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  1. huskermcdoogle

    Better way to remove this material

    I just about had to do this on the part I am working on now. At some point I am sure I will have to do it. I can see saving another 5 minutes and increasing tool life significantly, just some small tweaks to the path that already exists.
  2. huskermcdoogle

    Best Strategy

    Are you going to rough then finish it, or just pound it out in one shot with a ball mill, stepping down. If the second option. Curve 5x, or axis sub, all day.
  3. huskermcdoogle

    New computer.

    That always cracks me up. As I sit here on my expensive can't even function as a boat anchor laptop. Has great specs. Can't handle Windows, no less actually running mastercam.
  4. huskermcdoogle

    Machining a slot in inconel

    Generally speaking here is what I lead with. I'll just post it up here as people are interested. I'll let you guys figure out who I work for now if I didn't already spill the beans before. Should be pretty obvious. From around .5" to .625" and less I will lead with solids either our GOdrill or Y-Tech drills. Above that size mark, depending on depth requirements I'll switch to KSEM. This is in Inconel anyway. Non S materials, I would be using KenTip FS above about .250". The GOdrill is the low cost solution of the two solids I like, the Y-Tech can be and usually is looked at as a problem solver. Now, I have found the GOdrills to work in just about any material, key is looking at the chips and making adjustments to the parameters to optimize. I just ran an 8xd 8mm full depth without pecking at 85 SFM, and .0018" feed. Could it be faster, sure likely, but our chips looked good and the drill doesn't look used after 8 holes. It has a little trouble getting the chips out for the last .5" or so, but it doesn't seem to show up in the hole finish. This drill has a marginless design so it doesn't rub, but this also means that if you damage the point, it may have a tendency to walk a little bit. If this becomes an issue, that is when you enter in with the Y-Tech drill which is a 3 margin design, this cuts down on drag vs a 4 margin design, but yet still provides extra guidance and stability. The Y-tech has a slightly different point geometry, but it is more optimized for S type materials. This drill also is better at evacuating chips at the longer depth to diameter ratios. For the bigger holes, I suggest the KSEM platform. Plain and simple, it just works. As long as you have a good stable part, you can go well over an inch and diameter with this tool, there are flat bottom geometries as well (FEG). FEG's aren't ideal for Inco, but work very well in Titanium, Steels, and Cast Iron. For normal angled drill points, I suggest the SPL point, it makes a beautiful hole in Inconel. The SPL point should now have a margin-less first margin and a normal secondary margin for stability. This reduces drag and work hardening of the wall if you have to counter-bore the hole or something after, not to mention the reduction of heat generation, which we all know likes to destroy any and all cutters. Anyway, got to run. If any of you would like to run any of these drills, or have tried and failed in the past. Feel free to reach out to me and we will see what we can do to help. Husker
  5. huskermcdoogle

    Machining a slot in inconel

    In comparison to other materials, yes. But it can be done with a relatively high level of process security. It just depends on what you are trying to do. Generally speaking, drilling in 718 is fine up to 8xd or 2" deep, whichever you hit first. Depths less than that are easy peasy as long as you don't get greedy. You just need the right tool for the job. We have three drilling platforms that are very capable of removing 718 material, good, better, and best. I won't advertise here, but if you would like to know which I speak of, please feel free to ask. Now, tool cost to drill 718, well that is a completely different story, it can get pricey, fast. But then again, isn't mechanical material removal by all methods expensive in nickel based super alloys?
  6. huskermcdoogle


    Interesting. You learn something new everyday.
  7. huskermcdoogle


    Last I checked you couldn't run cutter comp using Helix bore due to not being able to start comp on a circular move on a fanuc and some other controls (pretty sure not all though)..... That said, I typically use circle mill to get around that limitation. It would be nice if we had the ability to add a tangent or perp line on start and exit with helix bore just for cutter comp. Of course I may be missing something here...
  8. huskermcdoogle


    You could add that capability to your post tied to a mics int/real, but IMHO, it's not worth it. If you are going to run a regrind on a dynamic mill path you are likely best off just letting it run on center-line and add a second semi finish pass around the perimeter with comp to cleanup. The reason for this is due to the nature of the dynamic paths being point to point or having a high likelihood of some short line to line segments which is hard for the control to calculate comp vectors to. This will result in potentially unreliable/non-executable NC code as you change the comp value. Just kind of the way it is. Could this "shortcoming" be overcome with some clever "look ahead" buffering in the post. Sure. Are there many people up to the task, nope, probably not enough monetary need out there to make it happen.
  9. huskermcdoogle

    Fanuc 30i Control Data Server

    no, i don't think so, we are working on old memory here... You would be specifying the destination on the data server.
  10. huskermcdoogle

    Fanuc 30i Control Data Server

    If you can see the program on the card, it should be just the same as pushing from CNC memory to the Data Server. As long as you have specified the data server as the current device (Device Change), then activated the folder in the data server, you should be able to punch the card program to the data server.
  11. huskermcdoogle

    Machining a slot in inconel

    Have fun with that one.... I'd say sink that thing. Definitely less aggravation. I've never ran endmills that small in 718. I've been doing some seal grooves lately with .078" tools, but they are shallow and those tools are stumpy. That gives enough grief. I can't imagine trying to do what you are looking to do, without burning through a tool or two. If you do end up machining them, I'd really like to know the process and tooling you settled on. That's good spankbank material right there.
  12. huskermcdoogle

    Problem with TCP when rotaries are singly specified

    Well, I would agree with them.... With a properly setup post and a properly corresponding machine parameter set using TCP you should get what you are looking for. I'm curious why the post isn't outputting XYZ moved with the rotary since you are running table coordinates. But at the same point, it's interesting that even though only the rotaries are specified, I would think it would still result in linear machine movement. Anyway, yeah likely a different toolpath, or just changing the way that toolpath is processing is the best approach. Best of luck.
  13. huskermcdoogle

    Problem with TCP when rotaries are singly specified

    What do you have in 19696 #6?
  14. huskermcdoogle

    Custom Tool Lists

    I was wondering what was going on there. Did he quit or get asked to leave?
  15. huskermcdoogle

    Custom Tool Lists

    It's in the pinned important topics thread. But appears to be broken. I guess we will need to see if JParis can resurrect. This came up the other day and I regret I don't recall if a new link was made.

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