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  1. No the probe was never built in the post and I'm using Productive plus thru Mastercam.
  2. Hello All, I need some help with a post that I have that I want to add the Renishaw probing content too. I have down loaded the MP Master post that has probing and post I want to change is an old MP Master post that is edit for an Okuma Horz. I added what is missing to my post using the other MP Master post as a guide and I can not post any probe code. Is there something I am missing? ROb
  3. Hello All, It seems that I'm having a problem with my gen haas 4th axis post from 2017. I'm trying to limit the the 4th axis from winding to high and alarming the machine out. I looked up 4th axis limit here on the forum and tried them to no great out come. I went in the machine def and changed the number of degrees under travel limits and that it not work at all. I down loaded the MPmaster and tried that also, the change: one_rev : 1 #Limit rotary indexing between 0 and 360? (0 = No, 1 = Yes) That did nothing also Any ideas of where I'm going wrong? Thanks ROb
  4. Hello All, I have a question for you guys. I have an Anilam Crusader II that is 3 axis, and I'm trying to figure out how to put tool length and cutter comp in the machine in the program. I'm using an old post that I updated that Mastercam had from V7 or V8. Right now I'm using X9 and 2017. the question is: does anybody have an old program that they would let me see so I can see how the programs looks like with multiple tools in it, I can not get the idea what the code should look like when you put in the tool lengths and were the cutter comp goes, I think in the next line but what does t look like?. I have the manual but it's pretty vague on how to do it. Thanks
  5. Cool, nice to hear that you are getting the same problem.
  6. I do the block skip here. It's great when you are proofing out lathe programs.
  7. Hello All, Is there a toggle or switch for me to put so I can turn on the coolant short cut in the operation manager? I know in X6 there it is in the individual toolpaths just under the toolpath but not on X7. Thanks Rob
  8. I can send you my config file if this helps I saved it.
  9. Jim I checked out my as per Crazy mill turn suggested and it was huge!! if this helps.
  10. Jim, Sorry I did not get back yesterday, I will do what you suggested on customizing my icons and my confg. on your questions about a crash repost, no I did not get one. The software would start but then as soon as it open it closed. The other time it would start but it would take a long and I mean a long time to start up. When it did you try to open a part file you could not rotate or do anything to the part. On the virus software I'm just running microsoft security essentials. Thanks all for your help. Rob

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