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  1. Good call on controller. On a higher end machine having fanuc, is like installing win95 on a latest gen computer.
  2. How about here in North America we declare imperial standard obsolete, and we stop using it, because the majority of people on this planet use a better and more simple system called metric.
  3. Grievous

    In House IKE Post Processors

    What is this kinematic awareness exactly...can someone explain this more in details what it does?.....just asking cuz for example I have all my posts set-up to give me vectors instead of the direct machine axes. That way I have one post for all Fanuc machines one for Sinumerik and one for Heidenhain....and they all support different machine kinematics ..I don't understand why one will wanna buy posts for every individual kinematic.
  4. Grievous

    Faster Programming 5 axis.

    All of you... watch and learn
  5. Grievous

    Full 4 axis programming you need to do some 4x simultaneous or just index positioning?
  6. Grievous

    Rigth angle head and holes on circle

    From what I see here you will need a small modification in your post to have the coordinates posted in polar instead of cartesian..assuming your ring is in the center of rotation of your rotary
  7. Grievous

    Machine Simulation false collisions

    My question stands..Why do you need to check the tool against the workpiece?
  8. Grievous

    Machine Simulation false collisions

    Question: Do you need to check for collision of tool against the workpiece ? Why? .......simulation tolerances??
  9. Grievous

    Milling - Helical Slot

    You will be able to do that kind of movement on a controller like Sinumerik, but mastercam won't be able to handle that type of movement. If you close that arc you will see that it is inclined in space.
  10. Grievous

    Milling - Helical Slot

  11. Grievous

    Endless C-Axis Swiveling

    Yes that is what I'm doing..I replaces in post the tool tip comp command with a call to a cycle in which I can set the limits I want...for example on a matsuura5X where A axis goes +11.5 to -111.5 I do this way: TRANS_5A(0,-110.) ;TOOL TIP COMPENSATION ON ;************************************ REPEATB DATUM ;SET ACTIVE WPC N3 G90 G0 X4.362 Y-6.9919 Z10. A3=0. B3=-.9918 C3=-.1277 ...etc The cycle looks this way.. PROC TRANS_5A(REAL UPPER_LIM, REAL LOWER_LIM) SBLOF DISPLOF ;usage TRANS_5A(0,-90) IF (UPPER_LIM > $TC_CARR32[1]) GOTOF ALLARM1 IF (LOWER_LIM < $TC_CARR30[1]) GOTOF ALLARM2 IF (UPPER_LIM==0)AND(LOWER_LIM==0) ELSE $MA_POS_LIMIT_PLUS[AX5]=UPPER_LIM ; $MA_POS_LIMIT_MINUS[AX5]=LOWER_LIM ; ENDIF $MC_TRAFO5_ROT_AX_OFFSET_1[0]=$P_UIFR[$P_UIFRNUM,A,TR] $MC_TRAFO5_ROT_AX_OFFSET_1[1]=$P_UIFR[$P_UIFRNUM,C,TR] NEWCONF ; STOPRE ; TRAORI M132 M17 ALLARM1: MSG("UPPER LIMIT IS > "<<$TC_CARR32[1]<<" /REPROGRAM THE COMMAND") M00 M30 ALLARM1: MSG("LOWER_LIM IS < "<<$TC_CARR30[1]<<" /REPROGRAM THE COMMAND") M00 M30
  12. Grievous

    Endless C-Axis Swiveling

    Just an idea...When I have a machine where one axis goes ..let's say -5 to +180, to avoid the issue, I rewrite the axis limit from 0 to 180. After I finish I write back the limits. I use vectors for 5x programing , not direct machine axis.
  13. Just a can set your post, to give you in M128 mode(5x) the surface-normal vectors NX, NY, NZ, instead of your machine axes. Same code will work in a machine with a different kinematic also.
  14. Grievous

    Simulation Default Button

    For 100% accurate locating, someone can use this SimTransform.xlsx
  15. Grievous

    Parallel Surface toolpath

    When using parallel surface tool path, the resulting motion is similar with a Brownian

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