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  1. mdlmkr

    X+ 2017 (Public Beta 4)

    Downloaded, extracted and installed, but I can't find it in MasterCam 2017. Do you have to manually add it to the ribbon?
  2. mdlmkr


    I installed VERISURF_X9_beta_6-1-15.exe but it asks for a registration number every time I open it. Almost like it's the entire Verisurf package. Is there a workaround for that? I am just looking for the small free package of Verisurf tools for MasterCam X9 that was offered for previous versions of MasterCam.
  3. Hi, I want to have exactly the same configuration settings for MasterCam X7 MU2 on two separate computers that I use. One is a desktop and one is a laptop. I want to have the same tool libraries, toolbar, operation defaults etc to be duplicated. Which files do I have to copy from the already configured PC to the other to do this. Has anyone done this with success?
  4. Just installed X7 MU1 this morning. Is anyone having issues such as gouging parts in verify? I have tried it now on a few parts and it mostly respects the part, but seems to gouge or completely remove some details. Not exactly sure what's going on here. I have had no problems with this tool path before the update to MU1.
  5. We are pursuing the idea of being able to have Mcam X5 MU1 with a programmers personal configuration being brought up automatically when they Logon on to any PC in our shop. Has anyone succesfully done this? The problem is where are all of the files needed to do this each time and can those files be moved to a server without any issues. I'm guessing we would need to write a login script or simple batch file to do this on a per user basis. Does Mastercam already have anything like this built in? Can the Zip to Go tool be used some how to export and import those personal configuration files in some way? This would be an awesome feature if it could be worked out. Any hints greatly appreciated.
  6. Is it possible to place all of my customized tool libraries, op defaults, CNC Machines, config files, post processors etc. onto a server so that I can open Mastercam on other PC's in the shop and have MCam appear and behave as it does at my home base location? We have several machines and PC's set up in work cells and would like to have any individual in the shop be able to walk up to any Pc and have MCam work as it does at his home base. We are running MCam X4 MU3. Is it possible for MCam to configure itself based on who logs into the PC? That would be the final step to complete happiness!
  7. mdlmkr

    CNC Machining from .STL files

    OK, I just tried that, I have a mesh and I was able to transform it and locate the part. I just want to drill some holes. I can't select any hole geometry. There are no entities that I can specifically select from the mesh at all.
  8. mdlmkr

    CNC Machining from .STL files

    I can succesfully open an .STL file in MasterCam, no problem there. The problem is there arren't any edge curves, surfaces, solids or other geometry information that I would normally use for toolpath creation. I have not been able to find a method to create surfaces or edgecurves on the .STL, or a method of converting back to any other file format.
  9. mdlmkr

    CNC Machining from .STL files

    Can you enlighten me on the Rest Mill and Volumill 3-D?
  10. mdlmkr

    CNC Machining from .STL files

    I'm approaching this with an open mind because I have been asked to fully explore the practicality of .stl's in Mastercam. I'm trying to evaluate the pros and cons of their use. I have used them succesfully in verify, but that has been the only place I have found it to be useful so far in MasterCam.
  11. Is there any practical method to fully machine a part from an .stl file? If so, can it be done as efficiently as from say a Parasolid or other usual file formats used in Mastercam? I have been tasked with fully exploring the practical application of machining directly from .stl files in our shop and have quickly discvered that I cannot find any method at all to contour, pocket or drill holes from these files. Does anyone here have experience with the process? Currently using Mastercam X4 MU2
  12. mdlmkr

    X4 MU2 bug -.stp translate

    I had translation problems right away in X4 MU2, I ran Ramsaver and everything worked perfectly. So far MU2 is working fine, other than the initial translation problem.
  13. mdlmkr

    Create Bounding Box

    Having the same problem here. Once any values other than 0,0,0 are entered those values will randomly come up each time I use the bounding box. Started with X3 and continues in X3MU1. Any resolution to this yet?

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