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  1. Leigh @ Kodiak

    Mastercam 2020 "forgetting" customized options

    I have had this happen as well. Configs are saved locally, no multiple instances running to explain things. Just cam in one morning and my toolbar and right click customisations were gone. Luckily I had already backed them up.
  2. Leigh @ Kodiak

    Current toolpath is not for 4-axis machine

    I did both of these, and still have the same warning. Strangely, the verification carries on perfectly fine anyways.
  3. Leigh @ Kodiak

    Current toolpath is not for 4-axis machine

    Did anyone ever figure out anything with this? Seeing the same issue after migrating from 2017 to 2020
  4. Leigh @ Kodiak

    Random M5's

    Check to see if there is anything under the canned text section
  5. Leigh @ Kodiak

    Fanuc 30i single block

    The guys at Fanuc helped me. 3404 bit 0
  6. Leigh @ Kodiak

    Fanuc 30i single block

    Does anyone know if there is a parameter I can change so that single block will also step through comments? Thanks
  7. Leigh @ Kodiak

    Safe tool change position on a Haas Mill

    You could do it like they show in the Haas video, but include a Macro Variable before the move to a safe position. For example, if #500=1. then it will go to safe position before tool change, if #550=0, then there is no safe position move.
  8. Leigh @ Kodiak

    shared mcam and my mcam on dropbox...

    This is exactly how I did it when I was contract programming.
  9. Leigh @ Kodiak


    I would use "modify Feature" to remove the rads, then push the face through. Add the rads back in after.
  10. Leigh @ Kodiak

    Cycle Definition text files

    Putting your shared Mcam folder on a network drive is a good place to start, so that all the associated files only "live" in one place
  11. Leigh @ Kodiak

    "DNC REMOTE from PCMCIA Card"

    We just got a new Doosan as well, and I Did manage to configure it so that I could call M198 from the embedded Ethernet.
  12. Leigh @ Kodiak

    Windows 10 1709 update issues update

    Hallelujah! I was getting close to slitting my wrists!
  13. Leigh @ Kodiak

    Solid problem PLEASE HELP!

    Make a second curve and use the "two rails" in surface sweep. See how that works for you.
  14. Leigh @ Kodiak

    Circle Interpolation Problem

    Comp is set to 0.000
  15. Leigh @ Kodiak

    Circle Interpolation Problem

    I am experiencing a strange issue here. The machine is new to us, a Doosan DNM6700 with rotary table. When trying to do a G03 move, I get the alarm "PS0020, "OVER TOLERANCE OF RADIUS". i understand what this alarm means, and to my eye, the code checks out fine. In the process of trying to figure out what is causing the problem, I switched Parameter 3410 (Tolerance of Arc Radius). to .250 (initially it was .0039) then when ruining the code, during the G03 moves, I get no alarm, but the A axis is moving along with X & Y during the G03 move, despite no A move being commanded. What is going on here?!? Here is the code that is causing the problem: N110 G91 G28 Z0. N120 (ROUGH BORES A180) N130 (COMPENSATION TYPE - WEAR COMP) N140 T9 M06 (3/8 4FL ENDMILL) N150 (MAX - Z4.) N160 (MIN - Z1.5) N170 M11 (UNLOCK) N180 G00 G17 G90 G54.1 P48 A180. N190 M10 (LOCK) N200 S4700 M03 N210 X24.0117 Y-1.9844 N220 G43 H9 Z4. M07 N230 Z2.05 N240 G94 G01 Z1.8333 F25. N250 G41 D9 X23.9925 Y-1.9614 F13.2 N260 G03 X23.8865 Y-2. I-.046 J-.0386 N270 X23.8865 Y-2. I.1135 J0. N280 G01 X23.8866 Y-2.005 N290 G03 X23.9942 Y-2.0389 I.06 J.0026 N300 G01 G40 X24.0124 Y-2.0151 N310 G00 Z4.

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