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  1. Lmao ...so much "ink" here I'll just quote myself again Funuc enthusiasts are a bunch of cultists. I call them "flat earthers". They all live on forums like this, posting some urban stories about some puny machines they program and how great they are 'cuz they can write and "IF" in an ancient and outdated language. After they do a post like this, they all gets very enthusiastic and start blowing themselves with revered comments. ...Exactly like on flat earth forums... To the flat earth cultists I have just this to say...keep living under a big rock with your so called funuck copy cats abilities like NOT funuk probing cycles witch are just brain dead Again I'll just quote myself: 840D is the most advanced and powerful controller out there. All the others controllers on the market are just copy cats. I'll rub your faces with that non funuk sausage next year with some REAL examples with what you can do in heidenhain and 840 when it comes to probing. and more ..james...all of your statements here are bias...because u r affiliated with matsuras...fanuc based...so..why your matsuras r PC under widows now?...I'll tell you why...because u r copcating sinumerik..stuff that was done 30y ago by other manufactures...so after 30y you are abled to integrate a simple probing cycles to your interface like was done on 840?...so basicaly you are aligned to sinumerik standards (this is a tangent to your statement that everyone should align to facuc standards..lmao..there is no fanuc standards btw) after 30y..and you keep trying to sell the idea that a funuc based machine is the best thing one can get, makes you equivalent with a sleazy car dealer who wants to sell an outdated technology ... mkd...Heidenhain blows funuk like in a way I cannot express. Next year I'll give some REAL examples...like codes..not just barking replies like flat earthers are doing here I will educate your flat earthers a_ses more next year with REAL examples...like real codes... (on both 840 and heidi)..not just sleazy car seller statements stuff like other are doing in here. again.... funuk is a simplistic and outdated controller as is marcoB, and to all of you flat earthers outthere I wish you will experienced what Morty and I did when working on a REAL controllers(840 & heidi)..so again....watching the video below, will show you how a funuc guy will feel after working on 840 or heidi would feel..."yaah true controller biatch "
  2. 840D is the most advanced and powerful controller out there. All the others controllers on the market are just copy cats. From like mid90’s from my first machine show, I see how everyone are copycating whatever the germans bring. ..and James...I don’t bash funuc or hate...I actually like it a lot for its simplicity and ease of some functions, and more then that, I confess I’ve been a flatearther myself. Btw, I’ve seen machine shops on 3 continents. Did you ever seen a machine shop other than a ‘merican one? The problem I have is with some of yours and other users statements on here... When you said that “everyone should align to funuc standards” ..and something like that...That's "flat earther" attitude. A lots of you guys are actually very smart monkeys (I refer to every human with this term, so don’t get offended). You can see that from your post in here that your mind goes places.. but same time, some of you have a lot of ego and you are very tribal monkeys. I thought at start that you guys just trolling with those statements but now I believe that there are things that some of you guys don’t actually know, and that combined with your ego, wishful thinking and the need of being right, gets to your flatearthers type posts in here. BTW..from wikipidia: “FANUC System 7 was a joint venture between FANUC and Siemens because FANUC were then unable to produce a 5 axis controller.” …so who’s aligned with who? Saying that funuc is better than Sinumerik is like saying that mastercam 5x is better than moduleworks … and we all know the answer to that. Now..does any of you noticed that on all controllers out there, 5x simultaneous and 3+2 are the same? Traori/g43.4(5)/M128 or Cycle800/G68.2/PlaneSpatial , all there are behaving same way, just the codes are different. So, how come all these controllers developers came somehow using same ways of defining a tilted work plane using Euler angles, Roll/Pitch/Yaw/3points/2vectors etc..did same muse strike them somehow on same time? How come almost all CAM software use same 5x toolpath type (moduleworks ones}? Did same muse strike them somehow on same time? So I’m asking again the question: who’s aligned with who? You think that calling funuc enthusiasts “flat earthers” is to much?.. let me go more into that with some examples. On this forum, 2 funuc boys bashing sinumerik, with statements like: “fanuc macroB puts sinumerik to shame, because the bavarians didn’t crack this one yet”. When I read this, I laugh for days. I wanted to answer but I let it go, as I usually do. Now..to these guys…and you know who you are…let me rub a big bavarian sausage all over your faces(I’m not german btw…I’m canadian)…you guys are living under a big rock. MacroB compared