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  1. huskermcdoogle

    Stock Model with Axis Substitution

    I dunno this file seems to be buggy as hell. Circle mill earlier was not letting change the depth of the hole regardless of depth setting method. Probably something stupid with this file. Seems aweful common in my experience with 2020 so far. Might be pc related somehow. Transform also seems to act different now as well in regards to the copy source operations setting, as in no matter what it will post out the source ops as part of the rotation transform, often leading me to have to manually ghost the op and then not have it selected in the dialog. HArrrummmpphh
  2. huskermcdoogle

    Stock Model with Axis Substitution

    My Stock Model isn't respecting my axis sub roughing, any ideas?
  3. Do you have a particular flat ground tool in mind?
  4. Thanks JP. I figured I'd end up having to go after it with a ball. Not terribly worried about finding a method now knowing that. Definitely not my first rodeo doing a little bit of rotary finish surface machining. Now if only I had a 5 axis post for the machine I'm working with. Stuck with a 4 axis post for now. I suppose I could add the functionality I need relatively easily, but not sure it will be worth the time as I don't plan on doing much programming for this customer, and to top it off they still don't have any CAM software yet, nor does it appear they plan to actually buy anything soon. They are a Mazatrol turning shop through and through, and only have one mill 99% of the time to support the lathes. There is no square corner between the wall and floor, I just deleted it to get my geo for unrolling... and never added it back... It's an .060 rad.
  5. Ok, so in all my time programming I have never had to accomplish such a seemingly common and simple task... I know how to rough it, I know of ways to finish it, but what I am asking, is for what is the best way to finish the floor to provide the best result? Ball end? Small Endmill? Endmill with no dish? I'm kinda shooting in the dark here using theory with no prior experience. Walls, no problem, roughing, no problem. But the floor.... My brain says it will be faceted and look like chit no matter what I do unless I surface it with a ball. I have no idea what the function is for these parts, so I can't comment as to how good a floor finish we will need. Any thoughts are appreciated. Cylindrical_Sample.mcam
  6. huskermcdoogle

    Benchmark 3.0

    Well, I just took some time and did some more research as I didn't have anything better to do this morning. This machine was broken! Anyway, reverted the Intel Thermal Framework Drivers back to April 2018 and I can get a benchmark regen in 4 minutes flat, playing with priority and whatnot didn't seem to make a lick of difference. I'd call that a win considering I was 8:36 before. Clock speed seems to be bouncing around properly, and not just stuck at .78 like it had been for the last few months. Now that I have a handle on what the problem was, everything seems to be running faster and as it should be. I can actually watch a youtube video now without it skipping, lagging, and pegging out the integrated graphics. Wahoooo, maybe there is hope for this laptop yet.
  7. huskermcdoogle

    Benchmark 3.0

    Yeah I had it set on geometry, but this was typically my go to method as I was working with moduleworks paths mostly, and it was pretty much a requirement... I'll try it with NCI and see how it goes, but regadless, it takes waaaaay longer than it should.
  8. huskermcdoogle

    Benchmark 3.0

    I can take a nap with my work laptop. Time to figure out what's wrong with this thing. Absolutely atrocious. 8 minutes 36 seconds..... in 2020, this is twice what my personal rig did using 2018. I'm going to have to fire up the personal rig here soon and install 2020 and run it on that. Now, i knew this machine was slow, but this is ridiculous slow. I don't even want to think about doing heavy duty 5 axis toolpaths on this machine... I was at a customer today and was doing some transformed toolpaths. It was taking well over a minute to regen a 7 place 10 operation rotary transform op. This thing is operating so slow it's almost broken.
  9. huskermcdoogle

    Vericut Force/OptiPath Question

    This is a feature I would really like to learn more about. I think there is a lot of potential for this tool, but lacks understanding, and or it is made out to be more complicated than it actually is due to this lack of understanding, and the pricetag to go with it.
  10. huskermcdoogle

    MC2020 Update 1

    My new work computer is slower than death, esp with Mastercam.... Not quite the specs you have, but it has very good specs for a laptop. Slower than death for everything in comparison to my 4 year old personal rig...
  11. huskermcdoogle

    KM63XMZ Tool Holders

    I've never heard of one. But there isn't any reason why one could be made as a special. Anything specific you need one for, why not just build the whole tool out in KM?
  12. huskermcdoogle

    Okuma MB 56 VA machine Sim model

    I have models for an m560v. Pretty similar no? I have a sim setup, but need to redo it, as I stupidly built it in inch.... Wasn't thinking that day. Works fine, as a manual check just doesn't properly do collision detection.
  13. huskermcdoogle


    CALL OO88 is just an offset calculator for 3+2 (5ax config) or 3+1(4th planar) work work only. Takes your starting offset and calculates the needed offset based on the angle inputs. It's main advantage is that it uses the kinematic offsets in the control instead of them being hard coded in the program. Generally speaking the macro also has framework for many different types of machines built into it. When initially setup you have to configure the macro for you machine, but if the kinematic offsets get updated down the road you shouldn't have to do anything to the CALL OO88 program.
  14. huskermcdoogle

    G Code Cycle Time Simulator

    Do either of the above take into account accel/decel or allow you to put those values in?
  15. huskermcdoogle

    Tapping Spiralock threads

    I would assume this to be correct, as the each brand of self locking form is likely under patent, where separate methods are patented. They can't copy each other exactly, but the fact that it is self locking is likely not patent-able anymore. Therefore the method of which they do it is, and therefore is different. Someone please correct me if my assumptions are incorrect.

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