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  1. Colin Gilchrist

    Axis Max Feed Rate

    Yes, that's correct Jean. Set the Rapid Traverse Rate for each Axis. So you'd have 600 for Y-and-Z, but only 360 for X...
  2. Colin Gilchrist

    Axis Max Feed Rate

    General Machine Parameters > Axis feed rate limits tab > Uncheck "Apply to ALL linear axes" checkbox. Expand your Kinematic Tree of Machine Components. In your Kinematic Tree, double-click each Linear Axis. This brings up the Properties for each axis. Now that the "apply to ALL" checkbox is disabled, you can set an individual Rapid Rate for each axis. Now, use the "Control Definition" button, to edit the Control Definition. On the "Linear" Page, be sure that "Each axis moves at maximum feed rate" is set, for "Rapid Motion". Save the CD, then save the MD, then be sure to "replace" the MD that is used in your current Mastercam File. Backplot should now "accurately show" any of the 'dog-leg' rapid motion, with each axis driven at its own independent feed rate.
  3. Colin Gilchrist

    5 axis Toolpath Advice

    The real secret for getting the part to spin, is your choice of Tool Axis Control method. In this case, create a simple surface using 2 circles, slightly underneath that section. Then Morph between 2 Curves, or Morph Between 2 Surfaces. The other option is to take the Flange Surface (radial flange), and build a surface using 2 concentric circles, and using Swarf with multi-passes.
  4. Colin Gilchrist

    Optirough not recognizing rest material properly

    Not really, it turns out. This is a 5X Path, with Vector Output, so it all ends up being point-to-point motion. I have noticed that it will generate very quickly though, so although it creates a ton of code, that seems to be the only drawback.
  5. Colin Gilchrist

    Optirough not recognizing rest material properly

    Yes. But I haven't really deciphered the options well enough to tell you exactly what magic combination of buttons unlocks rubik's cube yet.
  6. Colin Gilchrist

    Optirough not recognizing rest material properly

    Mastercam has a Toolpath which can rough stock, and detect the Undercut Stock Condition. Mill Toolpaths > Multiaxis > Pattern > Triangle Mesh. When you first get into the toolpath, the 'undercut stock' box will not activate. This is because the Cut Pattern is set to 'Parallel'. Set the Cut Pattern to 'Rough', and the type to 'Dynamic'. (Setting it to Rough, enables the 'stock has undercuts' checkbox. You still have to turn it on...) This path gives you very similar cutting motion to the normal "dynamic" paths in Mastercam. The only drawback is the output is 'vector-based', although there are some Filtering options which I haven't had a chance to fully disect yet.
  7. Colin Gilchrist

    Drill + Peck cycle combo?

    *Be careful about using G98 versus G99. If you use G99, it *should* return to the Initial Point, after finishing the G83 Peck Drill. G81, with those parameters, starts at Z0.1, then drills to Z-.64, then returns to Z.1 G83 starts at the Initial Point (Z.1), should rapid to the R Plane (Z-.6), then peck from there. (Note: It won't rapid out of the hole, due to the R plane, so it is kind of more like a chip-break cycle. When the cycle finishes, the G99 tells it to return to the Initial Point. It wouldn't hurt to make this little modification: % O5001 G00 Z0.1 G99 G81 Z-0.64 R.1 F20. G99 G83 Z-1.1 R-0.6 Q.1 Z0.1 G80 M99 %
  8. Colin Gilchrist

    Syntax question

    So this allows you to skip turning off HSM (mode remains on), unless there is a new value detected in MR1. When there is a new MR1 value, the HSM Off block gets called here. There will be other logic, to output the HSM On block. Search for both 'mr1$', and 'mr1flg', using Code Expert Editor, and use CTRL + B to set a bookmark at each location where those variables are used. mr1flg is user defined, so there should be a variable initialization somewhere. It may be in the PSB, depending on who built the Post. mr1$ is predefined, so the Post Developer can just 'use it', without having to format or initialize the variable. Have you attempted to watch my Post Processor Development Class on YouTube yet? 28 videos for basic MP...
  9. Colin Gilchrist

