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  1. sharles

    2022 Not impressed

    Having spent a week in 2022 now, I guess I'd give it mixed reviews. Some things I find more helpful and intuitive. The stock models definitely process much more quickly. And yet other things they've broken and now I have to do more work than in 2019. In the end our reseller told me a few years ago that they didn't have to support us more than 3 versions back, and so, at least, I have yet to find any 'fatal flaws' in 2022 like I did in 2020 and 2021 which kept us from moving up. One day I dream that CNC Software will come out with a new version WITHOUT ANY NEW BELLS AND WHISTLES, but simply fixing everything that has gotten broken over the years, that many of us on this forum have complained about. I do think 2022 has addressed a few of those issues, finally, but not enough of them.
  2. Usually we set our wcs by geometry. When you mirror the geometry, the workplane follows. Sometimes they follow correctly. Other times they get inverted. If they do, just go into the Planes manager, right click on the plane you need to fix, and select "Rotate Incrementally." Then the WCS will pop up in the graphics window with X,Y and Z options for you to type in the amount to rotate. We just moved up from 2019, so I'm not totally sure how 2022 works, but that's how we fixed them in 2019.
  3. sharles

    Mastercam 2022 settings

    Hey Guys, I finally got to move up from 2019 today since they fixed the fatal flaws (for us) in 2020/2021 So I'm trying to figure out basic stuff. I love that mastercam fixed the migration of most of my preferences, but one thing I can't figure out is how to make it stay with the last option I chose. In 2019 when I changed the "Selection Mode" up in the autocursor ribbon from the default of "In" to "In+" it stayed there until I changed it again or closed Mastercam. Now the stupid thing changes every single time. Same with using the "Select All" in my right mouse button. If I used "Miscellaneous" to select all the arcs, it stayed on Miscellaneous each time I used Select All until I changed it to something else. There used to be a setting to make it stay there: does this version have it? Also when using the basic drill function, I could set 'Sort Options' to default to "Point to Point" by going into the Control Definitions and setting it there in the drill parameters but now I have to set it EVERY SINGLE TIME, ug. Did they move that control somewhere else? Thanks! Scott
  4. sharles

    Update Issue

    Hey Dylan, thanks for your help (and my resellers). They had me go in and delete the registry folders for 2022, uninstall 2022, and then everything went back in fine including the first maintenance update. All I had to do was save My Mastercam 2022 and Shared Mastercam 2022 folders so I didn't lose all my customized stuff. So I don't know if it had anything to do with permissions or not, but that worked. Scott
  5. sharles

    Building tool holder question

    are you talking about a cutter like this? If so, I created it in the Toolpaths\Tool Manager. I don't remember how I did it as it was a couple of years ago, sorry. Maybe someone else can chime in. My reseller had to coach me on it. It took us half a morning to figure out, and it's the only tooling I had to do in that place. For some reason it does the tools differently than the outside tool manager or the one inside the ops manager. Oh, it does verify and simulate correctly for us, We set the tool offset to the top of the teeth, and the nut is on the bottom as you can see.
  6. sharles

    Update Issue

    All of us at my job have the same problem and did an hour go-to meeting with my reseller and they still couldn't figure it out. He couldn't even run the 'repair' function from the original install. And thus far CNC Software is dragging its feet on fixing this.
  7. sharles

    MCAM 2022 > Migration Wizard seems to work 100%!

    Hey guys, I'm just starting the move to 2022. I hope there aren't any major issues. We had to skip 2020 because backplot issues were so bad we couldn't put up our huge, 1.0" ball finish programs on screen and rotate the part (just choked out our computers no matter how big a graphics card we got) and 2021 because the stupid simulation didn't do bullnose cutters correctly and showed them all violating parts, sigh. I hope 2022, the third time, is the charm. I hate to be 3 versions back after we did all the work in 2019 to customize our tool library, holders, simulation models and such. I've been trying to look for a 2022 issues thread and I'm not finding anything, so I hope that means this is pretty clean. If it is clean, then I get to move the rest of the guys in our department in the next week or two. Scott
  8. thanks for the replies. I'll try to get IT to start replacing some of that stuff. but then there's no sharing licenses, right?
  9. but why would it be ONLY me???? thanks, I'll suggest it to my IT department....
  10. I thought I'd hijack this thread since Reko found resolution for his problem using Codemeter software. I'm also having network issues. The weird thing is I'm the ONLY mastercam user in our company who is having issues. There are 4 other users and I'm the ONLY one getting regularly kicked off the network(about once a day, though sometimes twice, sometimes not at all). I've got the newest computer. We also tried the Codemeter license and though that software seemed to help a little, I still got kicked off from time to time. The problem seemed to start when I moved from an office on the floor back into the main office with the other Mastercam users. I talked with our reseller and they were the one to suggest Codemeter but after using it for a month, I still got kicked off some, but not as much. So now I'm back on the nethasp with the other guys. Our IT guys think it must be some setting in Mastercam, but our reseller acts like it MUST be our network server. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  11. sharles

