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  1. cnc22

    Cutting deep grooves in copper

    You Could try roughing and then try finishing the walls with a tool that cuts both sides at the same time. Look at Thin Bit.
  2. Why does it add the point when selecting the edge of the solid?
  3. I was going to ask the same question a while back. I always use arc center filter when picking circles for drilling cycles. ( I do this every time no matter what size the hole is after picking the quadrant of a 2-56 hole by mistake years ago ) If you notice with the arc center filter active when you move your mouse over the edge of the circle that sometimes a small E with a vertical line next to it will show up. If you move your mouse more it will disappear then come back with more movement. If you pick with the E on the screen you get the annoying extra blue point. If the E is not there, no blue point. Maybe someone knows if there is a setting to turn this on or off.
  4. Thanks. Could not find anything that large there.
  5. Does anyone have the geometry for Torx fasteners? We need T50 & T55 for a project that needs to WEDM thru a cap. Thanks for the help and MERRY CHRISTMASS.
  6. Looking for a supplier of Beryllium Ccpper sheet alloy 25 "A" temper .010" plus/minus .001". Small part the size of your fingernail that I have to form. Also need .010" Copper C120000 sheet. Same size part. These are prototype flight hardware parts and will never be high volume so I need a supplier that will sell small quantities if possible. Thanks for the help
  7. cnc22

    Transform, Rotate Program Only

    I am setting a different offset if you look at the file. It's the A180 and the code being the same. Both paths are in Quadrant 4 ( +X, -Y ). It should be the first path in Quadrant 4( +X, -Y ) and transformed path in Quadrant 2 ( -x, +Y ) so I can keep my datum references on the solid jaw and the work stop. Craig-B seems to have a solution but I am trying to do this without a post mod. I hate any unnecessarray copied or extra geometry.
  8. cnc22

    Transform, Rotate Program Only

    I have been there. Hopefully I am missing something. When I use rotate it essentially rotates the coordinate system and I get an, A180 rotation that puts XY zero on the rear left corner again when it increments the offset. See the attached a file. the code in the transform is the same as the first path except for the A180. The backplot looks correct. Trying to get this setup with my double vise. Tmp.TXT
  9. Is there a way in X8 to transform rotate the program and not the coordinate system. What I am looking for is using a double vise and want to keep my datums always against the solid jaw and stop. In the front set of jaws XY zero would be the rear left and in the rear set of jaws XY zero would be the front right ( part rotated 180 degrees around Z ). Then all I need is to increment my offsets for the number of vises that I use. I know this can be done by copying and rotating geometry but that makes the file more confusing and prone to errors if a change comes up. Thanks for the help.
  10. cnc22

    drawing lines

    In Solidworks draw a circle. Draw a triangle with the 3 lines tangent to the circle and the ends coincident and add the dimensions to the lines. Do not dimension the circle and remember that the sum of the length of any 2 sides can not be greater than the length of the third.
  11. In my mold building days, had an insert cutter with 3 round inserts. Cut a core or cavity. Can't remember? Detail was small. Checked the tool diameter and it was wrong. Had the sales rep come in and he called the US milling manager and he said we had the wrong inserts in the cutter. Got the new inserts and still wrong. Called the home office and asked the tech on the other end to get the same cutter body and install the same inserts to see if I lost my ability to read a micrometer. Reply was that everything was as it should be. Had the rep come back in, showed that things were still not right on their newest great cutter and he took it, sent it back to the home office. Rep came back in a few weeks later, I asked if he heard anything about the cutter and he said they figured out that the whole lot that came from across the pond was wrong. Asked him how is that ISO 9000 Stuff working for you. I still have the visual in my head of the tech at the home office twirling his finger around his head as he talked to the idiot on the other end of the line that can't read a micrometer because there is no way we could make a mistake.
  12. cnc22

    Tool Bars in X8

    I have installed X8 on a new windows 7 PC. Old PC running X6 on windows XP. In X6 I have tool bars to the right of my operations manager so it is closer to the work area of the screen. I can not figure out how to move them there in X8. Or is there a way to use my X6 tool bar file? I am also trying to figure out where all of the other files from X6 go, since X8 is a fresh install and I can not use the migration utility. Thanks for the help.
  13. cnc22

    X6 OptiRough, Strange Output

    Ben, did you try that in X6? I switched it back to OptiCore 7 1/2 hours ago and I have not been at my PC much today and it still has not finished regenerating. If you regen as OptiRough do you get the starnge out put like the .jpg in my first post?
  14. cnc22

    X6 OptiRough, Strange Output

    In the original post I started as OptiCore and it would not regen. Changed to OptiRough and got the strange output.
  15. cnc22

    X6 OptiRough, Strange Output

    Weird thing is OptiCore worked fine 1 hour prior on the part in post #12.

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