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  1. LA CAMmer

    Hybrid 2019

    Yes, I have seen this too.
  2. LA CAMmer

    Hiding arc center points

    In 2019, on the Home tab, then Display, there's a toggle for Arc Center Points.
  3. LA CAMmer

    surface highspeed colors

    No problem. Glad I could help.
  4. LA CAMmer

    surface highspeed colors

    You're welcome! It bugged me for a long time too, before I found that setting.
  5. LA CAMmer

    surface highspeed colors

    On the Model Geometry page, under Machining Geometry, uncheck Display Remainder.
  6. LA CAMmer

    Productivity + posting issue

    Never tried to send a report back to the network. I was going down that route when I started P+ (yes, having heard it was one of the features), but when I found out I could send to macro variables to be viewed on the control, I abandoned the report and do it this way.
  7. LA CAMmer

    Productivity + posting issue

    I just send the measured dims back to the control in macro variables and the operator checks it there. You can actually configure your Current Commands screen on the Haas to show some of the macro variables (we have the old control, not the next gen control, so we can only display two at a time), so if we're only using a couple of them, he doesn't even have to go to the macros screen to see the dims.
  8. LA CAMmer

    Productivity + posting issue

    On Mastercam's webpage under Support, Tutorials, there is a PDF for Prod+. I haven't checked that one out. I have the one from X8, June 2014. As far as training, ask your Reseller. I asked mine a while back and he said they had nothing prepared. I was only one of two companies in his region that was using P+. I believe he said they could come in for some on-site training, but I think it was a "We will be learning with you" kind of thing. Haven't checked with him lately.
  9. LA CAMmer

    Productivity + posting issue

    Sorry to hear about the troubles you are having. It was like that for us in the beginning. It went on for quite a while for us, maybe a couple of months. I was very frustrated and ready to throw it away. Finally we got it working and really no trouble since. There's been a few glitches here and there that I have reported to CNC Software and they got fixed. The 2018 version seems pretty good. I don't think I've had it crash at all. I've had no training so it's all been learn-as-you-go. Try this, doesn't work, try something else. We are a mold shop. We use it for setting work offsets and measuring machined features (pockets, shutoff faces, etc.). It really saves us a lot of time. My setup sheets show the operator which fixture/vise to set the plate/insert in, he puts it in and hits go. The probe measures the plate to make sure it is the right plate, then it sets the work offset. He runs the main program. Then he runs a measuring program to check dimensions, which are reported back to the machine control (let me know if you don't know how to do this!). It is worth it when you get it working. But I definitely could use some formal training.
  10. LA CAMmer

    Productivity + posting issue

    Roger, I was out Friday so I just saw your message. We are not doing any tool length probing (if you mean Broken Tool Detection) using P+ because we could not get it to work. This was at the very beginning, that we could not get it to work. Once we got the main portion of P+ working I just never went back and pursued getting that part working. Seems like it should be pretty simple though. Guess I'll start looking at it again. To answer your question I would think that you would have to have an approximate offset and not 0.0. At least that's how I would have started out, with an offset.
  11. LA CAMmer

    Productivity + posting issue

    I'm running Prod + on a Haas VM2. Been using it for two years. I remember it was a struggle at first. When we purchased it we got a RenMF file (which it looks like your have), a Control file, a Machine Def file, and a new Post file. In your first pic above, check "Run Macro File Wizard" and then hit "Process". You only have to do this one time to make sure all the macros are loaded into the control. So uncheck "Run Macro File Wizard" afterwards. Hope this helps. I'm trying to remember if there was anything else. It took us a while before we got it working. I'm leaving work in a couple of minutes and I will not be back until next Wednesday, so if you have more questions, I won't be able to help until then.
  12. LA CAMmer

    Importing Custom Mill Vise

    I have all of my template files set to "Read Only", so I am forced to do a "Save As".
  13. LA CAMmer

    Machine Simulator

    Link worked for me.
  14. LA CAMmer

    2018 qwerks

    Is the spacebar "repeat last command" gone?
  15. LA CAMmer

    Screen shots

    No problem. I have my screen layout like yours now. It works great. Things are a little tight but I think I'll get used to it. Thanks again for posting your screen shot.

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