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  1. ujmujm

    Update planes in selection bar?

    Thank you very much
  2. In previous versions of Mastercam when you changed your view from top to front and so on, your Cplane and Tplane would update in the selection bar, Mastercam 2021 does not seem to do that, when I go to a front view to rotate a part the Cplane and Tplane stay in top view, I thought there was something in configuration that you could toggle (update planes) this on an off, but I’m not finding anything. Any help would be appreciated
  3. ujmujm

    Whats up with Modify Offset in 2021

    I apologize for my frustration, I'm not a fan of some of the new changes.
  4. ujmujm

    Whats up with Modify Offset in 2021

    "Crickets" I know call my reseller
  5. ujmujm

    Whats up with Modify Offset in 2021

    You are absolutely correct, I was waiting for someone to point that out, I figured that out when I first started using MC2021 and those boxes were unchecked it sent the entity to level 5 but the level on the tab that you are referring to was 6 and was unchecked. I find those changes they did in 2021 unproductive and very frustrating, Transform, rotate for example very frustrating.
  6. ujmujm

    Whats up with Modify Offset in 2021

    My offset distance is very small so its still in view and I can still see the entity but when click on the green check mark it disappears to another level that is turned off so freaken anoying
  7. When I offset a line it disappears is this a MC 2021 bug?
  8. ujmujm

    Question on Backplot Times

    That's excellent info thank you, this was a hurry up get it done situation not a lot of time for optimizing, I will have to see what the capabilities are on this machine tool.
  9. ujmujm

    Question on Backplot Times

    These are just roughing toolpaths so quality is not important as speed, but for these machines I have to go to Arc Filter/Tolerance and loosen the tolerance or the code won't fit in the control, you do make a good point that accel/decal is not up to the challenge. old machine new technology toolpaths.
  10. ujmujm

    Question on Backplot Times

  11. ujmujm

    Question on Backplot Times

    After confirming the run time turns out its 54 minutes not 2 hours but that is still way of the backplot time of 35 minutes, I've never seen that much discrepancy, must the age of the machine.
  12. ujmujm

    Question on Backplot Times

    Its a 25 year old DMG Dekel Maho DMU70 and I believe it has high speed look ahead and if it didn't I believe it would throw a alarm
  13. I did 30 tool paths using the Dynamic Mill toolpath to rough out a part and when I backplot them to get a time I get 35 minutes but the operator tells me its taking 2 hours and he says he didn't change a thing, I know the backplot times won't match machine times but I've never seen them that inaccurate, any ideas?
  14. When you go to the advanced tap on Translate and check the two attribute boxes, they stay checked, now I've got wire frame on all different levels and all different colors, maybe its a glich or maybe its not somethings are better left alone.
  15. When I open a session of Mastercam I get a warning that my maintenance expires in three days and our IT guy won't be here for a week, soooo does that mean you can't access Mastercam after three days? :(

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