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  1. huskermcdoogle

    Can't get rest machining correct

    Are you working in inch or metric? Working in inch, did you put 6 in the previous tool radius. Dumb I know, but likely it is something stupid like that. Another thought is to close the region and add the closing leg as an air region.
  2. huskermcdoogle

    List of toolpaths not supported by mill turn

    I stand corrected. I am going to go with that the dealer and CNC software need to be contacted to get this all sorted out. Something doesn't seem right for sure. As previously stated it could be any number of things. When on the MT side of the software, it becomes even more of a unwieldy beast than normal, no better than CNC to search for the problem and come up with a solution, it is most certainly a requirement given the current restrictions. I doubt the dealer switches and whatnot really would have any effect on the issues he is facing, unless there is a training issue in play. Best of luck, very interested in seeing how this is resolved. Also, I'd be happy to look at it if you wanted to send me a zip2go? I have a partner license, so I should be able to work with your MT environment.
  3. huskermcdoogle

    List of toolpaths not supported by mill turn

    I don't think he's using MT, I think he's just talking milling paths in lathe... IMHO, most if not all of his issues are post related. +1 for postability
  4. huskermcdoogle

    Is Mazatrol 3+2 without CAM possible?

    Except the logic he presented forth.... He has good intentions, but.... I'd want the parts to be super simple, mostly just hole poking type work, I mean really simple 2.5d work. Otherwise machines will be sitting all the time while operators fat finger their programs at each setup. I do believe WPCSHIFT is what you are after. Your best bet would be to get a local apps engineer in from your dealer and have them work out a programming sequence with you. With that many machines on your floor, surely you can get them to come in and help.... Likely for free if it can be done remotely, which in reality shouldn't be a problem. But I still say WHY? Are the operators programming the simple stuff at the machine? If so, there are potentially much better ways to operate a shop, then again, we don't know what type of business your shop does, maybe it works pretty well. Based on how many machines you guys have, it seems to do pretty well.
  5. huskermcdoogle

    Face "V" groove on mill

    It amazes me to this day how cheap companies are.... I know there are cases where it makes sense to only have mill level one, but gosh, in this day and age, having full 3d capability makes for being able to solve problems with a much bigger tool bag. I have had a multiaxis seat for 6-7 years now and I don't think I could even go back to mill3d.... Once you start using the moduleworks stuff, about all you end up using from the mastercam paths is 2d dynamic, opti, 2d/3d contour and the hole making paths. As far as surfacing, maybe raster, but that's about it... I used to have a mill level 2 license, and the crap I had to go through to get something done was amazing, the cost of moving up to even mill3d would have easily been recouped in programming time alone in less than six months.
  6. huskermcdoogle

    Face "V" groove on mill

    Usually not the case as you are aware. But this concept certainly get lost on some folks. The key to the "one part at a time" methodology is that you finish parts frequently.... You end up making parts that can be turned into billable sales instead of a pile of scrap sitting around gathering dust as in-process whip with potential defects yet to be found in them. Batches within reason are perfectly fine within most if not any properly implemented lean program. Ohhhh, lean manufacturinging... Cell methodology and the likes are great if all you make is one part or a family of parts. Many times have I heard of shops going under when they adopted the cell philosophy to the nth degree because some lean consultant told them it would be better. Lean is not one size fits all. It must be tailored to each and every users unique and individual needs. (speaking about a shop as the user here not individual people)
  7. huskermcdoogle

    Getting a turn tool to undercut

    Also look at the back clearance angle in the above screen. Then also look at the tool clearance angles in the tool definition. If they aren't set properly no amount of changes in the toolpath will help....
  8. My take on this subject is to do some testing and find out. You won't be able to do anything super tight, but chances are you can manually align your probe such that you get somewhat acceptable results. Z will calibrate fine. XY will basically have the error of the combined stylus/trigger point runout. In theory you should be able to adjust it to near zero error, but in practicality it will be a very tough process to achieve. Will you be able to get it to a sub .001" level. I think without a doubt yes, and likely pretty easily/quickly. Sub .0001", maybe not, unless you have a strain gage type probe, then I don't see why not. What will happen is you will end up with an center offset of 0,0, and all you will end up calibrating is the probe radius, and and offset length
  9. huskermcdoogle

    Disappearing geomtry 2021

    The other thing I have found that happens, with weird disappearing geo is when section view is turned on.....
  10. huskermcdoogle

    FANUC Custom MACRO B Cheats

    IIRC, you can.... PRM [1,2] where the number after the comma is the bit number you want to query. Read Mike Lynch's article on it. It gives a good basic overview. I have seen the Fanuc documentation for this function somewhere at some point in my life, possibly in one of the robodrill books. I can picture it, just can't place where I had access to it at one point in time. It's not in the standard 31i pdf manuals that I have on my computer at the moment... Just a note for everyone who isn't fully up on this subject but are curious, and will start poking around. Not every parameter has a numeric variable associated with it. Notably, I don't think the kinematic offset parameters above that Colin as referring do. Maybe the do and I just haven't ran across them. But using the PRM[] function to query them is a much less confusing method as you are querying the parameter itself and not a # numerical variable with a different number that references the parameter you want to adjust.....
  11. huskermcdoogle

    Royal quick grip collet chuck

    They won't agree to MSC's terms, which as a vendor, typically includes bending over and taking it in the rear with no lube. MSC is good a providing a service to their customer and making the customer pay for it. Suppliers/Vendor, make very little margin on sales through MSC typically if there is a stocking agreement or national agreement in place. It's not a bad thing if you can support them, but for small companies say like Royal it means it is tough to do business.
  12. huskermcdoogle

    Circle mill success?

    I try to helical ramp at cutter diameter x 2 - corner radius. Then unless I am dropping the feed rate to say 40% of my normal feed, I will try to ramp at less than the gash dish angle, which in most cases will be less than 2 degrees. Some endmills can handle more aggressive ramping parameters, but this would normally be a pretty safe bet. If ramping at less than the diameter above you will need to back off on your feed some depending on the diameter and angle as your typical 4,5,6,7,or 8 flute tool will not be that many effective to the center, and will have more effective flutes the further you get away from the center. Remember the tool cuts on the front and the back edge of the tool, so the effective torque and forces are greater than when cutting normally in plane.
  13. huskermcdoogle


    Vericut is only as good as the inputs it has been given. They really need to make it such that the basic Vericut setup based on a parameter dump, then write the added PMC type functionality for a machine in the vericut "post".
  14. huskermcdoogle

    Programming Help

    All I see is a work holding dovetail base. Nothing else.

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