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  1. skyking01x

    Fadal Software

    Thanks, Thad! I sent you the PM.
  2. skyking01x

    Fadal Software

    Can we get a copy?
  3. skyking01x

    Fadal Software

    I would hope that it allows saving the current probed point. In a Fagor control you manipulate the probe to the touch point and then you issue a Nxxxx G76 XYZ command. Those coordinates are then written to a predefined file block by block each on it’s own line.
  4. skyking01x

    Fadal Software

    I don’t know too much about it other than I would like to digitize surfaces with the Fadal. Maybe carryinwood could enlighten us as to what was/is available.
  5. skyking01x

    Fadal Software

    I could use it too. Just bought an old Fadal.
  6. Thanks for all the input, guys. Very helpful. skyking01x
  7. Ok, thanks for your input. What does SpaceClaim do? I've heard good reports about it on editing surfaces, etc.
  8. No data like that is available. All we have is the castings, all different sizes and shapes!
  9. Thanks for the math lesson but you still didn't answer my question. First of all, I'm a one man band and my cnc's are all running while I'm writing programs, etc. The question was, specifically now, what equipment and software would I need to do this? Am I looking to find the most expensive route to get this done? No! I didn't say I don't have any wherewithal just not the scratch that Lockheed-Martin has.
  10. I'm doing it often and I'm always editing and changing the toolpath. My process is somewhat proprietary so I wouldn't want stuff outside my shop.
  11. My part envelope could be 30" x 24" x 15". +-.025" accuracy is all I need. My process is that I get a random casting from a customer. It takes me weeks to measure and check by hand to get a model. I generate a toolpath and step over the whole complex casting with a ball or bull mill basically resurfacing the whole thing. I just watched a video where the guy took 50 pictures of a big rock with his cell phone. Then, using VisualSFM, CMMVS, and MeshForm, all freeware(I think), he had the rock mesh on his screen in a couple of hours. Most of that time was computer processing time. I'm dreaming of something like this to help me getting a model into MCX without an aerospace budget so I can generate a toolpath! Can any of you MCX experts think of a similar process to speed up my work?
  12. I would like to assess the possibilities of using photogrammetry to quickly scan complex castings, create a model, bring the scanned data into Mastercam, edit and alter the data, then produce a toolpath to resurface the model. Can anybody point me in the least expensive direction to do this? Super accuracy is not necessary.
  13. skyking01x

    Surfacing a chamfer

    MasterCam has the "Jumpup disease". It does this all the time, no rhyme or reason.
  14. skyking01x

    why does raster rise and fall next to walls?

    Can someone explain “associated to the avoidance surfaces” and “control surfaces” referenced in previous replies?
  15. skyking01x

    why does raster rise and fall next to walls?

    I have tried and tried to stop this but I can’t make it stop. I’ve used containments spaced off the wall the tool radius plus an amount to no avail. I’ve tried making the walls check surfaces with varying amounts of check distances all without success. I use waterline for my walls and raster for my floors and just edit the gcode, a real PITA!

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