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  1. Colin Gilchrist

    multi axis Tool path help

  2. Colin Gilchrist

    backplot a and or b values

    No, there is no way to do that Pete. Let me explain... No, that is too long, let me sum up... ******************************** Mastercam is a "toolpath-centric" CAM Software. That means there is no "kinematic knowledge" of the machine's capabilities. All 3-Axis Operations are "Toolplane Based". This means there is no rotation information present at the NCI Data level. All Operation are output with a Toolplane Matrix (9 variables, 3 variables for the endpoint of each Unit Vector). This Toolplane Matrix is compared to the WCS Matrix (by MP.DLL, based on Post Settings (rotaxtyp$)). MP.DLL then uses Vector Math to calculate the Rotary Angles. This Rotary Calculation is only done inside the Post. This means the Mastercam System has no idea: What particular machine you will run this job on. No idea of the stroke limits of the machine. No idea of what the actual kinematic configuration is, so any given "machine mode" must be activated using a method like "Misc Values", to send a flag variable to the Post to indicate "what mode is active". The "Machine Simulation" included with Mastercam is generic, which means that it also runs off NCI data, and the machine moves do not correspond to the moves in your Posted Code. There is a new(er) option that is available, where an authorized Post Developer can "hook up" your Post to a given Machine Sim module. This is a "per post" deal, and the revenues are shared with Moduleworks (required).
  3. Colin Gilchrist

    Could use some help with a pst err

    This forum has taught me a lot of what I know about Mastercam. The "in-depth Post Stuff" is explained in the MP Post Documentation. I was fortunate to work at CNC Software for a few years.
  4. Colin Gilchrist

    Could use some help with a pst err

    Gcode is correct. You've used a HST path, or one of the new finishing paths, and there is a Comment Output "String Select Table", that needs to be updated to work properly. All of the lines in the error file are just "standard report info", except one; the line with the "RUN TIME" error. This tells you the error occurred on line 1254 in the Post. You can use Alt + G to search for that line in Code Expert. I bet it is 'shstop' variable, or something like that. (String Select Table).
  5. Colin Gilchrist

    Multiaxis Morph Flip Solid Normal

    I am pretty sure you must use surfaces with this path.
  6. Colin Gilchrist

    Mastercam lathe

    Generally, you can do this by adjusting the lines that you use to drive the toolpath. I've had to move an endpoint a few tenths to compensate on long shafts before. If you are using more than .001 per inch, I'd be trying to fix the machine...
  7. Colin Gilchrist

    Level 0 bermuda triangle

    Using Level 0 is a bad idea. Levels are supposed to be positive integers. Use 1, 2, or 1,000,000, but don't use Zero.
  8. Colin Gilchrist

    Mastercam Lathe Concern

    Psccomp should not generally be called from ltlchg$. Mastercam outputs motion to the NCI file, with flags that trigger the Comp On/Off in the proper spot. There are also typically some MP Functions that are also involved in Compensation calculations. Typically, psccomp, would get called on each motion line (Rapid, Feed, Arc CW, Arc CCW), and when the flag changes in the NCI, the Comp On will output on that specific line. Same with Comp Off. Definitely a Post issue, but just wanted to caution you, in case you aren't very familiar with editing Posts. It is easy to break your Post badly, if you are messing with Comp, and don't really understand how to make the edits properly...
  9. Colin Gilchrist

    Post Modification For Makino A51NX Pro6 Control

    I'm happy to help when I can Justin. Glad it is working for you.
  10. Colin Gilchrist

    Post Modification For Makino A51NX Pro6 Control

    That is exactly where I would add them...
  11. Colin Gilchrist

    Post Modification For Makino A51NX Pro6 Control

    Do this: At the top of your post, enter the following Global Formulas, starting in the Left Column. (MP is a column position dependent language.) tloffno$ = 1 tlngno$ = 1 A Global Formula, will override MP's output, just prior to output to the NC File. That last bit is important, because it just means that the Global Formula will cancel whatever MP was about to output, and output the value of the formula instead. So in this case, H1 and D1 will always be output, no matter what you enter in Mastercam. All you need to enter is the Tool Number. Conversely, If you were to enter this: tloffno$ = t$ tlngno$ = t$ Those formulas tell MP to always make the H and D numbers, match the Tool Number.
  12. Colin Gilchrist

    4th axis drill and tap macro

    Technically, the "N1" should be up one line, on the line that says (R PLUS SAFE).
  13. Colin Gilchrist

    Post file save crashes when selecting Machine Control

    I'm glad you got this sorted out Sam. I never would have guessed that the editor was at fault. For what it's worth, I always make Post Processor edits with the Mastercam Code Expert Editor, since that editor has auto-complete for the MP language.
  14. Colin Gilchrist

    strange toolpath request

    Yes. You can use the Advanced 4X Roughing path in 2018 onwards I believe. There is a specific path for this.
  15. Colin Gilchrist


    Look for: comment$ On a line by itself. Move that line below the line that has [t$, "M06", e$]. Make at least 2 backups before you start...

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