it on the screen, because I've NEVER used it before. I just deleted the lines, and I'm continuing with my "mission" Merry Christmas!!
  6. It wasn't selected. I back plotted other operations and they didn't draw lines???????????? I think this is going to be one of those things that makes you go HMMMMMMMM???????
  7. Yes, that was it. Which one is it?
  8. I just discovered it drew lines during that back plot. So what did I click on, that made it do that????
  9. I can't get rid of these back plot lines. Anyone know what might be causing this? I even tried closing MC and restarted. Nope........... I tried back plotting other tool paths. Nope.......... The toolpath is for ALL the pockets, it's only showing a partial........
  10. I have a solid, just couldn't show it. Thanks!!!
  11. I was unaware of this. But it shows too much information for this part.
  12. Is there a function in Mastercam or Solidworks to find the smallest inside arc, or show the size of the smallest arc? I'm pocketing some weird shapes, and would like to determine what size endmill to use. If this is something that either Mastercam, or Solidworks doesn't have, THEY SHOULD! (Maybe future versions!).
  13. Roger

    MC 2019 Update 3

    I got the update notice yesterday, and updated. ????????? I wonder why, it got taken down ???????????
  14. I just had this also. This fixed it, by clicking on, coordinate display mill
  15. Roger

    Thoughts on 3D Mouse?

    I use one also. (3D connexion space pilot pro). I find that in Solidworks it's indispensable! You can pan, zoom, and rotate simultaneously!! When you have assemblies with lot's of parts this is an enormous benefit.

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