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  1. Hi gang, Ok, I have a steel block 12" x 20" x 5", and a large bottomed hole about 4.7" deep for a bearing about 9" dia (has a through hole about 7" dia). Right now I drill through, then end mill large enough pocket for my face mill and have to do this in steps. Thoughts on plunge milling the hole. When I say plunge, I mean milling in the Z, not ramping. I have a 1 1/2" dia 3 insert plunge cutter that is plenty long enough. Is this wise being an internal pocket? I don't have air, can only blast with coolant. Can Mastercam create a plunge pocket op for me?? Using Mastercam 2019. Thanks Georgette
  2. Damn it, just like that its done. OMG the time I spent with this. And I've done this type of profile before. I just didn't have the chains going in the same direction I guess. UGH Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks mwearne, I'll work in it in the morning and let you know!
  4. Hi Gang, I lost my solidworks availability so now have to draw/model in X9. I don't have to create models too often and I am struggling with what should be simple. The attached file you will see the shape of a rail - yup train rail. I have to make a transition from a new rail to a worn rail... the top is 14mm lower. So just somehow extrude from one to the other. Solid form. Why is this so difficult for me? Ignore the simple circles on the file,, I was trying to figure it out. Please help, maybe I can buy you a coffee or donuts! Transition 136 to 14mmm worn rail.mcx-9
  5. I checked and my machine has look ahead (I thought so, its only a year old). I re-ran the program, just the star section and made the toolpath travel along the star and you can see in the picture what happened. Again I just reran the program .005" deeper. But I still don't believe gouging should behappening right?
  6. Sorry for the delay all. Other jobs are a priority over this one. My controller is a Fanuc oi mc. No jerky movement with directional changes. The only reason I was using a .002" depth of cut is because I am just recutting the current part instead of making a new one every time. There should be no gouging from previous operations since I have rerun this too many times now I am cutting it one way and still having the same problem, but a little less. I have added a new photo and the witness line you see as a circle mid way around the star is from the tool path hitting a previous cut section. This last tool path was using the advice from MotorCityMinion using the SF blend. Any other suggestions are still appreciated. I should have more time this week to play with this and actually act on your advice. Thanks Geo
  7. Actually both machines are new within the last year. Both Fanuc controllers. and we are not a real production shop and these machines not used "hard".
  8. How do I put a copy of my file on the FTP?? Do I post my own drop site for people to access? or is there a place for that here? The only reason I have been making a finishing pass of .002" is because I just try to rerun this part so I figured .002" should eliminate heavy chip loads (to rule out problem one)
  9. What kind of feed rate should I be running on this clean up pass, spindle 9000???
  10. wow, your explanation I think is quite over my head!
  11. I am using surface finish parallel, have tried a few of the others, can't remember now if I even tried to run any of the others. Is there a preference with this type of profile?
  12. Hi gang, Looking for a little help with surface finish. I tried to upload it to an album I created under my name, but its not working... maybe in an hour there will be 10 of the same pics in there! quick description aluminum part. kinda looks like the mercedes/polaris star logo. The total depth of the star is .100" and part is only 6" in dia. I am roughing the part with a 3/8 ball end mill and finishing with a 1/8 ball end mill. I even switched to a different machining center to verify it was not the machine. My finishing pass is only .002" depth. I want as smooth as possible, but I am get sort of a galling or gouging effect when the shape meets the flat bottom surface. I am now running this part on a 10,000 rpm spindle. I know not much compared to what some of you guys have, but it should be able to do the job. I hope my image shows up in my album so you can see what is happening. Unless there is another way to upload a photo to this question. I have tried almost all of the surface finish features, but it does not show up on the screen. I have to run it to find the problem. Hrumph! I am using Mx4 (oh I found a way to attache the file!) Look forward to your help Geo
  13. maybe its because I could only plunge the first insert. My cutter must have been too big. I had a 1.5 dia and the wall I had to machine away was .300, so I tried a .125 step over. I have never seen anyone plunge mill, but it sure was sure loud (maybe thats normal) Maybe I was to chicken to feed harder. I have a huge job that will require plunge milling in the next month, our tool supplier suggested the tool and it is using the same material. I will post another question when I can apply it to this particular job. I will go back and see what I was trying to use as a feed and rpm. I then tried to use a rougher with no luck. Never tried a rougher in steel, but it was bad.
  14. I did not get it to work :-(
  15. Oh, and what should my step over be? I was thinking .125, but I'm just guessing :-)

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