to the programing language you have in sinumerik is like playing Mario vs Crysis(they are both fun btw). Defining custom variables of type real, integer, booleans, strings, arrays, and frames (work offsets), are just a dream for funuc..I won’t go into details cuz I’ll need to write for days only on this. Now..let me rub another one so you would know that “flatearther” is not 2 much. Colin Gilhist..sorry mate if I butcher ur name..another very smart monkey(for real), but on same time a very wishful thinking just so the discussion will not end with a loss of an argument. You said regarding the use on fanuc of attachments (angle heads) that you are sure fanuc done it probably over 100 time over the years..well..wishful thinking. Let me tell you how it’s done on 840 and then you judge about that 100 number. On 840 one can define different type of tools, endmills, drills and in our case angle heads. On a angle heads tool data you can shift from your spindle face to your tool tip on XYZ direction. So if let’s say your tool is pointing on X+dir, you shift on Z and X dir( and Y if needed) and activate that tool offset using D1(or D2…etc) More than that, on newer 840’s you can define the direction vector of your tool(dx dy dx) in tool data. On older ones you would need to manually program that tool rotation. When you want for example to position your angle heard in a tilted plane, you as a programmer, you just program the plane in which you want your tool to work using Cycle800. No special post or something. Just program it like a regular tool. The control will sum the tool vector defined in tool data and align your attachment in that plane(of course if a valid solution is founded based of your kinematic), all this regardless of your machine kinematic. Now…let me correct that number you were wishful thinking. The actual number of times fanuc did this over the years is: 0, ZERO, NULL, NADA! Why? It lacks all these options I pointed above. You can do it in fanuc of course, I did it, and others of course, but with use mathematics gymnastics and post changes. Nothing so streamlined like I pointed above. Probing Cycles. Another one I can go for days. Fanuc has no native probing cycles like 840, and the ones that comes from a 3rd party developers are again just copycats. The sheer amount of options from the 840 probing cycles puts probing in fanuc to shame that you guys don’t even imagine, like updating a wo in a tilted plane, updating kinematics, logging results under what name of file I want, even increment names and even what location I want(I can save results even on my freeking desktop). In fanuc even getting the actual date means you need to do some mind gymnastics. On 840 you just ask for date hour etc…The control of behavior during probing, like displaying results on screen or requirement of pressing the start button to continue or not, multiple probe data or probing just using one edge of stylus with spindle orienting….good luck doing that in fanuc in a tilted plane with your stylus not perfectly aligned with Z axis (totally possible in 840) Remember…all that regardless of your machine kinematic….some of you will get it. On fanuc? If the machine builder did not install those 3rd party probing cycles, then you will need to pay (you will pay regardless in the machine price anyways) Handling machine kinematics…well this is not even fair for fanuc. Let me scratch the surface on this one with an example. We have here machine with a table 2.5m on x and 1m on Y, Z travel 0.9m. Head swivel around Y B±100deg. On the table there is C axis. We attached at the end of the table another 2 rotaries.. A1 on left and A2 on right. So there are total of 4rot axis. We can bridge the A1A2 or use them separately, we can use any combination possible between all these rot with a press of a button. Changes in our programming or post = zero. Can you do that in fanuc…well… NO! WSEC= another copycat function. This in sinumerik has no name from what I know..but this is just an ability and it’s been there for 30y. On funuc is like the next great thing…and you pay extra..why?..I’m wondering why? A frame(work offset) on 840, beside the transitional components have also for every axis a fine translation, mirror, scale and a rotational component. Well let me rub that sausage again on your faces with an example. I can probe 3 points on a surface, using the native (not copycat cycles) probing cycles, they will find and update my frame rotational components, without any mathematical gymnastics, so that all my programming will follow that rotations. In a nutshell, if let’s say your fixture is not perpendicular to your Z axis, the probing cycles will find and populate your frame with the necessary rotations so that your program will align with your actual fixture posture. No mathematical gymnastics. And all can be done at the controller by operator. Dual channels…no need to expand on that. No competition here. I have no fingers on my hands and feet as of how many channels an apparatus can be built with 840. I believe 30 channels …I honestly don’t see an application one will do with that number of channels, but if someone will launch on such endeavor, imagine that you can