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  1. Hi AlexC,. yes. pls take a look at the .pdf http://www.emastercam.com/board/topic/79827-title-bar/#entry959907 bye
  2. Hello, thank u very much! bye
  3. Hello again, if u need the full manuals as pdf, und can download them from heidenhein.com. (left menu: documentation/information -> manuals -> middle menu: TNC guide than u can select your language -> on left menu: TNC controls - select your control serie -> in the middle: pick your control version) bye
  4. I think the digits are only there that you can distinguish between the lines. 01 is the minimum point. 02 is the maximum point. bye
  5. work fine here. But be sure that X4 is installed in the program files (x86) folder! If you have already installed it in the 64bit program files directory, then you have a big problem. Simply deinstallation from the 64bit directory, and fresh install in the 32bit directory doesnt work. (according to my experience) first i also had errors with the sim, then error on error. Good luck.
  6. Hi MCM, you are right with your comment on the heidenhain website. Sometimes i cant believe they develop and sell easy to use machine controls. You can download manuals of conversational programming, cycle programming (with touch-probe), din/iso prgramming and smarT.NC. The available files depend on the software-Version. U should figure out the software versions from the hsm 400u. Also you can download a training manual but its only a german version. Maybe it is still helpful, because in there are drafts and the correct nc-codes (only with short german explanation) U find that all over the left menu "product and applications" +controlling machine tools +itnc530, then on the right side "+manuals, then in the middle +tncguide, then your language, then on the left side +tnc controls, then +tnc 500 series and now the right software-version and you are there. The navigation on there is a litle bit like programming in mastercam Did you know you can download a PC-demo-software of the "programming-station". (it is only limited to 100 lines of NC-code) On the german website www.heidenhain.de you can find some example NC-programs for specific task. Its under (left menu) "Dokumentation und Information" +Dokumentation then in the middle the last item: "NC-Datenbank". Now u have 10 chapters on the left side. When u click a chapter and then click the task in the middle, it shows the graphics and u can download a draft (pdf) and the heidenhain NC-code. Maybe its helpful. Have fun with the mikrons and your new job.
  7. Is it possible to put the video somewhere on a webspace where we can download it? I cant view the video on my home computer, and i cant view it on work (codec error). Since i use VLC i normaly never had any problems at viewing videos. greets
  8. Hello Simon, greetings from Germany.
  9. Hi, C2D e6750 @ 2.67 ghz 4 GB DDR2 800 SATA2 samsung 500GB 7200 UPM WinXp pro 32bit X4 MU1 (german Version): 2min 28sec X4 MU3 (--"--- ---"---): 2min 45sec X5 HLE (--"--- ---"---): 2min 12sec ps: thanks for pin this thread again! bye garf
  10. Maybe a waterproof helmetcam (sportscam for outdoor use) would be a good idea. like this one bye garf
  11. With X3 and X4 u can the STL load as a mesh (under options at the open dialog box). U have no surfaces or solids, so u can select only the whole stl-mesh. Use boundaries for machining a specific area. Dont know how big your stl is. A accurate scan with a tight stl saving tolerance will produce easily a huge STL. IMO a stl is only a compromise (thats my experience). A big file easily show u the limts in mastercam.
  12. quote: Yes that is a general Hermle problem, ( expect for the new C50U and C60U ) And maybe the new C42U. The same speed as a C40U dynamic, but travel in X-Y-Z are 800mm-800mm-550mm. Thanks for your hints on spindle and C30U. Unfortunately we have not enough space (nearly 2 meters) behind the machine for the chip tub. The C30U dynamic would be my dream but i think she is also a lil bit expensive for us. (B300 is a little bit cheaper than C20U) My Boss want a DMG which i certainly not want, but thats another story. Do u have the speed specs from the (old) C600U? Are they pretty much the same as the B300? (linear rapid 30m/min, linear acceleration 5m/s2, A-axis 10 1/min, C-Axis 15,5 1/min) bye garf
  13. quote: The B300U is old technology ( in fact just a old C800U with newest control and new door design ) A- and C-axis much slower than the C20U and you're also limited to 15k spindle. Yes, thats right. Also the linear axis are slower. And i like the stainless steel in the working area. I guess its easy to clean. What i dislike is the small max. workpiece height when the A-axis stand on +/- 90 degree. From table top level u have in Y-axis max 310mm. When u use a Zero-point-system with 45mm height and a vise with 110mm height, u only have half of the the 310mm. On the B300 u have 455mm instead the 310 from the c20u. bye garf
  14. quote: I like their machines. Have worked with U1130, C600U, C20U, C30U and C40U. All really good machines. Wow, thats enviable. Some Hermle users i aks in german forums, are all very satisfied with their machines. I want one, but i´m a lil bit unsure which one. A C20U or a B300. bye garf
  15. quote: Only the Heidenhain MillPLUS does but that control is build exclusively for DMG ( FD machines ) You´re right. Only Millplus or Siemens 840d sl are available for mill/turn (is called FD at DMG) quote: Did the Hermle guy tell you anything else about them? Linear drives perhaps? No, and unfortunately i don´t ask for that. He said they maybe release it in half a year. (the AMB is at the time ) I guess that must be linear drives, because they do rapid feed rate 60m/min and acceleration 10m/s2 with ball screws already and call it dynamic. (C40 and the new C42) I can´t imagine they only put a torque motor in the table from a C20 push the feed rate up and call it HSC. bye garf

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