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  1. huskermcdoogle

    5 axis positive rotation

    Is it code, or the machine that is the issue here. If it is code, then depending on your post you need to look at the misc integers at the operation level in Mastercam. If it is the machine disregarding the code and going shortest distance, then you need to look at machine parameters. If you give us some information about the control if it is a machine problem we can likely help point you in the right direction.
  2. huskermcdoogle

    Endless C-Axis Swiveling

    As he is stated that he is using vectors for 5x paths, I would guess he is changing the machine axis limits in the machine parameters on the machine, not at the operation level in MCAM or post. This will allow the machine to decide which way to go to get "proper" angles. Kind of a clever solution if you ask me. I have often wondered if using vector programming is actually better practice once you understand how to bend it to your needs.
  3. huskermcdoogle

    Tool Crib Management Software?

    I would think a good starting place would be good visual management techniques like KanBan or something of the sort. That combined with an excel database of tools that should be stocked in the crib should suffice. I would start that with consumable tools, and eventually holders and components, then finally with assemblies. Any time a tool enters or exits the gate it goes into the sheet under the proper category. Any time an assembly is broken down, the components are put back into used inventory, both physically and in the sheet. The physical visual management Kan Ban cards are the tool to make sure the tools are properly logged in the system. Eventually, the system will know roughly where everything in the shop is supposed to be, and have a decent idea of it's status.
  4. huskermcdoogle


    There are things you can do on the settings side of Creo/ProE to make these problems go away with almost 100% certainty. I don't have the instructions off hand, but it's in the history on here. Been floating around for over a decade.
  5. huskermcdoogle

    post err.

    Can you give us anything more as to what you were editing, or did this just come out of nowhere? We can gladly help, but can't help if we don't know what is going on. You will need to look at the structure of the string select table in question and see why it might be erroring out. If you added to it you just need to readdress the table length.
  6. huskermcdoogle


    Backplot would have to be kinematically aware in order to give you accurate kinematic angular output. So as 5th axis has stated, machine sim would be the place to make that happen for now. For truly accurate values you would want a post linked machsim.
  7. huskermcdoogle

    mind blown

    Has there been any documentation/explanation of these changes yet to showoff the new features?
  8. huskermcdoogle

    Arc Filter Advanced Multiaxis Toolpaths

    . Meeee tooooo. I hope your new gig is what you are looking for!
  9. huskermcdoogle

    Odd threadmill action in 2018

    This is one of those moments when the best enhancement would likely best be a warning that tells you that you have just changed following parameters as a result of clicking the tool, or make it a setting that we can change based on preference. But certainly a no win situation as we all have different schools of thought on the subject.
  10. huskermcdoogle

    HELP WITH G05.1

    That's one of the first things I check on a new machine. Also, default to G49 when reset is pressed. That one will make you scratch you head for a minute until you realize that's why the machine keeps alarming out. Stock MPMASTER i was last playing with didn't have a G49 in the header. FWIW, all modal codes possibly used should be in your header of any posted code.....
  11. huskermcdoogle

    HELP WITH G05.1

    I just ran into this bug the other day. Can't start up G5.1 at a null Tool change. By default this happens if you use a drill cycle followed by anything else with the same tool.... I didn't learn the hard way so to speak, but did scrap a really cheap part. It's and easy fix, and I did it, but it made up mind the other day that I am going to be moving away from the MPMASTER. I keep running into issues, and it is a difficult post to make edits to given its shortcomings from a structure perspective. I know it's been the gold standard for many years, but after reading through one of the recent releases of the MPFAN post from CNC I will be adding my needed functionality to it as it is a far easier post to follow and make "simple" edits to. I know they are based on the same post but it seems the recent maintenance to the MPFAN post has been very good, clean, effective and mostly up to date with current practices. I just feel the MPMASTER needs a serious revamping to condense functions and whatnot. The G49 issue with G5.1 wouldn't be an issue if there were a few safeties put in place to keep track of length comp, something I have done for years in my 5axis posts as wcs changes require dropping G43.4. Once you start keeping track of that status you can put error handling to make sure comp is on at the end of you toolchange and null toolchange sections. But moreover you should only really have two places in your post here length comp is turned on and you can only turn it off in a routine that will eventually lead to it getting turned back on.
  12. huskermcdoogle

    5 Axis Motion Between Planes

    Video as promised. Not the most optimized program, but plenty fast enough for the operation as it still beats the second op machine by a few seconds.
  13. huskermcdoogle

    5 Axis Motion Between Planes

    It's as good as the post and simulation engine are. The main difference is that it isn't reading your posted G-code, but rather a separate intermediate simulation code file, which if done right will move the simulation machine whenever and however the post would output a g-code move. I can't stress enough that this is not a G-Code simulation. But it is pretty good for checking clearances, angle output, and kinematic motion.
  14. huskermcdoogle

    5 Axis Motion Between Planes

    I just wrote a 4 axis program for some parts at the old workplace. I'll hopefully prove it out this afternoon. I'll post a vid. Basically you save out to a level the end point and start point of the next path. Create a spline or line arc path between the two points, then add tool vectors at the start and end points, and any intermediate vectors you need along the path to force the kinematics you want during the transition. Set a high feed rate, turn off any linking moves and voila, you have linked from one path to the next using curve 5x.
  15. huskermcdoogle

    5 Axis Motion Between Planes

    I know I'll get lambasted for say this, but I don't agree. I personally won't rely on any level of simulation to tell me if a program is good or bad before it hits the machine. The only thing I will rely upon is proven processes that work for me. Many business owners won't cough up the dough for simulation software. As such there are many other ways to make sure you safely execute programs on the machine tool without a crash or unintended consequence. It just takes planning and understanding of the situation. Is it the most efficient way to get it done, no. But is it worth bothering to do without simulation? Most definitely, and is 100% situation based. Knowing the intent, combined with knowing the machine, and having eyeballs on code before you put it to the machine are key. But in the 3+2 world, as long as you have a good proven post, and know how to verify clearances, the only thing that makes running tool plane work without simulation riskier than on a 3 axis VMC is the cost of the machine.

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