have some apparatus in which on all those 30 channels you can do all this things above, on all 30 you individually probe, do 5x 3+2, etc, all govern by global variables..etc..Ludacris. Programming such a thing is just sifi. Actually programming 840d other than a single channel is not a easy task, that’s why CAM mill-turn applications outhere. Tring to handle a larger than life system like sinumerik with 2 channels even today is not an easy task, since all these functions from 840are not possible to access from a CAM system. It’s like trying to program a programming language using a CAM interface. All what these mill-turn CAM applications like moduleworks (Mill-turn module in Mastercam) are doing, is a just using stiff template hardcoded with a post, but in fact there are so many ways that this can be done with the programming language available in 840. Again, you are trying to program a programming language using a CAM system. Some of you didn’t not have probably the chance to work on a Sinumerik machine I’m fortunately in that regard. For sure that guy who said MacroB wasn’t cracked in bavaria didn’t, that’s why I understand some of yours tribalism towards fanuc. That makes me smarter than you? Not at all. Life shouldn’t be of outsmarting others, but to gain more knowledge for better ourselves…like is depicted in star trek..not the new ones..STD sucks sooo much!!! For a simple on channel 5x application and depending on what you want to do with that machine, a fanuc will do more than fine. I’m yet to see a machine other than an european manufacturer with 840, who is configured correctly, Not many builders have qualified personals to handle an application like sinumerik (at least not in north america), but saying stuff like fanuc is the best and so on, is just ludacris. Stop with urban legends and posting stupid sh..t just for the sake of an argument. PEACE! \m/
  3. LMAO...I was looking for this...lets begin. I won't post 2 much 'cuz I'm busy...so: Funuc enthusiasts are a bunch of cultists. I call them "flat earthers". They all live on forums like this, posting some urban stories about some puny machines they program and how great they are 'cuz they can write and "IF" in an ancient and outdated language. After they do a post like this, they all gets very enthusiastic and start blowing themselves with revered comments. ...Exactly like on flat earth forums...
  4. Long time ago, in a beautiful summer day, on a side of the road, one guy lay down a big sh_t. It looked like a Indian turban in size, with the sharp tip, and a nice brown color and good texture…and it was smelling very bad. Lots of people passing that sh_t commented and covered their nose as they pass along. After a while the sh_t got dried, like a crust formed on the exterior. Couple of days passed and no one complained anymore …until… one guy, ( jlw™was his name), passed by …poke it with a stick.... and all hell breaks loose again
  5. It always runs in Sinumerik mode. Yasnac gcode on top of Sinumerik is a joke...shows exactly what happens if you give a taliban a F35, they will try to plow with it. On a short story...you can use R parameters for that. In Sinumerik works like this... X=R101 equivalent to funbuc X[#101]. If u perform calculations x=(r100+r101) equivalent to funbuc X[#100+#101]..observe you don't need to format your text with capital letters. I suggest you read ...and I mean really read, the Sinumerik Programming manual, and especially Advanced programming manual. Remember, you have at your fingertips a fully fledged programming language, not a kids game as fanuc macroB.
  6. Even a person without training can learn what is does or change that cycle , choosing different cutting strategies climb/conventional, top to bottom and vice-versa, multiple cuts...etc..and that, right at the controller by hitting one key, witch will trigger a pop up window with every info u might want about every parameter and with pictorials also. Your reply is hypocritical and shows a lack of knowledge. I guess creating subroutines and pages of code or custom macros so that the guy at machine can't do nothing or know sh..t of what he's doing is not gibberish?
  7. ..reading pages and pages of replies on forums about subroutines, looking at hundreds of lines of code from other internauts and explanations on how to make custom cycles.. .... meanwhile on an advanced controller a guy at machine writes interactively one line of code: CYCLE90(1,0.1,0.05,-0.75,,0.4375,0.385,0.05,10,2,0,1.4643,1.5113)
  8. When I probe with fanfuk I always record date and time 1st..see below.. u can use dif par thou POPEN DPRNT[*----------------*] DPRNT[**PROBING*OP160*] #1=FIX[#3011/10000] #2=#3011-[#1*10000] #3=FIX[#2/100] #4=#2-[#3*100] DPRNT[**DATE*#4[20]**#3[20]*#1[40]] #1=FIX[#3012/10000] #2=#3012-[#1*10000] #3=FIX[#2/100] #4=#2-[#3*100] DPRNT[**TIME*#1[20]**#3[20]**#4[20]] DPRNT[*----------------*] Result is ---------------- PROBING OP170 DATE 26 7 2021 TIME 9 58 14 ----------------
  9. How much you will pay, so you can develop your posts?
  10. Can you fixture your part so that the upper surface of your part will be perpendicular with Z axis?

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