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  1. Importing Custom Mill Vise

    I have all of my template files set to "Read Only", so I am forced to do a "Save As".
  2. Machine Simulator

    Link worked for me.
  3. 2018 qwerks

    Is the spacebar "repeat last command" gone?
  4. Screen shots

    No problem. I have my screen layout like yours now. It works great. Things are a little tight but I think I'll get used to it. Thanks again for posting your screen shot.
  5. Screen shots

    BCW, I'm gonna give your layout a try. I only have one monitor and I never thought about putting the Planes and Levels on the right side so they are always visible. Thanks to all of you for posting screen shots. Something so simple may vastly change the way I work. Just curious BCW, what size monitor do you have? I have a 26" and it looks like it may work.
  6. X9 Multiple sessions

    I have two open sessions of X9 that I'm working on right now, one is a mold plate and the other is an electrode. Been doing this in X9 for a long time. Doesn't seem to cause any trouble here.
  7. Divide Angles Severely

    Maybe a typo, supposed to be "Evenly"?
  8. How many use check surfaces in HST toolpaths?

    I use them occasionally. Sometimes I create a quick check surface when a toolpath doesn't behave the way I want, or use check surfaces when I don't want or need to chain a complex containment region. It's nice to be able to use them when you need them.
  9. Record Programming time

    There is a setting for that. I have mine set at 10 minutes.
  10. Record Programming time

    I use the free version of a program called ManicTime. It tracks everything you do on the computer. I can see exactly what time I started and finished a job, how much time I spent in each software package such as SolidWorks or MasterCAM, and how much time I spent surfin' eMastercam. Works very well for me. It's a big help in filling out time sheets.
  11. They quoted me! That's me, Eddie Higginbotham of ASH Industries, in item #13 talking about templates. Huge time saver for me. Lots of good stuff in there.
  12. Saving an STL from Verify

    Crazy^Millman, I see your point, "for the average user". But I think if the option to lock a Toolpath is available, so why not the stock model? If I crash something because of a locked stock model or toolpath the fault would be mine, not the software. That seems to be an issue of training. For me locking the stock model would be a great option. Sometimes I don't want the stock model to update. Returning to the Solidworks equivalent, Lock External References, I use it all the time. The mold designer designs a mold, I design all the electrodes for the mold, then I lock all the references of the electrodes to the mold. If the mold designer changes the mold, maybe to a new rev, my trodes do not automatically try to update to the new rev. Those original electrodes are frozen in time to Rev 1 of the mold. Before I started using "Lock External References" when the mold would change revisions my electrodes would generally crash and I had to decide what to do with them - either suppress them, or try to rebuild them. Sometimes with 20 or more trodes for a mold I would just suppress them. Now with "Lock External References" when a mold changes I HAVE THE OPTION of unlocking those references to see if the electrode would update correctly. If they do I up the Rev and do a "Save As" with new rev number. If not, I reopen the assembly file with all the references locked and intact and I create a new electrode. Crazy, when you Verify and save out that STL, you are essentially doing the same as "Break External References" as that STL is now frozen and will not update. From reading what Kenneth wrote above it seems like they are not too hot on STLs. So I am just saying, why not have the option to lock (or even break) the references of a stock model? Then I am able to control the associativity for my situation.
  13. Saving an STL from Verify

    ^^ I agree about locking a stock model. Really a pain to regenerate a stock model(s) for something that has no real relevance to the model. I also use them sparingly for this reason. What about if you could, like in solidworks, Lock All External References or even Break All External References? That would really be useful, to me at least.
  14. Change mouse spin settings

    Go to Settings >> Configuration >> Screen >> and check "Reverse Mouse Wheel"
  15. When you are making your tool list, make sure TL # is highlighted in the Selected Fields dialog box.

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