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  1. matt m

    Desktop lathe

    How small of things are you wanting to turn ? I have a Levin Instrument makers lathe, Levin If you are near Riverside you could stop by and see if it would work for you. These are not cheap, but are very nice for small work. Heck mine might be for sale soon and it is pretty well equipped. But they sell new ones still.... it's the accessories that add up.
  2. matt m

    Vision system with probe?

    Good question..... We brought this one in1999 for the micromaching lab, I left a year later, they closed the lab and the machines were divided up around campus. I came back a few years ago and last year I was walking past the Physics loading dock and some guy was wrestling the old SeeBrez into a dumpster, So I asked what were they doing and he said it didn't work anymore and he was told to trash it because the company was no longer in business.... I told him they were, but of course he insisted that they weren't. I asked if I could have it and was told that if I could get it out of there in a hour I could. So I took it called Quality Control Solutions, they remember me and the machine and said they would rebuild it to 2019 spec's for us for Cost, because we were a University, so I wrote all of this because I really don't know. I emailed the owner and asked what it would cost.... soon as he responds I will let you know. I think he has a good dealer in Chicago.... Service and training are key to being able to get everything out of these. But I am sure it is reasonable but because of the quality, it is not as cheap as a ScienceScope…. but it may be worth it for you to find out. - After we get training I may be able to answer any questions about what I will do or not do. - matt
  3. matt m

    Vision system with probe?

    Hey Sir Matthew.... We got our SeeBrez, If you are serious about measuring stuff, this is the berries. Check them out..... The probe is just next to the scope lens. ours is a 12x6x6 model.
  4. matt m

    Vision system with probe?

    We are getting a SeeBreez. Has both a probe and a Vision system. Awesome support, been around for over 25 years. Website: SeeBrez
  5. matt m

    Rag Service?

