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  1. Verisurf within Mastercam is you best bet here if you are needing a solid from a Mesh. Toolpaths on a Mesh works great in Mastercam 2023, if you need surface smoother just refine the mesh with smaller triangles. Ernie
  2. Looks like the Tools only was installed, you will need to reinstall and add the Reverse option when you Install.
  3. That normally means Mastercam was started, running, a process is still running, Cancel, try Closing Mastercam, and make sure no processes are running, maybe log out and back in and reinstall. Ernie
  4. Got Verisurf Tools! Yes, there will be Verisurf tools for 2022. Ernie
  5. I know about the issue with Mastercam 2021 Update 2 , CNC made SDK changes that caused some problems with Verisurf and Moldplus uses Verisurf MBD tools. Both Verisurf and Moldplus had to make special build for a new install for 2021 Update 2 that fixes this. Did you try the new Moldplus install for 2021 Update 2? I can help you fix the problem if your still having a problem. Ernie
  6. What still doesn't run? If you install Verisurf update 2 after you installed Moldplus then Moldplus should then work. Ernie
  7. Added Verisurf Tools for Mastercam 2021 Update 2 Only installs if you have Mastercam 2021 Update 2 installed. Ernie
  8. That is strange, can you send me the Mastercam 2021 Update 2 beta that you have. I can't find it. Does the same thing happen when you install VERISURF_2021_TOOLS-MC? Ernie
  9. You should be installing VERISURF_2021_TOOLS-MC for Mastercam 2021 Release or 2021 Update 1 I will take VERISURF_2021_UPDATE2_TOOLS-MC down, I guess they did not release 2021 Update 2. Ernie
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like Mastercam SDK has changed something, We will need to make a new build for Mastercam 2021 Update 2. Stay tuned for new Install for 2021 Update 2 Ernie

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