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  1. 16 minutes ago, JParis said: No problem, John. You spoke the truth, and I know I do struggle doing my best at a job I never wanted. And so I am trying to do better. I appreciate your input!
  2. I know this doesn't belong here, but I don't know where else to put it...I'm a little sad the off topic section got shut down. Some of you guys I've interacted with ever since I started programming 15 years ago. Some of you might remember I never really wanted to be a machinist or programmer. I've got a ministry degree, but I needed a job, and this was available. It's hard to have my heart in this, and sometimes I struggle with trying to do my best when I'm such an oddball here in the shop. Then when my wife's childhood trauma and dissociation exploded into our marriage and family, the stress was overwhelming for both of us, but I got a chance to live out my desire for ministry and I walked with her on the healing journey. If you don't remember she essentially had PTSD on steroids...and I figured out how to help her heal, deeply...simply (though not easily) by engaging her in every aspect of what she experienced. I wrote a booklet about it 2 years ago, but it was too cerebral. After the off topic site got shut down, I wrote a second booklet, mostly of examples of how I helped her heal...and a national organization that is funded by the government was so excited, that they found me someone to, hopefully, turned the booklets into a real book to help other family members do what I've done and teach them how to understand and help their loved one heal from 'extreme states' (panic attacks, flashbacks, comatose episodes, mini-seizures, 'delusions', 'paranoia', dissociation, and pretty much anything you can think of), . That's where my heart really is, but John is correct, and I need to do better here, and so I'm in the midst of literally running every, single option for Surface Finish Leftover, Surface Finish Pencil, 3D High Speed Scallop Rest Passes and 3D High Speed Pencil Rest Passes. So far the ONLY one that even looks close to what I want is Surface Finish Leftover 3D collapse, but I'm still working on the other options. So I may have to go back to that and like John said, who cares if it takes a little longer to process. I will probably also send all these toolpaths to my mastercam reseller, and if 3d Collapse remains the best option, see if they can get it to CNC Software as an enhancement request. Thanks everyone, Scott
  3. John, thanks for the thoughtful reply. We are a prototype/mold and trim die shop. So every part we program is unique, but I do agree with what you are saying. Things have changed for me where I'm working, and I guess I'm trying to figure out some of the things I've ignored for a while on various toolpaths. So I hope to be making 'test' programs of various toolpaths and see if one gives me what I really want. There are a number of options in scallop I've never even tried: so that's where I'm going to start. The old leftover program had issues skipping large sections that should have been picked...and I just got a bug officially noted with CNC Software that scallop rest-passes does the same...But I will do what I can to address the issues that have been raised by others on the floor. Thanks, again, Scott
  4. Hi nperry, thank you for responding! I have looked all over for that parameter in hs scallop rest passes: where do I find it? Scott Hey John, thanks for responding. Ok, so what would you recommend? We used to use "Leftover" all the time, but it takes so long to calculate on the huge parts we do compared to the hs speed programs since mastercam stopped updating with the older legacy toolpaths. What else would you suggest? hs pencil? If so, how do I set it up so it does it intelligently and doesn't do more than necessary. Thanks, Scott
  5. I've had an operator complain for years that our mastercam pick programs don't climb mill. I just did a pre-pick program that completely galled up a 1/2" ballmill and ruined the tool. So I took a closer look at the toolpath, and it looks like mastercam starts on the 'high' side of the radius and conventional mills down the radius, and then it jumps to the low side of the radius and climb mils it until it meets in the middle. So, I guess, he's kind of right. Is there any way to make it always climb mill? Thanks, Scott
  6. Just wanted to thank everyone for their help and input. We did a little testing in aluminum before running the real holes in steel and found out mastercam wanted the thread pitch diameter, and so I changed my tapdrill arcs to what mastercam wanted but a little smaller so the operators could sneak up on it and it worked really well.
