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  1. rgollar

    Trying to 3d machine a verticle wall

    Thank you the flowline worked good thanks again for the help
  2. I am trying to machine a wall that is straight up and down with a ball nose. Now I know I can do a contour and do the same thing but I want to be able to 3d ball nose it if I wanted. I can get it to do it but I cannot stop it from gouging into the part. I just would like to machine the face and step down .005 at a time with a ball nose. Can mastercam do this on a vertical face? I attached the part with the toolpath to see if some one can direct me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. TEST.mcx-9
  3. rgollar

    how to machine this 3d swarf undercut

    Thank you both for the help much appreciated.
  4. rgollar

    how to machine this 3d swarf undercut

    Thanks Colin for the help. Can you explain where you set approach and retract reference points? I figured out how to turn of gap settings. And when I use flowline it jumps up all over the place instead of just staying down any thoughts there. Thanks again for your time.
  5. I created a surface layer of the area I am trying to machine. Its a swarf undercut and I will be using a lollipop endmill which is already saved in the file. I am wondering if some one could program this or tell me what tool path to use. I thought blend or surface finish flowline would work but I am having no luck. thanks in advance test.mcx-9
  6. I am machining 6150 alloy steel that is getting harden (quench & temper) to Rc 54-56. Should I over size the tapped holes? The sizes are M6 x 1.0 and M16 x 1.0.
  7. Thank you that tool path editor is something i never knew existed. Thank you every one for the help.
  8. when you mention tool path editor do you mean the code mastercam creates and just manually alter the code?
  9. I have a part that I am using surface parallel on. I got the speed at 80 ipm at .006 step over which is fine except for the initial pass because its taking a full cut. Is there a way to slow the feed down until it gets pass the full engagement of the tool then go back to full speed. I attached the part to show what I am talking about. Thanks 9900-402-22 op4.mcx-8
  10. Thank you so much Cathedral that was driving me crazy.
  11. I have a part I programmed with the tool path surface finish parallel. In the beginning it keeps retracting is there a way to change a setting to make it stay down and just zig zag cut like it does when it gets farther down the part? I will attach the program in question so you can see my settings. This is done in MC8. Thanks in advance. test.zip
  12. rgollar

    Cutting D2 material

    Thanks for the info
  13. I have a detail made of D2 material that is 1 inch thick that has a tooth profile down one edge. My question is what would be more accurate to get it water jetted or laser jetted or is edm the only way to hold size and finish? I am looking to hold .005 tolerances and preferably no taper to the side where its getting cut. Thanks is advance.
  14. del. wrote This just made my day. I laughed so hard when I read this. I agree you should try this lol
  15. I noticed the option to pick 2 to 1 on filter options is gone gone in X7. What tolerance should I use now to duplicate what used to be 2 to 1. Thanks for the help.

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