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  1. huskermcdoogle

    KM63XMZ Tool Holders

    I've never heard of one. But there isn't any reason why one could be made as a special. Anything specific you need one for, why not just build the whole tool out in KM?
  2. huskermcdoogle

    Okuma MB 56 VA machine Sim model

    I have models for an m560v. Pretty similar no? I have a sim setup, but need to redo it, as I stupidly built it in inch.... Wasn't thinking that day. Works fine, as a manual check just doesn't properly do collision detection.
  3. huskermcdoogle


    CALL OO88 is just an offset calculator for 3+2 (5ax config) or 3+1(4th planar) work work only. Takes your starting offset and calculates the needed offset based on the angle inputs. It's main advantage is that it uses the kinematic offsets in the control instead of them being hard coded in the program. Generally speaking the macro also has framework for many different types of machines built into it. When initially setup you have to configure the macro for you machine, but if the kinematic offsets get updated down the road you shouldn't have to do anything to the CALL OO88 program.
  4. huskermcdoogle

    G Code Cycle Time Simulator

    Do either of the above take into account accel/decel or allow you to put those values in?
  5. huskermcdoogle

    Tapping Spiralock threads

    I would assume this to be correct, as the each brand of self locking form is likely under patent, where separate methods are patented. They can't copy each other exactly, but the fact that it is self locking is likely not patent-able anymore. Therefore the method of which they do it is, and therefore is different. Someone please correct me if my assumptions are incorrect.
  6. huskermcdoogle

    Tapping Spiralock threads

    Are you using coolant or oil? What does the thread finish look like? I am assuming you are using a rigid tapping cycle as well? Have you tried a snycroflex tap holder? Is the tap showing any signs of wear or galling?
  7. huskermcdoogle

    Faster Programming 5 axis.

    I thought that one was very tasteful when I first saw it. All you gotta do is.....
  8. huskermcdoogle


    Not on dynamic contour finish passes. This is where having arc feedrate adjustment and the ability to add an internal corner radius value would be nice.
  9. huskermcdoogle

    Faster Programming 5 axis.

    Operation Defaults, Template Files, and Operation Libraries ready for import is all I can suggest.
  10. huskermcdoogle


    I wish that was in the dynamic contour toolpath also, that and being able to add an internal corner rounding radius when it goes into a sharp, that way you don't need to draw extra geometry.
  11. It has been a dogs age since that class hasn't it been.
  12. Under further review, look for this in the post and change it from a zero to a one and your problem should be solved without needing a workaround. However if you ever want to force this behavior to work it was, you know how to work with it if you need to. frc_cinit : 0 FYI, I just tested this.
  13. I'm assuming C is your primary axis. Put a value of 360 in mi4$, and see what it does. If it doesn't act like you want also see what happens when you flip on or off biasnull in the post. Shouldn't effect things in a toolchange, but it would between operations. I recall this being an issue for me on the routers, but I can't remember what happened in the posted code. I do recall hand editing this from time to time, but usually didn't care, as 99% of the time I never worked from with the spindle vertical. If none of the above works, create a plane that would force the C to 0 with the A tipped slightly from 0, and add a retract point operation before the toolchange so it will force the c to zero , and the tool change. Otherwise to fix it in the post you would need to get the variable name to initialize/update in the post during tool change to reset to the value in mi4$, you might be successful in getting this from your reseller, or having them make the mod to make it work for free.
  14. huskermcdoogle


    And I'm doing amazing if I can get over 15 cubes cutting Ti.... Horsepower and Torque are not my limiting factors. Previous to this project 50 taper spindles have treated me well. My opinion of them has changed greatly. Wishing I had an aluminum project to work on with some hogging on it. Given you are cutting aluminum you shouldn't have to worry too much about bending moment at the spindle connection. But do pay attention to it, you don't want to exceed it's capability. Long gage lengths creep up on you, and all of a sudden you are scratching your head as to why your holders are fretting. For reference, a CAT 50 connection has a bending moment capability of 940Lb-ft. HSK-100A is 1105, HSK125 2139. If you need more, which in the world of high strength materials, is absolutely necessary, then you option for more connection strength is to go KM4X100 @ 3540Lb-ft, and KM4X125 @ 5310 LB-ft. As far as strategy on a large format machine, whatever keeps the cutter in material the most will typically be the best strategy. You should have the rigidity to deal with heavy radial cuts, so you shouldn't need to worry about radial engagement so much, meaning don't worry about using adaptive paths, just good ol fashioned efficient tool path. Depending on feature depth and shape, make the best call on whether to go solid or inserted. I can easily see a 1" KOR5 doing 300 cubes. Biggest limiting factors to achieving that is feedrate and horsepower. To give you an idea that would roughly be 500IPM feed sucking down 100HP or so. Have fun.
  15. huskermcdoogle

    Plane information

    Or you can just post out your path after you create the plane and then update the plane name with the resultant angle from the code.

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