  7. then maybe it would be smart to set it say, .01 larger than the bottom diameter(.441) but not all the way at the upper .495 diameter...so they don't have so far to go????
  8. Thanks, Gcode I am in 2022 so I am drawing my tool with the actual threadmill category and I selected "American National Pipe Thread", but for outside diameter you think I should use the top of our tapered threadmill instead of the bottom so that we can sneak up on it with cutter comp? I did find the 'wear' selection' within the threadmill operation. Hopefully, it will pickup cutter comp correctly for our machines because I always have to select a lead in point whenever I use the simple 'contour' operation with cutter comp, but this toolpath does seem to start in the direct center of the hole before it arcs out and cuts the threads. Should I have to mess with the 'thread pitch' inside the threadmill operation if I told it 14 threads per inch in the tool geometry? And for "Number of active teeth" we are using a solid carbide tool not and inserted one, so there are 13 teeth...and so I put that in. Thanks for everyone's help!
  9. ok, I have never done threadmilling at all so I have some very basic questions: When drawing my threadmill do I use the tip diameter or the top diameter? When selecting the wireframe do I want the tap drill size or the final 1/2-14NPT size? Is there a way to add cutter comp in the threadmill operation to make sure the threads finish correctly?
  10. no I wasn't aware of it: "find overlap" sounds like it could be helpful sometimes. thanks for the tip. As for the 2nd one, I try not to deal in solids anymore than I have to even though our engineers output everything in parasolids format. I like to be able to move all the non-essential surfaces off to another level so I can visually verify my toolpaths are doing what I intend. But I'll try to keep in mind what you said in case the need for that would arise. Thanks again! Scott
  11. As always, thanks Colin. I appreciate your vast knowledge on all this stuff. I'll give it a try today!
  12. A lot of times I'll use the surface to create the wireframe boundary I want to use for a tool path. But our surfaces often have small gaps between them. In 2019, I could use analyze contour and then hit "chain" and it would chain until it got to a gap. Then I could select a color and mastercam would apply that color to that part of the chain, then I could hit 'chain' again and it would continue on until it hit another gap, and I could select a different color, and it would apply the new color. I would continue to work my way around the entire chain, coloring all the partial areas with various colors. Once I was done, I'd kick out of Analyze Contour and then go and fix all the gaps that were shown by the various colors I had applied. But, now in 2022, it doesn't seem to let me apply different colors unless I close Analyze Contour each time it comes to a gap. It's a real PITA. I've tried to hit various features on the dialogue box for chaining, but so far none of them seem to allow me to apply a different color to each section of the chain...sigh.. Am I missing something? Of is there a different feature that would allow me to do the same thing? Thanks Scott
  13. I didn't mean that as an attack upon you. I know it's where we are heading. My wife says even doctors some day may become extinct as more and more robots are doing precision surgery...it's still a discouraging future as I think about our kids and grandkids who won't be able to find decent employment as the machines and computers take over....They won't have to kill us like the Terminator movies, lol, they'll just make us irrelevant...
  14. Thanks, let me think about it. Honestly, I'm a little horrified that you were able to get rid of 6 programmers. That may be good for the company but bad for the employees, but we are having difficulty finding good programmers, and so automating our 2-d work might help when we are busier. Right now all 4 of us in our department were machinists first. So we understand the process and tooling, unlike the new guys who take a class on mastercam and think they are ready to jump in and start programming...
  15. Can c-hooks check tool lengths and holder and machine clearance? If not, they'd only be helpful for our flat, 2-d work like plates and similar stuff. I just completed 10 punches. Took me 32 hours. I tried to use the same tools for the bottom ops, but the list grew to 14 as some were deep. Then on the top ops, my list grew to 22 tools/holders because, again, deep punches, tight clearances, and such. Some were a little over 2" tall, others over 7", and all in A2 steel. Tool/holder lengths are very different for the short ones versus the taller ones. Perhaps, I'm ignorant, but I just don't think automization has gotten that good...or am I wrong...

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