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  1. CJep

    Saving op defaults - Crashes everytime

    Running a local Hasp key is as simple as plugging it in to the computer you're running Mcam on
  2. CJep

    Saving op defaults - Crashes everytime

    Running Mcam through a VPN is not the most ideal setup, local hasp key or NetHasp key? what remote utility? there have been various issues with folks running Mcam using Remote Desktop, usually it can't find the local hasp if you try to launch it from the remote computer
  3. ^^this^^ gotta be able to pack my chit in the messenger bag and hit the road, someone asked me once what was the best part of being on-site, my answer was not having to punch in/out on their time clock
  4. CJep

    Machsim MCAM2020

    I'm just here fer the free coffee n bagels
  5. Thas a not gonna work so good,.. Been running the laptop in my sig for a couple years now
  6. CJep

    Advanced Drill - Wow. Finally. This is awesome!

    Diggin the retro avi James
  7. CJep

    Is the dynamic milling data base dead?

    I've had very good success with the FS Wizard feed speed calculator
  8. switching views, if your construction/tool plane is tied to the graphics view it updates just by changing the G-View
  9. Somehow you ended up with a C-axis right hand tplane associated to the turning tpaths I opened the planes utility in the tpath and re-selected the lathe upper left to reset Regen the tpaths, run the backplot, no errors Test_CJep_Mcam 2020.zip
  10. Part file? Canned turning tpaths? Edge breaks in the tpath? or geometry?
  11. you need to check the planes in the lower left corner of your tpaths
  12. Try offsetting the geom you're using for the air regions and trim the angled geom of the pocket to the curves, I've seen issues like that with sharp corners greater then 90deg
  13. Double check the planes you have associated to the previous tpaths. If you're programming for a single spindle upper turret you should be using lathe upper left.
  14. CJep

    surface finish blend

    That is a 2D tpath, it does not use surface geometry to drive it

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