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  1. huskermcdoogle

    Machine definition warning

    I live in this camp... When I prove out a file I go delete all the backups except one from the end of each day, usually cuts it down to about 5 files. Then once a year, or as soon as I run out of space.... I go kill all but the last one. It's amazing how quickly this function can fill up your drive. But it has saved my butt so many times, it's not funny.
  2. huskermcdoogle

    Sandvik Surprise

    I bet we see a push for the optipath and force products. Being in the tooling industry I have always seen these as underutilized and understood tools. With some horsepower behind them they could do a lot of good out there in the field. My feeling is that someone who is well trained in how to use those tools could very easily make a living just running around optimizing regular gravy programs for shops. Couple what with a good foundation in tooling knowledge and it'd be dangerous.
  3. huskermcdoogle

    5 Axis Gantry Programming

    James, This was also a great read.... You can't train the above, it's a personal desire. The only thing that will help those of use with this desire is the opportunity to gain the EXPERIENCE with that function or type of problem that we are so well suited to solve. I love it when a customer tells us there is no way to make something in a certain amount of time with one spindle and a stable process. It becomes my #1 problem to solve and after many hours of my own time (plus company time), I usually come out ahead. The only thing that makes it happen is the desire to learn, which usually through brute force and time we will!
  4. huskermcdoogle

    5 Axis Gantry Programming

    Very good insight. I had a good understanding of that prior to your wise words, but you summed it up very well! What frustrates me mostly is the lack of standards from one product line to the next, even within the same builder. Forget about the dealer being able to successfully get a machine up to par (if options were not configured properly) without tons and tons of post sales support, whether it be from applications, service, or the MTB. I have seen it take years to get things fully squared away due to machines having been "reconfigured" at the factory last minute to make a sale.
  5. huskermcdoogle

    5 Axis Gantry Programming

    The worst is machine tool builders that don't set these parameters the same from serial # 50 -> 51, one day to the next on the production line for the same machine model and option spec.
  6. huskermcdoogle

    5 Axis Gantry Programming

    One key to turning on G43.4 before, or making a preposition move is the parameter that controls if TCP is turned on before movement or at the end of the block. Either way, I do believe it lands a the same spot, but it certainly effects the machine motion getting there, especially if there is rotary movement involved. If it activates at the end of the block G43.4 can be a very safe or very dangerous means of doing a rapid pre-position. It all a bout awareness of how the machine moves around. I prefer to have G43.4 active at the start of the block on a HH machine, but would think it might be better the other way around on a table/table. H/T, probably active before.
  7. huskermcdoogle

    5 Axis Gantry Programming

    You just program it from wherever you want your zero to be. No need to visualize cor unless you need to worry about making a smooth resulting kinematic toolpath. Understanding the basic offsets of the kinematics of your machine help here.
  8. huskermcdoogle

    Multi-axis roughing

    Under approach moves in the roughing tab, helical dropdown? Then under links between slices, uncheck use default links, and then change the dropdowns to use ramp and whatever retract setting you want. You still running 2019? This was for 2021 (pocketing, old roughing) since I had it open...
  9. He's running the program from the card calling an internal sub. Done this many times. You are best to split up the subs into separate programs on the card, and execute the main from memory calling the subs with M198's. The search time is what is killing you. I don't know of any way to speed that up. I have ran into the same thing doing mid program restarts. It used to take just as long to search the restart line, as it did to just execute code and cut air up to that point. Just an idea, if you are running from the card, and the programs can be posted without edits, ditch the subs and just run it from the card as one long program. But if you would like the flexibility to run it however, you will need to split it up into individual subs for each operation.
  10. huskermcdoogle

    Kennametal KOR-5 worth it?

    Calculate things for as fast as you can feed. Then increase the radial until you run out of horsepower. I am guessing your sweet spot will be about 15%-20% RDOC, at full depth. The tool will gladly handle 40% stepover at full flute length, but your setup and tool holding need to be perfect to make that work long term. Make sure you use dynamic tool paths, or if not be very conscious not to create radial engagement spikes. You will be limited more by the machine than the tool. A half inch KOR 5 is plenty of tool for a Cat 40 spindle. It is a very stiff tool and will absolutely match or beat the performance of what you have ran in the past. What do you plan to hold it with? If you plan to max out what your machine can handle you will need to be in a Hyrdoforce HT chuck or equivalent milling chuck. If you grind a flat and put it in a weldon holder, that would work as well, but is not recommended due to balance issues. Avoid ramping into a pocket without internal coolant. If you do, don't exceed a 4 degree ramp angle. With internal coolant you could go 8 degrees, but doesn't sound like you have it. Full slot don't exceed .5xd depth. Oh and if you do load it up through poor coolant or unintended misapplication. Drain cleaner (muriatic acid, drano or zep work well) works very well to dissolve the aluminum and make it good as new again. Just drop the tool in a bucket of that stuff for a little while and then knock the pieces out, rinse it off and get back to work...
  11. huskermcdoogle

    post processor to earlier version?

    Probably windows related....
  12. huskermcdoogle

    post processor to earlier version?

    Have you installed the updates? I don't recall if it was update 1 or 2, but IIRC it made a big difference on the NCI generation time. Therefore posting took much less time once it was fixed. What other slowness issues are you having?
  13. huskermcdoogle

    FANUC macro - high speed look ahead

    I have found on production machines that frequently run prototypes programs or variations to have all unused tool and work offsets to have "safe" default values in them. By safe, I mean values that will force the machine into a safe over-travel condition. It's saved my butt many times.
  14. huskermcdoogle

    custom 5 axis drill toolpath

    It has a $. By definition it's a predefined variable. Not sure if that one exists.... I'm guessing he should possibly be using depth$, but given it's a 5ax post, it's likely not that simple due to mapping....
  15. huskermcdoogle

    FANUC macro - high speed look ahead

    Good error proofing there. I used to do this with our routers. I didn't use a program though to store the nominal tool lengths. I just compared the tool length to my Mastercam assembly length in the main program immediately following the tool change. Purely just a verification as to what the tool was programmed and verified to do. That way you never have to go and edit the length file. If something needs to be different, it will catch it by default. I mostly used standard library tools, but sometimes I had to pull tools out a smidgen further, the 1mm + tolerance was pretty much perfect. I also used center comp with ball endmills, and had a check in the post that would make sure I had used center comp on the tool-path, as well as output into the code to check if a -radius value had put in the wear as we still set tools to the tip, I could do it both ways (tip or center) and the post and code would make sure I had set things up to match. Great work. As far as look-a-head. Just make sure it is the first thing after the tool change and it shouldn't be a problem. If it is, just throw a G4 in there.

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