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  1. You'll likely need to engage a specialty electrician. To find ground faults take as special low-resistance ohmmeter. I bet if you were to measure the voltage between your USB Drive "housing" (metal clip), and the Ground Circuit of the machine, that you are getting voltage there. Most electricians do not build ground circuits that are robust enough to handle a shop full of machines.
  2. Some useful information about machine grounding:
  3. This for sure sounds like a power issue. I'm with James on this. How much impedance are you measuring on your ground circuit? Do you have individual grounding rods driven for each machine? (Most shops skip this, and ground through the building steel, but this requires more building preparation. This is often overlooked.)
  4. I'd recommend asking your Reseller for support.
  5. Yes, getting the parameter order correct helps. I was going from memory...
  6. Colin Gilchrist

    Generic HAAS TR 5AXIS

    brk_mv_head : no$ #Break the 5 axis moves to remove gouge brk_max_ang : -1 #'brk_mv_head' maximum angle move, applied if chordal Setting those two variables should disable the "breaking behavior". For proof; leave 'brk_mv_head' set to 'yes$', and set 'brk_max_ang' to '30.'. That will cause the Post to "break the moves" every 30 degrees, instead of every "1 degree". Are you 100% certain of exactly which Post you are using? MP can grab a different Post Processor (in another location), depending on where the copies of your Post are located. For debugging something like this, I typically add a String Literal line to 'psof$', so that I can be 100% sure I'm posting from the Post that I'm actually editing in the text editor. psof$ #Start of file for non-zero tool "TEST POST", e$ That way I can be sure of which Post is doing the work. If you want to be sure "at the time of posting", you can press the "G1" button to Post, and when the dialog box comes up, press and hold CTRL + SHIFT + ALT, and while holding those down, press "P" on the keyboard. That will activate the "Select Post" button, and allow you to browse and select a specific Post Processor. If you are creating a "Test Post" to play around with, you will need to copy the ".PST" file, and the ".PSB" file, for MP to work when you Post the code. You must have two files with the exact same Post name, but one needs a .PST extension, and the other a .PSB.
  7. Colin Gilchrist

    Generic HAAS TR 5AXIS

    Open your post with a text editor. Find the variable "brk_mv_head". Set it to '-1'.
  8. Colin Gilchrist

    Haas Peck Tap Cycle (G84)

    Have you asked your Mastercam Reseller for help?
  9. Colin Gilchrist

    Selecting the Post Processor

    And... The silence is deafening...
  10. You can use the 'nwadrs' function to assign a different 'prefix' character to any variable output. result = nwadrs(xabs, "I") result = nwadrs(yabs, "J") But you have to remember to set them back to the original prefix, after you have finished the output. (I would do this in 'pcanceldc$' Post Block.)
  11. Colin Gilchrist

    Selecting the Post Processor

    Based on the questions you are asking, I'm guessing you don't have a legal license of Mastercam. Please provide us with your Hasp Number and Reseller Name, so we can verify that you are using a legitimate copy of Mastercam.
  12. Colin Gilchrist

    Selecting the Post Processor

    You must hold down CTRL + SHIFT + ALT, and then press the letter "P" on the keyboard. I just tested in Mastercam 2020 and Mastercam 2021, and this still works. I do notice that the visual representation of the button doesn't change all that much...
  13. Colin Gilchrist


    If your Plane is "aligned with the Top Plane", then the Generic Fanuc 5X Mill Posts do not support a "rotated Top Plane". You will need to work with your Reseller or a 3rd Party Post Developer, to get a Post which is setup to allow a "rotated T/C Plane which is parallel to System Top (WCS) view".
  14. What brand of machine? On a Haas machine, you can use G141, 3D Cutter Compensation, to compensate a 3D surface. The surface Toolpath in Mastercam needs to output the Surface Contact vector data, and you have to edit your Post Processor to output the surface vector in addition to the XYZ position. I know Matsuura has a similar feature.
  15. Colin Gilchrist

    2020- Stock Models

    For the 'stock model display' issue; there is a button above the Operations, that enables "display selected Toolpaths". This is a toggle button. When the button is clicked, the display changes to make the button look 'depressed'. That shows that it is 'on'. Once you enable that option, the Toolpath display will change as you select/deselect the Operations.

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