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  1. huskermcdoogle

    Using subprograms/subroutines with AXYZ router?

    Might want to look into some sort of workshifts either g52, g54-g55, or heaven forbid going back to using G92's. Everything should be programmed in absolute. Plain, flipping a contour program from inc to abs, will be disastrous.
  2. huskermcdoogle


    Ron, how much ram do you have on your machine there. That is showing 111,260! Are you really running 128GB of ram now?
  3. huskermcdoogle

    Machine Definition

    Would happen to have it set to 4-axis in the toolpath dialog?
  4. huskermcdoogle

    Machine Definition

    I bet he defined his machine in Inch.... Don't you have to do it in metric for collision detection to work properly?
  5. huskermcdoogle

    Mastercam and bitlocker

    No noticeable issue with bitlocker, other than if you power on and walk away it will shut your computer down after it times out. Makes you go crazy thinking you already turned it on and are having to do it again.
  6. huskermcdoogle

    5ax DWO on Heidenhain TNC530i

    I miss spoke, it's not tooling per say, it's the workholding. Which happens to be tool holders most of the time... Hence why i misspoke. Believe me they aren't that far out of whack...
  7. huskermcdoogle

    5ax DWO on Heidenhain TNC530i

    Way before my time, this decision was made.... I'm just helping this plant out, being that it is one of our own, I have to be careful what I propose... Hence why I am asking for some guidance.
  8. huskermcdoogle

    5ax DWO on Heidenhain TNC530i

    Our programs currently use Cycle 7 Datum Shift, I wonder if the Vericut just doesn't respect things properly, and or if the lack of plane function or M128 would be the reason. They may, but I don't have access to any of the Hermle docs. Thanks for the advise so far. I will look into what things would look like if I were to use the PLANE functions to get the functionality we need.
  9. huskermcdoogle

    5ax DWO on Heidenhain TNC530i

    I believe I understand how the PLANE functions work, but it is possible for me to shift the entire program using them. Also how or can you shift the coordinate system to a new local coordinate system? Such as you can with G68.2 on a Fanuc. I have Vericut, but I have no idea what functions our digital machines support or don't support. The machines are Hermle C600U and C30U. I don't think it is out of the realm of possibility that both types of machines could use identical programs as well.... I say that because currently our programs posted between them are only different by coordinate shifts, otherwise structure and syntax are 100% the same.
  10. huskermcdoogle

    5ax DWO on Heidenhain TNC530i

    I'm not sure I am being clear with what I am looking to do. I want to eliminate a time sucking task our programmers have to do all the time due to tooling maintenance. They are constantly reposting jobs with a different tooling gage/line, which suffice to say is nothing more than a shift value in the post. The post has values associated with the machines rotary offsets, as well as the distance from the rotary center to the center of rotation and then spits out the program accordingly. I'd like to eliminate that activity of reposting jobs if the fixture length change is say less than .25". I have no problem redefining the method of which the parts programs are constructed using the post as they are output with macros, and looping for repeated features. I'd like for the operator to just edit a header line variable of the fixture length and the program would run, likely verified by probing and limits set in a sub or internal label call. Hence removing the need for the jobs to make two trips through the programming office unless they need a serious change.
  11. Anyone know the details of doing Dynamic Work Offsets, or TCP/WSEC like behavior on a Heidenhain TNC530i control for mainly planar work? Also would be nice to program in part coordinates, instead of from rotary center. The books are clear as mud, and offer zero examples or explanation of such activity. I'm not interested in a post for this at this time, but may be in the future.
  12. huskermcdoogle

    The dumbest thing I have ever seen in a mastercam post

    Another way to look at this is, that customization is healthy as long as it reduces the amount of work you need to do to get work out the door.
  13. huskermcdoogle

    Creating a new Machine Simulation machine

    I might be able to help.... See pm's shortly. Might work. Otherwise, make a toolpath, cut it off and using the stl as stock and resave it...
  14. huskermcdoogle

    I know i'm out of line for this question

    Our company uses NX internally. But with what we do it makes sense. Lots of CAD/CAM automation, loads of it in fact. Externally, I and a select few others do things for our customers using Mastercam, NX, and Esprit, on an as needed basis. So far I have only help customers with Mastercam.... One of the other guys has been doing projects in NX for a few customers that have it. I used Featurecam about ten years ago, and wish never to touch that god awful software again. As mentioned, you have zero control, none, zip, zilch.
  15. huskermcdoogle

    TCP- Tying Workshift To C Axis

    Probably not like you are thinking... Speaking of which, can you describe with a little more detail what you are trying to do on the machine. Maybe that would be easier for us to help come up with a solution.

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