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  1. Midwest


    Chaining issue? Step over issue? stock issue? More info would help. Maybe try watching a tutorial video, did a quick google for you.
  2. When you chain watch where the arrows snap to, if there is a gap in your chain they will move to the gap. HTH
  3. Midwest

    Cleaning tool holders

    We got another rusty mold a customer had shipped back from China. The cavity was smeared in grease so it was OK. We tried the vinegar bath and here are a few pic's. A sandblaster would be quicker, but this does work. Make sure to spray the steel with WD40 afterwards to neutralize the acid of the vinegar. The pic's are the rails and back plate of the housing. The line on the rails is from the fluid line.
  4. Midwest

    Cleaning tool holders

    We did 100% vinegar, the video says 50% water. We sprayed the parts down good with WD40 afterwards to stop the acidic reaction.
  5. Midwest

    Cleaning tool holders

    We had a few ER collets and holder nuts get crusty n rusty a while back. Just poor a little vinegar into a container and soak for 2 or 3 hours, cleaned them up real nice. Google cleaning rust with vinegar.
  6. Good tips / solutions above. Just wanted to add, when chaining watch to see where the start and end points of the chain possibly jump to. That will let you know where a Gap or problem might be. HTH
  7. Midwest

    X6 geometry selection problem...

    I leave mine at Single and use the Right Click method you found posted above. If you want to change, open your config and change under "Default chaining mode" http:// HTH
  8. Midwest

    Fillets on Solid

    Try a smaller radius (maybe .001) and work your way up.
  9. Midwest

    creating arcs

    ROR............ :cheers:
  10. Midwest

    trimming to surface or curves

    One last tip.............get everything listed above and still don't trim............Save file..........shut off Mastercam........start Mastercam and open file.........then try and trim........works everytime.....4 me....... ;o)
  11. Midwest

    cimco editor

    Had the same problem, this fixed it for me. Sentinel_LDK_setup.zip From this Mastercam Support page. http://www.mastercam.com/Support/Downloads/Misc/Default.aspx Top one on the list.
  12. Midwest

    mastercam x7 wont start

    Windows update issue???
  13. Midwest

    spin / rotate / zoom

    I have mine set-up in my right mouse click.

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