    Machine Simulator

    Just to jump into this. Last year we started using machine simulation a LOT. We had POSTABILITY link up the post they made for our 5axis machine, but we also had our reseller make a couple of basic, custom models of our 3axis machines that are NOT linked up to the post. Those only cost us $200 a piece. Not sure what the postability one cost us. But they've all been extremely helpful...other than they keep getting 'broken' from time to time...little glitches. Dealing with one right now. We also spent a ton of time customizing our tool and holder libraries to take full advantage of machine simulation and learning how to use mastercam's stand alone library to build 'assemblies' as we often have to build tool-extension-holders that end up being 15-20" long and tooling clearance as well as machine limits can be an issue for us from time to time. It took us a couple of months to do all the customization plus lots of help from our reseller and even pulled CNC Software in a few times to address issues, but now I look at what we do today with machine simulation and what we did 18 months ago and it's like coming out of the dark ages where we made programs, crossed our fingers and hoped the operators could find a way to make them work. Now we provide them a detailed tool build sheet thru Jim Varco (Varco Reports) that directly interfaces with Mastercam and after having put it thru verify and machine simulate (they each check different things) I can 99% guarantee to my operators that my programs will run, without crashes, and using much shorter tooling than I might have suggested in the past. (We are a mill/turn only shop doing prototype work mostly for the automotive industry) Scott
  12. sharles

    Mastercam 2021 is released

    I'm curious If the backplot issue in 2020 got fixed in 2021. We had to stick with 2019 because if I put a 3d finish program on my screen in backplot, it bogged the entire system down and nothing would move or respond: worked with my reseller on the issue, and even got a monster, gaming computer with the top graphics card, and nothing helped. 2019 isn't great, but it's better than 2020. I heard, maybe, they were going to fix it in 2021.
  13. sharles

    2019/2020 issues

    Hey guys, it's been a while. Last year we did a ton of customization in the stand alone tool library, new customized simulation models from our reseller, new posts, new tool build sheets from Jim Varco and we made the jump from X9 to 2019 to support all this. When 2020 came out, I did something I have NEVER done before, and automatically moved up, trying to stay current after all the customization work we put into things. But in 2020 backplot is so bad when we put our massive, finish files on the screen, that mastercam completely chokes out, and I have to wait 10-15 seconds to get the system to respond. So the 2 of us (TerryH and I) who do the largest parts where we work, moved back down to 2019 because backplot is minimally better in that version. In the past X versions when backplot would choke out, I could simply mess with the "Number of entities for dynamic rotation" setting in configuration and get things to work again. I tried briefly in 2019/2020 and couldn't seem to alleviate the problem at all. Our reseller suggested we upgrade our computers, and last week I finally got a monster computer, but it had no effect at all on backplot. In fact, we had some outside contractors inhouse yesterday for network/server issues, and they took a look at things and said mastercam wasn't even accessing the GPU or anything else...Their opinion, and they have some familiarity with mastercam, is it's simply bad software code within mastercam. Has anyone else experienced this and know of any workarounds? The other thing is 2019 regularly will NOT produce any toolpath at all when we use Surface High Speed Scallop. Sometimes if I mess in the "Toolpath Control" page, and uncheck "include tool radius" I can get mastercam to calculate a toolpath, but other times nothing will work, and I will have to go back to Surface Finish Scallop I'm not sure if they fixed it in 2020. I do know we got CNC Software to log a bug in shs scallop for the restpasses function because it was ignoring huge areas when we tried to pick parts with smaller tools, but I just haven't been in 2020 enough to know if they fixed the completely missing toolpaths we face in 2019. Thanks, Scott
  14. sharles

    Now using 2020

    Getting frustrated with 2020. Our machine simulators don't work now. My reseller is working on that. And then this morning, I tried to edit a workplane, and now my entire planes manager is frozen and I don't know how to unfreeze it. I shut down my entire computer and it's still frozen. WTH???? Talk about stupid crap: as mastercam tries to become more intuitive, it just seems to get more stupid...About ready to go back to 2019, so I can accomplish something, sigh... (edit) Maybe I'll rant a little. I NEVER move up to the newest version of mastercam this quickly because of crap like this, but we did all those upgrades this spring and I wanted to stay current, and now it's bitten me in the @ss all week. Who thought it was a bright idea to split trim/break/extend into 3 separate icons so that now I have to go 3 places to do what was always available in one place before???? I use that function all the time and now I'm chasing it 3 different places, ALL. THE. TIME. Who messed with the stupid color panel so that it doesn't, fricking work when changing colors outside the small number of 'default' colors??? If you want to use one of the colors in the main color panel, you have to select that first. Then you go back to the graphics window, select the entities you want to change the color on, and ONLY then will it allow you to change the color. My wonderful, customized machine simulators that my reseller made in 2019 do NOT work in 2020, and even the guy who made the simulation models for us can't figure out why.. And how the [email protected] does the planes manager get permanently frozen???? Oh, and I guess I'll add: the annoying red arrow problem that Terry started this thread with...sigh... So, I'm back in 2019 for now... Scott
  15. sharles

    Now using 2020

    Terry, Dan said if you minimize the group and then expand it back it will show the arrow correctly. I've tried it and it works, but it seems to go back to half hidden very quickly.

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