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  1. 1,229 downloads

    This quick reference card, updated for X8, highlights time-saving keyboard shortcuts and ways to customize Mastercam. A must-have for any Mastercam user!
  2. Version v1.3

    This project guides students through basic and more advanced 2D geometry commands. Lathe toolpaths such as face, rough with semi finish option and cutoff toolpaths will be used to machine the part. This is a Mastercam X8 Single Project. The Single Project series offers a wide variety of engaging projects that can be purchased à-la-carte in eBook (PDF) format. These projects range in difficulty but are generally targeting beginner-intermediate Mastercam students. Each of these projects can be machined. Difficulty: This project requires Mastercam Lathe
    From $25
  3. CNC Software produced a new page that outlines both minimum and recommended system specs as well as which operating systems are supported. You can find the system requirements page here. A few things to note: Mastercam X8 requires a 64bit operating system. Supported operating systems include Windows 7 x64, Windows 8/8.1 x64 The chart leaves processor selection open, however, having at least a dual core processor will help immensely as Mastercam is making better use of multi-core hardware. The minimum monitor resolution is 1280x1024. Note that some widescreen laptops that use 1280x800, 1366x768 or even 1440x900 do not meet the minimum height requirement. If you have questions specific to your situation, feel free to ask in the forums.
  4. 290 downloads

    This is the official Mastercam X8 Lathe brochure.
  5. 147 downloads

    This is the official Mastercam X8 Swiss Expert brochure.
  6. 163 downloads

    This is the official Mastercam X7 Design brochure.
  7. 130 downloads

    This is the official Mastercam X8 for SolidWorks brochure.
  8. 67 downloads

    This is the official Mastercam X8 Wire brochure.
  9. 218 downloads

    This is the official Masteracm X8 Dynamic Motion brochure.
  10. 237 downloads

    This is the official Mastercam X8 Mill brochure.
  11. 218 downloads

    This is the official Mastercam X8 Mill-Turn brochure.
  12. 92 downloads

    This is the official Mastercam X8 Router brochure.
  13. These files are intended for those who have purchased the PDF version of the Mastercam X8 Handbook Curriculum Volume 1, available here. Customers who purchase the print version get the files on a CD included with the book.
  14. While it does currently require venturing into the store, we do have some free tutorials on this page, right here on eMC.

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