    We used Aramark for years, the service was ok but my drop off guy had an attitude.... So I found out I could fire them and Now we have Mission, and are very happy. And we are in Riverside Ca.
  6. I did not get the tool changer.... I was going with the Dorian, And I still have the gang tooling from my office lathe, so I may even try that. I was looking at the Royal 5C also. Thanks for the thoughts. -matt
  7. I have 100 PSI but I have only 22 SCFM so I don't think that would be enough. I will ask a Rep about it. I have heard they work well. I need to make a couple Inner Ocular lens molds soon. do you guys use it a lot ? - matt
  8. I did not know that there was such a thing...…. But after Googling them , they seem to run $3K about. So on the wish list that goes. Thanks ! There is a thread about those small speeders that run by air a Toodle they are called, Has anyone used one ? They seem like they could serve my purpose at $1K for a set-up and a few different cutters rather than spend 6K for a air turbine or NSK type speeder. The problem with the "Toodle" is its metric and I still have a bout 75 1/8 shank tools left over from when I owned my shop. thanks guys you are really helping me. -matt
  9. Lots of questions..... sorry ...... if you have any input on anything I would appreciate it. I just don’t have any one to talk to anymore except sales guys and well that is sometimes hazardous. I have been a one man shop for so long I am way behind in everything . I am so old I met Mr. Parsons, the guy who invented the first computer controlled machine tool. Thanks again.... - matt
  10. I was raised by wolves, Old Germans and Swiss toolmakers so I have a different take on machinery and technology. I am a "get the part done anyway you can, design it the best way to be able to make it as cheaply and as perfectly as possible" kind of guy. I work for the taxpayers of Cali and I try to give them as much as a break as I can. Long story short; I bought a Haas Vf-2 with a HRT 160 4th axis. It is loaded up pretty well probe and all. I have run Haas Minimills, OfficeMills and the TMP-1 we have now, and I can find my way around masterCam. Most of our work is going to be whatever the Professors and Dr.'s dream up. Stainless Vacuum chambers, parts for robots, Formula SAE and microsurgical instruments. Just about everything and out of everything. Not much help in narrowing things down for you guys. Speed is not my problem as things are always needed last month when they are brought to me, but they will not pay for the type of machinetools that would speed up the process...…. so typical R&D machining. We are getting thru the spindle Air and Coolant. I am getting a couple of Orange vises ; so other than that... 1). What do you like for an all around coolant? 2). How about Cat40 toolholders ? Milling chucks, Hydraulic, Weldon-style, ER's and Tapping chucks ? 3). Chuck for the 4th ? 6 jaw? or ? 4) I would like a turbine or electric 40k+rpm speeder of some kind. It is hard to get real info from someone running them, I have tried to talk to the small company that makes the coolant driven ones that Horn is selling but no real info yet. 5). insert tooling Feed mills, face mills, Drills ? Anything else I am missing ? I am looking for things that will last and be very versatile. At a university you can get money when the machine is new, but 2 months later there is just nothing available, so I have to think things all the way through. Also we are getting a TL-1 lathe. how about a versatile maker of some insert holders and inserts for that ? We had some good old Kennametal holders and inserts that worked great but they were at least 20 years old. So the guy before me bought Chinese holders and inserts that may have not been the good deal the price may have indicated. Anyway let the ideas fly …. I need them. Also most companies treat schools pretty well, but if you have a supplier that you really like please let me know. Many companies give awesome discounts at first then you are given to a rep that puts you into a group that in six months quotes you the catalog price and not even the flyer price..... I get it... but... we are all taxpayers I would ask Titan but he's really busy...…. Thanks for any wisdom. -matt
  11. Thank you all..... We would not do any production type work... just R&D stuff. Aluminum, Some stainless 304, Plastics. And Students will run it so that is why I haven't gotten it running yet. This is a really old control and it would take hours of my time that I don't have for me to get it going well enough to earn it's floor space. But if a newer control could be added and maybe better encoders it would be a nice R&D machine.... maybe. Any other Ideas please let me know. thanks ….
  12. Hey The Navy dropped off a DMU50 T.... I think it is a 1998 ? Has a Mill plus control. Looks very clean, allegedly from NIST as some paperwork seems to say they had it at one time. The CRT is smoked. I am not sure what to do with it. We can do anything we want, but the Navy owns it. We can keep it forever, they just own it (I don't know how this works but it is what it is). People here want to see if it can be brought up to 2018 specs or close. I think it a 3+2 machine and the Professors want to make it a full 5 Axis I am not sure that could be done . I can get a $40k grant to refurb this if that 's what it costs. Just don't want to throw away money and don't want a pig in the poke so to speak. Also do you know a good person to call about this dilemma . thanks for any help.... Also if you could, What control would you replace the original with ????
  13. I just thought I would dust this topic off and see if anyone else has anything to say. My Sodick guy keeps reminding me, they still have this and would make me an amazing deal on it. I'm kind of skeerd of the thing..... being taxpayer money and all and if I got this thing I would have to keep and use it for 15 years. Any suggestions for a precision mill for fine detail .... IOL type of molds, milling .015 dia. needle stock...... but of course I work for engineering professors so I will be asked to machine 24"x12" 12" frames for badly designed drones and such. The work of a University machine shop is...... ummmmm interesting...... Actually I am looking at the TRAK LPM and think I could get by using a NSK electric spindle. Or even a HAAS VF2..... because I don't do lot's of work I do weird work, poorly designed by a research group who had 6 month to make a working prototype and send the job to me with a week left to go before their grant is pulled because the due date has expired.... So I always get the Deer in the Headlights look when I tell they their job has a minimum of 70 hours of machining, 10 hours of Assembly and of course that is not taking into account the redesign as the laws of physics will not allow them to do what they are attempting. But I think we all get that no matter where we work.
  14. matt m

    Surface Pro 4

    Thanks, I think I will pass and get them to get me a laptop.
  15. matt m

    Surface Pro 4

    Will this work with MasterCam? Has an I7 processor but has Iris graphics that are onboard I believe. Any one know for sure. Our Squalidworks professor uses a Surface Pro 3 for teaching so I was wondering if the Surface pro 4 would work with Mcam? Thanks for any wisdom....... The reason I'm even asking is our Dept, was told if we want to order some we could get them cheap..... but I have to order one to try it.

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