    Syntax question

    Zeek, Based of my reading: Someone created a variable (mr1flg), that tracks the state of MR1. If the value of the current Operation has a value that is different from the value programmed in the last Operation, then don't turn off HSM. If the value of MR1 is different from the last Operation's value, turn off HSM. It makes more sense, if you are aware that each depth-cut or Multi-pass, is coded as 'an operation', in the NCI Data.
  10. Colin Gilchrist

    Syntax question

    In MP those characters represent the "Not Equal To" Logic Operator. (<> is NOT EQUAL) If 'the current value of MR1$' is not equal to the 'value of MR1 Flag', then do something...
  11. Colin Gilchrist

    Drill + Peck cycle combo?

    You would have to have the custom cycle implemented on your machine somehow. What G-Code are you going to run? This may be possible by using a Subroutine with two Drill Cycles in a row. % O5001 G00 Z0.1 G99 G81 Z-0.64 R.1 F20. G99 G83 Z-1.1 R-0.6 Q.1 G80 M99 % Otherwise, you'll need to use something like Advanced Drill.
  12. Colin Gilchrist


    Cutting H13? Have you looked at the spindle torque rating? Their HSK Spindle is basically a hand router, mounted to 2 rotary axes.
  13. Colin Gilchrist


    Hardware is one thing. Software is the other elephant in the room. Head/Head Mills are brand-new to Haas, and they are finding that things which worked on their table/table machines do not just translate into Gantry machine motion as easily. Make sure you have the Haas Tech update the Control software to the latest release. The 5-Axis Head they are installing on the VR-11 is built by the same company that builds their heads for the GM-2. I know someone who has one of the first GM-2 machines off the line, and they have had similar issues. One of the recent software updates has helped immensely. These machines were designed so that Gene Haas could build more F1 parts in-house, rather than continuously buying the parts from suppliers. So keep that in mind. For the GM-2, you really get the sense that the machine was designed to trim carbon fiber panels, as it has high RPM's, but not much torque. I have not seen the specs for the VR-11 with the HSK spindle, but I wouldn't be surprised if it also had similar limitations. ***** Yeah, I just checked. Max Torque is 10.5 FT/LBS @ 12,000 RPM.
  14. Colin Gilchrist

    YouTube Live - 5-Axis Programming Intro - SAT_27FEB21_14:00EST

    They sure do love roundabouts and connector roads. The ice can get bad too, but I have been fortunate enough to be able to work from home for most of our bad weather events this year. The one gnarly drive I've had so far this year was up to NH for the day. Most of the drive was plowed and salted, but the last ten miles or so was a little bit hairy. Fortunately I got a Subaru Forester for the AWD system, and have decent all season tires. Next year I will consider a dedicated set of winter tires, and I'd love to get studs. AWD with stud would be basically unstoppable, even on ice. But I'm not sure I'll be able to drive NE Speed on the Pike with studs.
  15. Colin Gilchrist

    YouTube Live - 5-Axis Programming Intro - SAT_27FEB21_14:00EST

    A total of 4 states. But I moved to Connecticut twice, so a total of 5 different places since 2011. Funny enough, I moved back to Lakewood Washington for about 18 months, and 6 months in I was already missing the East Coast. The final straw for me was the C.H.O.P situation, and the general tolerance for homeless drug addicts. Needles, garbage, feces, aggressive panhandling, crazy high rents, and a super condescending attitude. What's not to love? Oh, and don't forget that 50% (at least) of the adult population drives like absolute garbage. At least we all do 80 on the freeways here, past the troopahs, and they don't bat an eye. If you're doing faster than that, you'll get a ticket eventually, but I do 78 everywhere, and don't even have to tap the brakes when I see an officer of the law. It is glorious. The cold sucks, but it really makes you appreciate the good weather when it is comes.

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